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Oh god, this is what summer will be like…

Physically, I’m looking forward to summer, Arsenally, I’m not.  Because, if today is any indication, it’s going to be a long, hard summer.  Long… Hard…  *sigh*  That’s all I got folks.

Today’s two news stories are about two former Arsenal captains: Adams and Henry.  Seems like both players are pining for their old teams.

Adams will be out of contract at Pompey here in a few weeks and is sort of stirring the pot at Arsenal to consider taking him on as defense coach:

I love the club, it was part of my life for so many years and if anyone at Arsenal wants to invite me back, I’m willing to give it a shot. I’m fully prepared and willing to do what I have to do.

And we all love you Tony, could you please be a dear and take out the garbage?  Yes, he’s the one over there with the Gheri Curl mowhawk.

Look, the man’s a legend, a rock in defense and a truly inspirational leader both personally and professionally.  Any team in the world would be proud to have him as head coach much less as the exact right man to lead a team of young and old defenders through the ropes.  Listen to his philosophy on defense:

I always tried to lead by example [at Arsenal] and get out there and make sure they realised they were playing for the Arsenal. I tried to install in the team a kind of ‘over our dead bodies’ kind of attitude.

That’s EXACTLY what Arsenal needed at the end of this season.  Or as the old timers used to say “a kick up the arse.”  If I was Arsene Wenger…  uhhh… that’s a quandry.  How about, please Wenger, sign this guy before some horrible pack of cunts like Bolton do.

As for Henry, I really don’t see him coming back to Arsenal.  I know, he text messages the boss daily, and they love each other, and there’s a special place in Henry’s heart but I just don’t see it happening, not in a playing capacity anyway.  As a player in his last season he was too disruptive to his teammates; he had that Berbatov body language and was constantly upbraiding his teammates over the smallest stuff.  I love the guy too, but he was just not a good fit for this team.  By the way, what are Wenger and Henry’s text messages like?

Wenger — lolz i pwn3d barca wif u trade
Henry — tru dat, i lost 1337 hax0r skillz

The more likely scenario is Henry to the MLS, with Seattle and New York considered the front runners right now.  As I’ve said before, I’m not sure if Henry can handle the mental pressure of playing with people who are so far below his standard.  I mean, he was crabbing at Fabregas, for god’s sake, what will he do when he’s getting poor service from some dude who can’t get a spot on a League 1 English team?  That doesn’t mean that he won’t come over to the states, just that if I was the owner of the Red Bulls or the Sounders I would think thrice before buying a gray old man with an attitude problem.

That’s it for today, I’m reading (can’t get a live feed) the Chelsea/Man U game and so far Ronaldo’s hair has NOT caught fire and set blaze to both teams and both sets of supporters.  I’m still holding out hope.


Remember ’89

It\'s up for grabs now

On a sunny day in May of 1989, Arsenal needed a 2-0 win over Liverpool at Anfield to win the league. It was considered an impossible task: fortress Anfield was impregnable, Liverpool were the reigning champs, and the emotional favorites as well having suffered through the Hillsborough disaster just a little over a month earlier.  The game came down to the last minute and the second goal came on the last attack of the game as the Liverpool squad were cheering for their “double.”  It is, possibly the most famous win in Arsenal’s recent history.

I don’t mention this to “rub it in” or because I’m living in the past; rather to say that a win today would have to be just as famous, at least for those of us who are recent supporters. Liverpool must be seen as the clear favorites: masters of Europe (5 cups and staring at back-to-back finals appearances), an away goal advantage, home advantage, and a mental advantage after having come out and executed their plans to perfection twice at the Emirates. And to overcome that would be, as George Graham said, at least as monumental as overcoming Liverpool at Anfield in 1989.

A win today would even be better than the 2-0 win at the San Siro, simply because Milan was a much better match up for Arsenal than Liverpool. Liverpool are more physical, have the incredible pace of Torres, and rather than a team struggling, they are on top of their game.

In addition, Arsenal are tired, they are injured (even though Diaby and van Persie return today), but they have the belief of the boss who thinks they can win both leagues, and the belief of their best player who has stated his intent to stay at Arsenal and make it into a big club:

Arsenal aim to be one of the biggest teams in Europe, like Milan, Barcelona or Madrid, teams who have always been associated with playing well and winning

To do that, Cesc, you must win tonight.

So, I am expecting a hard fought clash (both teams have crafty holding midfielders who lead the CL in fouls) but, believe it or not, I’m also expecting a lot of goals. If Arsenal get an early goal, Benitez will open the game, which will lead to a wide open match. An open match is dangerous for both teams as neither squad has a sterling defense. And so, I honestly think we could see a 3-3 draw today.

In honor of the 2-0 victory to take the league in 1989, today would be the perfect day to wear yellow.

Too bad the squad will be either wearing that hideous white strip or that Barcelona inspired claret and blue thing.

I’m wearing yellow, which just happens to be my lucky Jersey.

Finally, and briefly, the word on the street that Seattle Sounders FC are looking to buy Thierry Henry is gaining momentum and just today Barcelona have confirmed that he is for sale. I don’t see it happening (him coming to America). I think he’ll go to Chelsea or something first because he misses his daughter who’s in London. We’ll have to see, either way, he won’t be in Spain next year.

That’s it, up the Arse!


Seattle to get Henry?


The rumor mill is working overtime on a story that would see Thierry Henry come to Seattle FC to finish his career.  As much as my first reaction was “holy shit that would be cool!” I really hope this doesn’t happen.

I can’t see what kind of impact he’ll have.  He’s a washed up old striker, who’s French, who relatively few people know and who would be playing on a team full of wannabes.  Did I mention that he’s French?  Americans love the French almost as much as the British love the French!

Yes, he’ll be playing against the best pub league defenders the world has ever seen but his once great ability has looked quite lost since he left Arsenal.  This isn’t the same Henry who terrorized the opposition defenses during Arsenal’s unbeaten run.  Also, his temperament isn’t right for this sort of thing.  This is a man who had a hard time playing with Arsenal’s super kids last year, does he really think he has the patience to play with some of the world’s worst players?  And what kind of service can he expect?  And… never mind, I could go on and on. but I’ll spare you.

It’s a bad move if it’s true.

What the MLS needs is a Flamini on every team not a Beckham on every team.  Someone who will be a solid foundation, a team player, highly skilled, super athletic, and act as the engine of the team.  THEN bring on Henry.

Too bad it looks like MLS is going the route of the NBA; superstars for superstars sake.

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