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Is it “Silly Season” or “Stupid Season?”

I didn’t want to make another post today but it seems like the papers have forced my hand, what with the crazy reports that Arsene Wenger is taking Cesc and leaving, that Kolo Toure is leaving, and that William Gallas is leaving. It seems everyone we love is leaving us — everyone we love except William Gallas.

Even people we don’t love yet, like Hoyte the Younger, Jay Simpson, and Nacer Barazite are all leaving Arsenal. Though for those three “leaving” means getting a chance to play first team football on loan to some crappy club. I’m very high on Simpson and I’ll put money that Simpson scores 5+ goals for West Brom before the end of the season.

Meanwhile Arsenal have confirmed that Havard Nordveit is returning to the club. I’m sure the 18 year old will fill in perfectly for William Gallas…

What a way to kick off the new year, eh?

In the link above you’ll see that Peter Hill-Wood has come out and said that they are refusing Kolo Toure’s transfer request. This is remarkable for several reasons. First, Arsenal are typically very tight lipped about all transfers. I was looking over the Diarra saga the other day and the club denied that anything was ongoing up until the moment that the player was transfered. Second, if they were all “players will honor thier contracts” then why didn’t they make Diarra honor his contract?  Maybe they have changed their policy?  It’s the only thing that makes sense because last year Wenger said publicly that Arsenal don’t refuse players who put in transfer requests.

It makes sense to deny Toure, because if Arsenal let Toure go they will have Havard Nordveit paired with the vastly experienced Johan Djourou, but I really wish they had found this steel last year when Diarra was bitching and moaning like a little child.

Maybe Arsenal have learned that you can’t let players like Diarra, Flamini, and Gilberto all go at the same time and still remain a viable Premiership challenger? I suspect that they have learned their lesson and will only let two senior players leave this time!

Djourou for captain!

If today was the start of Stupid Season I can’t wait for tomorrow’s transfer rumors — Wenger to take over Man City!


Best/Worst of 2008 #3; Euro 2008. Plus, £12m for Arteta?


I make no secret that I’m not a fan of international football. At best I tend to look at internationals as “the time that Arsenal players go away and get injured” rather than “a glorious moment for Spain!” And at worst they are an exercise in antiquated nationalism.

Whether I like them or not, Arsenal’s players love internationals. It’s a huge deal to them to just be selected to represent their national team and if they win something well, that’s the biggest thrill. So, kudos to Fabregas for his part in Spain’s triumph at Euro 2008. It’s his first trophy since the 2005 FA Cup and even though I’m no fan of internationals it’s always good to see an Arsenal player lift a trophy.

The only down side to the Euros was that Cesc had put in some 50 matches for club and country that year, then went off and played 6 more matches in 20 days. Wenger rightly gave him some time off instead of getting him back into the squad during pre-season. But to me, he hasn’t looked like his old self quite yet. He looked tired at the start of the season, and for the first time in his career has come up with a major injury. What part his 54 matches in 2008 played in that injury we’ll never know.

Regardless of the grueling schedule, Euro 2008 gave Cesc the chance to win a trophy alongside some of the best talent in the world and I think we’ll be feeling the effects of that for years to come.

Transfer Rumors

Today’s transfer speculation is brought to you by Arteta! The Telegraph is reporting that The Sun has it on good authority that Arsenal have bid £12m for Mikel Arteta. Arsenal can bid all they want but unless Arteta throws a wobbler and demands a transfer I would be surprised to see Everton let him go. Though I guess Arsenal are offering a nice salary increase, international exposure (hey Euros can work for Arsenal), Champions League football (well, 2 more games — I keed, I keed), and a classy club, given all that maybe Arteta could agitate for a move.

Meanwhile Arsenal’s £8m bid for Shay Given seems to have been rejected, with Kinnear reportedly saying, “Arsene? Where is he? [points at Arsene] Listen here you f*cking c*nt… Shay Given is the best f*cking keeper in the f*cking world. All of f*cking Newcastle loves him. I’m not letting some sh*tty f*cking bid from some c*nt like you prise him away. Now f*ck off.”

I think I read that quote in The Sun.

The Arshavin saga drags on and I’m almost 100% convinced that he is not coming to Arsenal. Here’s my evidence:

  1. £20m? HA HA HA From Arsenal???  HA AHA HAHAHAHA HA Come on, Arsenal sold Thierry Henry for £16m, are we really going to bid £20m for Arshavin?
  2. Zenit and Arshavin’s agent are driving all the talk. You will find no quotes that show Arsene Wenger with any interest in this guy.
  3. In fact, they seem increasingly despirate to move Arshavin. Going so far today to say that Arshavin is lowering his salary demands.

This whole thing stinks. From the overt racism of the club, to the despirate flailing of Arshavin (his dream is to move to Barcelona, no wait, Man U, no wait, Tottenham, no he meant Arsenal — where do they play again?) and now the obvious dangling of this guy in front of the Arsenal supporters trying to whip up some support for their stupid transfer demands.

Don’t do it, Arsene, this stinks of “massive flop.” We’re talking flop of Tottenham porportions: Darren Bent, Pavlyuchenko, Rebrov, and Juande Ramos all rolled into one. None of those guys had beg people to take them and offer half off their salary demands — it’s a clue.

Finally, Toure is supposedly agitating for a move and Man City are supposedly going to offer £10m — according to the Daily Tits. Oh wait, I mean Tits Star. Damnit, it’s the Daily Star (with tits). I think of this as good news and bad news. The good news is that if Kolo leaves, I won’t have to hear people say “Arsenal should get Yaya Toure” ad nauseum for the next 2 years. The bad news is that if Kolo leaves, Arsenal will be without Kolo Toure.

Have no fear Kickers, Arsene Wenger has said that no one is coming in and no one is going out. Not even Bendtner.

Ok, that’s enough, I’ve got the Best/Worst of 2008 #2 article already written and I’ll probably publish it tomorrow morning, so check back… hangover and all.


Let’s hope this one is better than last.

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