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Sign me a Song (reprise)

Alex Song in last year\'s pre-season tournament

Arsenal announced today that they have locked Alex Song into a long term contract. He’s just 20 years old and in his three years with the club he’s yet to really win over the skeptics, but he rates very, very highly with Arsene Wenger who last said of him “I could show you all the (news) papers who slagged him off, but I’ve always liked him, he will be an Arsenal great” or something like that. I’m convinced Song will start for Arsenal next year at either holding midfielder or (more likely) as partner to William Gallas in central defense. Now, we know that Wenger is bull headed about decisions that he makes so you lot that love to hate Song ought to just go ahead and get yourself used to the idea that he’s going to feature for Arsenal. Let it sink in… own the anger… there, isn’t that better?

We’ll see where the boss puts Song during the pre-season tournaments, which are set to kick off with the traditional friendly against Barnet on the 19th of July. Also set to feature there is Mexico starlet Carlos Vela, who scored a goal in Mexico’s 4-0 thrashing of Peru. I know nothing about Vela, except that he’s 19, he’s got a very slight build, he’s “highly rated,” and he’s competing for a spot in one of the most congested positions at the club; striker. Good luck little buddy!

Adding to that congestion up front, Eduardo is rumored to be ready to play in July. On the one hand I would be shocked, people just shouldn’t be able to recover that quickly from having both tibia and fibula broken. But on the other hand, this is how far medical science has come for the people who are fortunate enough to afford it. Let’s hope the Boss proceeds with great caution, the last thing we need is another van Persie type situation.

In a totally unrelated article, Gilberto has publicly asked the kids to stay together and achieve something great. I don’t know where this agitation is coming from but someone in the squad is clearly agitating the others. Maybe it was the departure of Flamini and the imminent departure of Hleb that’s causing this uproar? I don’t know, but good for Gio to stand up for the squad and warn the kids that the grass is never greener. One guy who learned that lesson the hard way was Patrick Vieira and now the rumor mill has Pompey looking to re-form Arsenal 2000 by signing him for £4m. You know, I jokingly have referred to Portsmouth as Arsenal South and as the Island of Misfit Former Arsenal Players, but this latest rumor is just bizarre. What the hell is going on at Portsmouth? I fully expect to see a “Pompey in for Henry” article at any moment now. PICK ANOTHER TEAM TO SIGN FORMER PLAYERS FROM, HARRY.

And finally, it’s ladies week over at and I think that means drinks are half off and there will be hundreds of skeezy single men hanging around asking “do you come here often?”

Ok… one more thing… I thought it was funny to see an article that reprises England’s international glory days. You know, like 1988, when there were quotas and top flight football had tons of Englishmen to choose from — England must have done well that year right? Because we all know that the only thing that will “fix” football is affirmative action quotas for Englishmen!


2 down 1 to go

Arsenal have revealed that they now have not one, but TWO! summer signings to report.

First, Carlos Vela was given a work permit and will be getting some first team action. The boss had the following to say about the kid

Vela will be involved with the first-team next season. He has played the whole season at Osasuna on the left wing and he had to work hard there. But for me it is not his position, he is a central striker, an Eduardo type. He is a great young player.

Which I take to mean that he will try to fill Eduardo’s shoes while Dudu is out rehabbing the leg that became broken (how’s that for passive voice?). I’m treating this as one of the “two to three” signings that Arsene promised. Wooo hoo! One down, two to go!

Arsenal’s second signing is none other than Vassiriki Diaby! No, he’s not Diaby’s brother (bet you didn’t know that Diaby’s real first name is Vassiriki) it’s Diaby, the player formerly known as Abou Diaby and Stewart Robson figures he will fill Flamini’s shoes.

Some worry that he takes too much time on the ball and can get caught, but I remember him from last year in that role and I thought he was ideal. He breaks up attacks with his ability to get across the field and get tackles in, but he has also got good ability on the ball. His ball manipulation allows him to change the point of attack

Other people question Diaby’s toughness but I think he’s tough enough; he got a straight red card against some dude with 8 vowels in his name and it was a Vieira type tackle. I know the comparison to Vieira is old hat to some of you and some of you are probably sick to death of hearing it. Even more of you are doubtful he can do the job. My argument goes like this: Diaby has the size and range to do the job that Vieira did roaming the midfield, but he also has the ball skills of Diarra, the speed of Adebayor, and the scoring nose of Pires. What he clearly lacks is that “defensive spidey sense” that a great holding midfielder has, the engine that someone like Gattuso has, and his tackling can be very sloppy at times. And so at times he seems lazy, slow to react and rash in the challenge. Can Wenger teach him those skills? We’ll see.

So, welcome Arsenal’s second signing, Vassiriki Abou Diaby.

In the “Transfer out” section, Hleb’s agent has been talking to every team under the sun. Hleb’s agent has now revealed that he’s had talks with Real Madrid, Milan, and anyone else who will listen. Good for him. When will these teams contact ARSENAL? After all, Arsenal are the ones who hold his contract and the decision as to where the player will play next season is entirely up to them. Pick up the phone Real. Call Arsenal.

Oh wait… Maybe they have been calling but can’t get through. I guess the phones are down. Well, then SEND A COURIER!

Finally, Marco van Basten may bend the rules this summer and play Robin van Persie. I guess they have a rule against playing “injury prone” players but Van Persie is so special that he’s willing to make an exception. Ugh. Robin was able to start just 7 Premier League games and is still struggling with a thigh problem. Please don’t play him. Please?

Oh yeah, if you want a good laugh, check this out. Turns out Terry had to take that penalty because Le Sulk refused to do it. He didn’t feel like he’d been part of the game yet. Of course two shots later, he felt part enough to take the penalty… and it was a poor attempt at that. I doubt Anelka will be at Chelsea next year. Especially now that they’ve discovered his yellow streak and that he’s complaining about his role.

Why can’t footballers just play football? Christ.

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