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Gooner of the Year #2; Robin van Persie

After he scored the wonder goal at Everton

36 games for Arsenal (17 more than last season) 20 goals and 13 assists (both of which lead the team) and the ability to score absolutely incredible goals: but for some Ivan come lately, he would have easily been Gooner of the Year.

There isn’t much to say about Robin, we all see that the quality is there, we just need him healthy. I thought his best game came back in January, when we drew 1-1 to Everton. Here was a player who, in the month of January, had a hand in every Arsenal goal — either through assist or by putting it in the net. He carried the team at a time when no one else was around to do it and as much as Arshavin gets some credit for saving our season, Robin van Persie deserves equal credit for the work he put in at a crucial time.

Oh and, we need him to sign the damn contract and stay healthy.

Here’s some video of my favorite goals from van Persie this season

From the Arsenalists archives

Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal

Everton 1-1 Arsenal; goal of the season candidate

Arsenal 3-1 Plymouth; power goal at the end

Right, we’re almost at the end of this portion of the award ceremonies and I want you all to start thinking about “Goal of Year” and “Match of the Year” if you have suggestions for either/both, please put them in the comments below.


I loved watching Man U get beat. I loved watching those smug bastards at the bar sit in silence as Barcelona gave them a full serving of what Wenger’s cooking up at Arsenal. I love the fact that they list that bogus “Club World Cup” and the laughable “Carling Cup” as one of their pieces of silverware this season. I love that people were touting Man U to win the “quint” and all they got was one real trophy. And most of all, I love Crom, Crom solved the riddle of Arsenal yesterday.

After watching Barcelona play I have it all figured out. We have Eduardo/van Persie to finish like E’t’o’o’o’t’o, we have Cesc to play like Iniesta, we have Arshavin to play like Messi (give him the #10 shirt, Cappy), we have Eboue to play like Puyols (the playacting and the Man U fans reactions were f*cking priceless!), we have Song to play like Yaya, and all we need is someone to play like Pique and we are set.


Anyway, it was great to watch a blend of youth and experience, grace and power, kick the shiat out of a pack of overrated, scowling, head holding, whining, cunts.

Oh, and Cesc? Watch Iniesta play this summer during your Spain qualifiers. If you can’t do that, at least watch the tape of last night. Last night, he was what you should be; tackling, passing, hustling, and outplaying everyone on the pitch.

He’s only 5’6″ and yet he was the biggest player out there.  If you think you’ll get a move to Barcelona while Iniesta, Messi, and Toure are there, you got another thing coming brother.


Arsenal have signed a pair of 15 year olds.


Come again?

Arsene Wenger has given a rather strange interview in which he waxed poetic about Thierry Henry saying that Henry would have won them the title last year. It’s about as much an admission from the boss that he screwed up in the rebuilding as we will ever get. It’s also a glimpse into his mind when he states that there’s no way he’ll let these young players go after he spends all this time educating them.

I also just want to mention that with this win Thierry Henry can finally close his trophy case. He has won the league and the cup in three countries (France, England, Spain) he’s won the World Cup, the European Cup, and now the Champions League.

Good night sweet prince.

Club v. Country

Theo Walcott has been called up to play for the U21s which is proof that country wins, every time. My only thought on this is that if he gets injured playing in the U21s I sincerely hope that Arsenal sue the FA.

Sue them until they never call up another Arsenal player ever again.

Oh and hey, good news (this is what people call ‘irony’) Kieran Gibbs earned a call up to the U21s! Good for you son!


He loves us, he really, really loves us!

I'm thinking of a mineral.

Arsene Wenger IS NOT leaving.

As I was perusing the morning news stories, feeling smug in my knowledge that Wenger was going no where, I tried to imagine what it would have been like if I woke up this morning and read a headline like… Wenger Releases Statement: I Need to Fulfil My Real Dream! and I could only come up with one word: Football Apocalypse.

Now, I realize that technically that’s two words but if you squash them together real close using negative kerning you get something like ‘footballapocalypse’ which pretty much sums up how I felt. I wondered if I’d even bother carrying on as an Arsenal blogger, I mean, what would be the point? Arsene Wenger is all I’ve known as an Arsenal supporter and to have him leave like that would be devastating.

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about this until next year when some prat stands up at the shareholder’s meeting and suddenly thinks he’s talking to one of his mates at the pub and lets out some stream of stupidity. Then we get to do this all over again.

Just to recap what Arsene Wenger has done:

3 EPL Titles — the same number that Chelsea has had in their entire history
4 FA Cups — the same number that Chelsea has had in their entire history
4 Community Shields — one more than Chelsea has had in their entire history
Champions League Runners-up
UEFA Cup Runners-up

And this year he took a team of rag tag youths and half legged geriatric Suburbans and got them to the semi-final of the FA Cup and the Champions league. All the while spending about as much money as it would cost to feed the team at Denny’s.

Let’s face it, Arsene Wenger is the best thing that has ever happened to this club. Someone should throw a parade.

Eduardo Setback

The club released an official statement that Eduardo has had to have “simple revision surgery” on the ankle that Martin Taylor tried to destroy. Follow up surgeries are routine and I’m thinking this is a great time to do this. Yes, he’ll miss scoring a dozen world class goals for Croatia, but it means he’ll be back and 100% just in time for pre-season.

On to the important stuff

Thierry Henry is racing to be fit to face Man U in the finals and I’m rooting for him to be so well rested that he comes in, scores a hat trick, and finishes the game with a shot so thunderous that when it ricochets off the post it decapitates Rayne Looney, kneecaps Cronolda, and finds its final resting place in Sir Alex Ferguson’s nutsack.

I’ll be at Doyle’s, wearing my Thierry Henry Arsenal strip.

And one final little bit of news. It turns out some new fangled news aggregator has picked up the blog and I’m now getting 3 times the number of hits per day. I basically jumped from 1000 hits a day to 3000 hits a day. This means, of course, that my loyal readers will be seeing a lot of new comments in the comment jar from people who don’t really understand my sense of humor and haven’t been reading the blog very long.

Let’s all try to get along as best we can and remember that I love you all like children — which means that I love some of you more than others but I would never say which ones, publicly.


West Ham v. Arsenal Preview

Not much of a preview today because, well, aside from Captain Smokey there isn’t much going on at the club ahead of a game, for once. Rosicky, Eduardo, and Sagna are the only injured players for our squad and West Ham is also at full strength. Further, despite West Ham’s recent slip in form (losing to Hull and Bolton) all the club news is positive because the honeymoon with Zola is still on.

Key men Parker, Upson, and Bellamy will all be looking to pull a Hull on Arsenal tomorrow and get West Ham back to their winning ways. Frankly, with Man U slipping to a dour 1-1 draw, Hull City not really a top team, and the Chelsea/Liverpool clash wrapping up right before Arsenal kick off I think it’s safe to say that this is a must win game.

As for lineups (which I find that only the sad people who play fantasy sports care about) I’d put money that Denilson gets a rest. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part because his performances seem to go one good then one bad and he’s due for a bad one but he’s also the only Arsenal player who hasn’t had a good rest yet. If Denilson doesn’t get a rest it’ll be because Wenger chooses to play the 4-5-1 that was so successful against Fenerbahce.

We’ll see.

Now, as for the William Gallas flap, I’ve now seen the picture (above) and have read the full comments of Arsene Wenger:

I did smoke but never a lot and never when I played. After, when I became a young coach, I sometimes had one because my assistant was smoking at three o’clock in the morning, when we had lost a big game.

In France, we all smoke. I have seen buses in France that you would not believe, you do not see each other. When I was a player, nobody would ever tell you that you should not smoke. We were driving home in coaches. You had to open the windows in winter to see each other.

Gallas has a responsibility as captain and that cannot be accepted, it is a public job with public responsibility. But there is smoking and there is smoking. I am sure you had players who were smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

This quote is hardly the condemnation that I’ve seen in the press, the blog comments, and from the holier than thou other bloggers. If William Gallas’ mental breakdown at Birmingham wouldn’t convince the boss to drop him I hardly think that the odd end is going to see him over the edge. In fact, the only thing I know for sure is that William Gallas smoking has whipped the fans into a frenzy and brought out the moralists in the blogosphere. As I pointed out last blog, this just shows poor judgement, but we all already knew that Gallas often shows poor judgement. It’s not like this is a new trait with the man, so I’d be surprised if Wenger takes any action more than just fining him — and not because he was smoking, but because he was caught.

Time to stub this story out and move on.

Speaking of fuming and blazing and someone who is smoking hot right now, St. Etienne midfielder Blaise Matuidi is again being linked with Arsenal. According to the French side, Wenger called during the summer to see if he was available and was rebuked. That said, the player is now expressing his interest to play for Arsenal. I know the fans feel like Matuidi would fit right in and would like to see the player signed in January but St. Etienne are insisting that the player is not going anywhere until this summer. So, once again it’s no news on the transfer market.

In our final bit of preposterous news Micah Richards is excited by the impending arrival of Thierry Henry. Let me be clear: Micah Richards has a better chance of playing with syphilis than he does of playing with Henry. Thierry Henry has categorically ruled out playing with any Premiership team other than Arsenal, end of story.

Ok, well, Arsenal are playing on Fox Soccer Channel tomorrow at 9am and I’m going to continue the live-blogging experiment, even though no one really likes it. But it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to!

Stop by tomorrow if you’re into that sort of thing.

P.S. Hull City must be dreaming, they are winning 3-0 against W.B.A. right now and it’s some really amazing stuff from them. With a win today they will temporarily go level on points with Liverpool and Chelsea, mind boggling really.


You’re making him mad, you don’t want to make Gallas mad.

It looks like it’s going to be all rumors, innuendo, and recrimination until August.

First, Captain Gallas has had a go at the press:

They (the media) can say what they want…they will not bring me down, I’m stronger than that. It makes me mad because I don’t think (what happened in Birmingham) was our problem. How can you summarise our season with that thing at Birmingham? That is not why we stopped winning matches.

Good for him. I might disagree with the man occasionally (often) but I think parts of what he’s saying here are right on. The first part about the press saying what they want? Right on the nose. The second part about making him mad? Again, right on! The third part about Martin Taylor’s vicious mauling of Eduardo and Gallas’ subsequent emotional reaction are not what caused Arsenal to start losing matches? Hmmmm…

Look, William, Bill, can I call you Bill? good. Look, Billy, one of the hallmarks of a good leader is the ability to admit it when you are wrong. You say, “I’m sorry” shake hands and try to work on it so that you never do that sort of thing again.

If you look seriously at the last 2 months and cannot see the effect that your petulant display at Birmingham had on the team — specifically the defense which went to tatters after that match, doubling the goals allowed numbers — then I really don’t know what to say to you other than “bon voyage.” The captain of the team, who captains both the team and his defensive squad — where he plays — went to pieces at the same time that the defense went to pieces and you seriously can’t see that people would make that connection?

Bon voyage.

Admitting that you were wrong means that you are willing to learn from your mistakes and make yourself into a better player and a better captain. When you were winning you were a great captain but the measure of a man is not in the high times but in the low. And at Arsenal’s lowest moment, you reverted back to the old Willy; petty, petulant, pompous, and prevaricative. Or what I call “The 4 P’s of Bad Management.”

Speaking of Arsenal captains who practiced the 4 P’s of Bad Management: the press are linking Henry with Arsenal because he said that he “only has Arsenal in his heart” or something.

Let me be very clear (ahem): Thierry Henry is not walking through that door, folks… and if he does he will be old and gray.

Henry is not going back to Arsenal because Wenger has a strict policy against taking back former players as he reminded us all in January when Anelka was again linked to Arsenal.

Nicolas wanted to come back here and I considered buying him because he wanted to put things right, but we have a strict policy that once a player has gone we have to accept it

The “Thierry to Arsenal” stories are worth less than an American Dollar, case closed.

On the injury front, apparently Arsenal will be playing the U-18s on Monday instead of the first team.  Arsene has committed himself to resting players who are set to play in Euro 2008 (Fabregas, Bendtner, van Persie, Gallas, and Clichy) plus Arsenal are missing Hleb, Diaby, Rosicky, Djourou, Sagna, Flamini, and Eduardo due to injury or suspension. So many people are injured I seriously can’t keep track. I need a “who’s injured for Arsenal” widget on the blog so I can keep a running list. I’ll get right on it.

Oh yeah, I told my friend John that the Arsenal game is on Sunday, it’s not, it’s a Monday game, noon kickoff local time. The match is against Derby who are playing for Pride (pun intended) and I don’t think it will be a 6-0 thrashing if everyone is resting. It could be a good match.

Lastly, the Arsenal Women have won the league after a 4-1 come from behind lashing of the Chelsea women. This is the Arsenal women’s fifth consecutive league title. Impressive.

Coaching the Women’s team, Vic Akers has now won 10 league titles, 8 FA cups, and 9 League cups. My GF and I are having a little girl in May and I can only hope that she would one day want to play for a team with that kind of pedigree.

See you tomorrow!

Update: there’s a report coming out of Italy that Juventus is NOT signing Flamini but that AC Milan is… for 4m Euro, which is less than he is reportedly offered from Arsenal. I think this is just further proof that you cannot trust anything you read in the paper.

T-minus 5 days for him to sign with Arsenal.


Remember ’89

It\'s up for grabs now

On a sunny day in May of 1989, Arsenal needed a 2-0 win over Liverpool at Anfield to win the league. It was considered an impossible task: fortress Anfield was impregnable, Liverpool were the reigning champs, and the emotional favorites as well having suffered through the Hillsborough disaster just a little over a month earlier.  The game came down to the last minute and the second goal came on the last attack of the game as the Liverpool squad were cheering for their “double.”  It is, possibly the most famous win in Arsenal’s recent history.

I don’t mention this to “rub it in” or because I’m living in the past; rather to say that a win today would have to be just as famous, at least for those of us who are recent supporters. Liverpool must be seen as the clear favorites: masters of Europe (5 cups and staring at back-to-back finals appearances), an away goal advantage, home advantage, and a mental advantage after having come out and executed their plans to perfection twice at the Emirates. And to overcome that would be, as George Graham said, at least as monumental as overcoming Liverpool at Anfield in 1989.

A win today would even be better than the 2-0 win at the San Siro, simply because Milan was a much better match up for Arsenal than Liverpool. Liverpool are more physical, have the incredible pace of Torres, and rather than a team struggling, they are on top of their game.

In addition, Arsenal are tired, they are injured (even though Diaby and van Persie return today), but they have the belief of the boss who thinks they can win both leagues, and the belief of their best player who has stated his intent to stay at Arsenal and make it into a big club:

Arsenal aim to be one of the biggest teams in Europe, like Milan, Barcelona or Madrid, teams who have always been associated with playing well and winning

To do that, Cesc, you must win tonight.

So, I am expecting a hard fought clash (both teams have crafty holding midfielders who lead the CL in fouls) but, believe it or not, I’m also expecting a lot of goals. If Arsenal get an early goal, Benitez will open the game, which will lead to a wide open match. An open match is dangerous for both teams as neither squad has a sterling defense. And so, I honestly think we could see a 3-3 draw today.

In honor of the 2-0 victory to take the league in 1989, today would be the perfect day to wear yellow.

Too bad the squad will be either wearing that hideous white strip or that Barcelona inspired claret and blue thing.

I’m wearing yellow, which just happens to be my lucky Jersey.

Finally, and briefly, the word on the street that Seattle Sounders FC are looking to buy Thierry Henry is gaining momentum and just today Barcelona have confirmed that he is for sale. I don’t see it happening (him coming to America). I think he’ll go to Chelsea or something first because he misses his daughter who’s in London. We’ll have to see, either way, he won’t be in Spain next year.

That’s it, up the Arse!

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