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Gooner of the Year #2; Robin van Persie

After he scored the wonder goal at Everton

36 games for Arsenal (17 more than last season) 20 goals and 13 assists (both of which lead the team) and the ability to score absolutely incredible goals: but for some Ivan come lately, he would have easily been Gooner of the Year.

There isn’t much to say about Robin, we all see that the quality is there, we just need him healthy. I thought his best game came back in January, when we drew 1-1 to Everton. Here was a player who, in the month of January, had a hand in every Arsenal goal — either through assist or by putting it in the net. He carried the team at a time when no one else was around to do it and as much as Arshavin gets some credit for saving our season, Robin van Persie deserves equal credit for the work he put in at a crucial time.

Oh and, we need him to sign the damn contract and stay healthy.

Here’s some video of my favorite goals from van Persie this season

From the Arsenalists archives

Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal

Everton 1-1 Arsenal; goal of the season candidate

Arsenal 3-1 Plymouth; power goal at the end

Right, we’re almost at the end of this portion of the award ceremonies and I want you all to start thinking about “Goal of Year” and “Match of the Year” if you have suggestions for either/both, please put them in the comments below.


I loved watching Man U get beat. I loved watching those smug bastards at the bar sit in silence as Barcelona gave them a full serving of what Wenger’s cooking up at Arsenal. I love the fact that they list that bogus “Club World Cup” and the laughable “Carling Cup” as one of their pieces of silverware this season. I love that people were touting Man U to win the “quint” and all they got was one real trophy. And most of all, I love Crom, Crom solved the riddle of Arsenal yesterday.

After watching Barcelona play I have it all figured out. We have Eduardo/van Persie to finish like E’t’o’o’o’t’o, we have Cesc to play like Iniesta, we have Arshavin to play like Messi (give him the #10 shirt, Cappy), we have Eboue to play like Puyols (the playacting and the Man U fans reactions were f*cking priceless!), we have Song to play like Yaya, and all we need is someone to play like Pique and we are set.


Anyway, it was great to watch a blend of youth and experience, grace and power, kick the shiat out of a pack of overrated, scowling, head holding, whining, cunts.

Oh, and Cesc? Watch Iniesta play this summer during your Spain qualifiers. If you can’t do that, at least watch the tape of last night. Last night, he was what you should be; tackling, passing, hustling, and outplaying everyone on the pitch.

He’s only 5’6″ and yet he was the biggest player out there.  If you think you’ll get a move to Barcelona while Iniesta, Messi, and Toure are there, you got another thing coming brother.


Arsenal have signed a pair of 15 year olds.


Come again?

Arsene Wenger has given a rather strange interview in which he waxed poetic about Thierry Henry saying that Henry would have won them the title last year. It’s about as much an admission from the boss that he screwed up in the rebuilding as we will ever get. It’s also a glimpse into his mind when he states that there’s no way he’ll let these young players go after he spends all this time educating them.

I also just want to mention that with this win Thierry Henry can finally close his trophy case. He has won the league and the cup in three countries (France, England, Spain) he’s won the World Cup, the European Cup, and now the Champions League.

Good night sweet prince.

Club v. Country

Theo Walcott has been called up to play for the U21s which is proof that country wins, every time. My only thought on this is that if he gets injured playing in the U21s I sincerely hope that Arsenal sue the FA.

Sue them until they never call up another Arsenal player ever again.

Oh and hey, good news (this is what people call ‘irony’) Kieran Gibbs earned a call up to the U21s! Good for you son!


Back to reality, nearly

Less than 24 hours after I make a statement about how Barcelona would be the preferred destination when Cesc leaves, Joan Laporta is quoted in the press saying how much he’d like to see Cesc in a Barcelona shirt.

I’m sure he would.

What I don’t get is how much outrage everyone seems to have over this quote. Barcelona say this kind of stuff every three months and yes it’s distasteful but as far as I know it’s not illegal. Real Madrid’s President calling Cesc to chat about his progress, that’s illegal. Barcelona’s President saying “I’d like to see Cesc in a Barca shirt” is not illegal. Sure, he’s a jerk for saying it, but he was already a jerk, this is not news!

Besides, we all know and should accept that Cesc will leave Arsenal one day and that his likeliest destination is the club he supported as a kid: Barcelona. Right now, he’s under contract until 2014 and if Barcelona want him, they will have to pay a huge, retarded, sum in transfer fees. Which I highly doubt they will do, especially given the fact that Joan himself says that Barca “have the best midfield in the world” (along with the best keeper!).

So, let’s all calm down and focus in on football, which we shall have on Saturday I say! Saturday!

Saturday, we’ve got Manchester City for a good olde fashioned 7am kickoff. If you’ll remember, City was the last team to beat Arsenal in the Premier League: a run of 17 matches unbeaten. That City game was one of the low points of the season. With the club in turmoil after Cappy Gallas’ outburst, they were outplayed in the midfield by Stephen Ireland, toothless up front, and defenseless in the back. We went to City (who were terrible at the time) and got an old-fashioned ass whoppin as we say in the States.   3-0.

After that, Wenger made some changes. They took a while to take hold but Arsenal are a different team now and not just in terms of players on the pitch, though the addition of Arshavin has proved crucial. Tactically and spiritually this is a different Arsenal side. They have scored 15 goals in the month of March and the club has a belief about them they they did not at the last meeting. I have to think that more than most rematches, Arsenal will be looking for revenge.

Personnel wise, we have our Crozillian back, and scoring goals. And more importantly, we’ve got our young captain and midfield maestro back and raring to go. Wenger is saying that Cesc needs three games to get back to top fitness and the next three games are his best bet: home to City, away to Villareal, and away to Wigan. We should expect Diaby and van Persie to miss at least the Saturday game against City but after that is unknown as there’s no news on those two. Bendtner, on the other hand, subbed in at the 33rd minute in Denmark’s 3-0 win over Albania so whatever injury he suffered on his knee must have healed, right??? And any rumors of Arshavin picking up a knock are false, as he played the whole match against Licktinstien.

And if you want to get REALLY excited, there are rumors that Theo could be fit to face City.

Let’s see, Arshavin, Theo, Cesc, and Dudu? Yes please, I’ll have two!

Finally, in the above link, Wenger also made a remark about how the next 8 matches in 25 days are make or break for this season. It’s true, we’ll have had both legs of the Champions League, 4 EPL matches, and an FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea. Uhh… yeah, that’s slightly important.

But given that all our players returning to top form and have a renewed spirit I feel confident in quoting George W. Bush: bring ’em on.

P.S. Adebayor is fit as well.


Chocolate Thunder unleashed on Porto?

The team travel to Portugal to take on league leaders (don’t know where I read that. ed.) Porto for the game that will decide if Arsenal finish first or second in the group. In years past, winning your group meant an “easier” draw in the Champions League, but lets face it, there aren’t many easy teams in this tournament any more ( wait, could Cluj still go through? No? Oh well.) Even if Arsenal finish first they could easily face runners up like Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid (who are so desperate they are thinking of appointing Juande Ramos), Inter, Bayern, and Man U depending on how all those teams play today and tomorrow.

That said, just a draw sees the club top the group and the boss was simultaneously pragmatic and hopeful (he can do that, he’s that special):

We want to finish first because we want to be the best. But it does not seem that first or second will make a huge difference this year

I love to see a win, but with Cesc unlikely to participate (knee injury) and Porto looking for revenge, a draw would be a good result. How about a boring ole 0-0 draw, it would be like stepping into a time machine!

I’d also like to see Roma go through and get paired with Liverpool. First because they’d probably have to hold the match in an empty stadium — since both clubs supporters are such animals. And second because I want to see if The Beast can lay a quad on Liverpool again.

Oh and hey, Wednesday’s game is Arsene’s 700th game for the club. 700! That deserves it’s own column…

The game is on Setanta here in the states and it’s a lunch time kickoff on my side of the country, but I’m busy that day so no match for me. Head down to Doyle’s and catch the match if you get a chance.

Chocolate Thunder, Robin van Persie’s right leg.

There’s a hilarious quote from Robin van Persie where he says that in Holland they call your off leg your “Chocolate Leg.” Which brought me back to my childhood and a player named Chocolate Thunder, from the planet Lovetron, who could dunk so hard, he ripped the rim off the backboard. After watching RvP shoot with his right foot against Chelsea and damn near rip the back of the net off the goal posts, I’m thinking he should rename his chocolate leg, Chocolate Thunder and start ripping shots with it all the time.

I am curious about the etymology of this term, so if any of you know why the Dutch call the off leg the chocolate leg please let us know. Also if you want to make things up, that would be fine too, as long as you use the word “Lovetron” at least once.

Almost done…

Liverpool are shopping their brand name around but I guess no one’s buying. Maybe they could get some supporters to get their jalopy a new set of hubcaps?

In reality, I’m not worried in the least about a club like Liverpool. They have a fan base that rivals clubs like Arsenal and Man U, they are favorites to break their 10 year curse in the Premier League and perennial challengers in the Champions League. Lessseee, uhhh Citeh or Liverpool? Hmmmm. Tough choice.

And Finally

Theo Walcott won the 2008 BBC London Young Footballer of the Year award. I heard that he was also runner up for the 2008 N5 Right Footed Player of the Year but was just beaten off by Terry Brindlebat who plays for St. Mary’s pub.

See you tomorrow for the match preview.


Arsenal 3-1 Everton; The Good, Bad, and Ugly

The Good

The obvious talking point here is that we came back from 1-0 down and won 3-1. This was as complete a reversal as I have seen: from the worst 1st half I have seen since we played Sheffield United on a peat bog during what looked like World War 1, to a second half in which we played the kind of commanding football that Arsenal are supposedly known for but which we only seem to be able to do in spurts. No, that talking point is too easy. Huzzah to Arsenal, you pulled your collective heads out of your asses.

The question for me is given the Boss’ very public concerns for Theo being overused was it a good to bring him in? On the one hand I say no: Theo cannot play every single game. Especially since it’s quite clear that we are going to need him to stay competitive and that means we are going to need a 100% healthy Theo when we face top teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U and Hull City.

On the other hand, this game has to be a huge boost for Theo. He now knows more than ever that he has the ability to take over and pretty much single-handedly win a game for Arsenal. This is a major boost to Theo’s confidence and understanding of the game. For that reason and that reason only I’m giving this to Theo in the “good” category.

Also showing some real quality was Mikel Sylvestre. He wasn’t the flashiest player on the pitch, but he was 100% committed and more than anyone else in an Arsenal strip willing to put himself about in order to win the ball. He is the type of no-nonsense defender that I haven’t seen at Arsenal since Sol Campbell. Rather than play the ball out of the defense like we have grown accustomed to, he is more than willing to just hoof the ball out. I know that this often just returns possession to the opposition and I know that Wenger’s game is predicated on keeping possession, but I have to say that I felt so much more assured when Mikel hoofed the ball out than when Song tried to dribble the ball out. In some ways, Mikel is exactly the kind of defender that a lot of us have been asking for. Sure, it’s just one game in and I can see where he might make some mistakes, but all our defenders are prone to mistakes so given that it’s a breath of fresh air to have such a straightforward, 100% committed defender on the team.

Likewise Samir Nasri is a hurricane of fresh air (mixed metaphor!) compared to that bloated, farty, self-important, gassbag Alex Hleb. Nasri provides width to this team, which Hleb and his insistence on dribbling into the middle could not and Nasri, and I know that you all think I over value this, also has the ability to score goals which Hleb did not. In 4 games Nasri has as many goals as Hleb had in 29 games last season.

The Bad

What was Arsene thinking playing Eboue on the right wing and Song as right back? After the match Wenger admitted that it was strange and said that he wanted Eboue to bring some “defensiveness” to the right wing. Well, that didn’t work, because it was the right side that was opened up for Leon Osman to traipse into the Arsenal box, past a sauntering Denilson and score a ho hum goal.

I don’t know what sort of magnificent player Wenger thinks Song is bit I’d rather that Song not be used in that sort of formation again.

Also bad is that Toure picked up a shoulder ligament “twist” and Samir Nasri may have picked up a thigh injury. Kolo is currently being ruled out of the Fener clash on Tuesday and Nasri is listed as day-to-day. That leaves Arsenal with really no choice but to field Sylvestre and Song in the back, Diaby on the wing, and  Theo on the other wing. Not the ideal situation really.

There are some reports that Djourou might be healthy for the trip to Turkey, fingers crossed that’s the case.

The Ugly

The whole first half.

Denilson deserves particular mention here because he wasn’t even really trying until after Theo came on. More than any other player I credit him with Osman’s goal, that was his marker. Watch the video (over at the Arsenalist, of course) Osman beats Denilson and he just walks back into defense. Maybe, MAYBE, communication was an issue. If you watch, he throws his hands up as if to say that it wasn’t his fault, so maybe someone called him off Osman. I’m not sure. All I know is that he walked back into the defense. If you want to be Arsenal’s defensive midfielder you have to have a much better sense of defense and much more commitment than that.

And finally, both Theo and Cesc are reportedly in contract negotiations and the press is having a field day. There was a news story started by News of the World that Cesc Fabregas is rejecting a massive contract offer from Arsenal. To his credit, Cesc immediately denied the reports but for me this is what you get when you make public statements like he did earlier in the week. On the other side of the coin, Theo is reportedly delaying contract negotiations with the club as well. Right now, I trust that Theo has his head on straight about this issue, after all he’s said as much in countless interviews. We’ll have to wait and see, January could get really ugly for Arsenal supporters.

That’s it for today, I’m going to go have a kickaround, drink some beer, and then my old lady is going to make me a roast dinner and pecan pie. It’s my birthday after all!



39th shame is back on

It doesn’t matter if it’s unfair, it doesn’t matter if the only reason they are doing it is for money, and it doesn’t matter if the majority of fans don’t want it, the 39th game proposal has risen from the grave, dusted itself off, put on a Richard Scudamore mask and is ready to go out trick-or-treating.

Let’s recap the reasons that the 39th game is unfair

  1. 20 teams play each other once each home and away, which totals 38 games. That’s about as fair as it gets.
  2. Who will play whom and how will it be decided? I can’t imagine (wait, yes I can) the Armageddon that would occur in the blogosphere if Man U and Arsenal were in a close trophy race and Arsenal got a third match against Stoke and Man U got a third match against Chelsea. See, that’s why one home and one away game is fair.
  3. And what about the relegation bound? Would it be fair to Tottenham if they had to play a top team 3 times?

So, it’s clearly unfair to add some 39th game held in some country a thousand miles from home.

That said, I’ll be honest, if Arsenal came here, I’d go see them. Which means that I can’t put my money where my mouth is and that is exactly why this is going to happen. Fair or unfair is irrelevant, people like me would go see our favorite team if they came to town.

I’ve proposed that they work on making it easier for foreign fans to go to England to see the games where they are best seen; along side the best fans in the world and at the best football stadiums in the world. But that idea is not really profitable enough so, I think this 39th game is probably a done deal.

Arsenal News

Arsene Wenger has been scanning YouTube and has picked Moussa Dembele to join Arsenal‘s first team right away based solely on a single goal. $30m is the asking price and pundits expect Arsene to put up cash out of pocket to fund the transfer, he’s that certain. Watch the video yourself, it’s amazing:

Now that’s world class defending…

Meanwhile bitter old loser Roy Keane has claimed that Arsenal don’t bring up young prospects, they just buy them all up.

The word on the street is that Arsenal have a group of kids coming through that will be absolutely outstanding. Anyone who works in youth football will tell you that. They buy a lot of these young players, so as much as we praise them for bringing young kids through they’re buying them from other clubs.

Arsenal have bought a few prospects, most recently Ramsey, but the Arsenal academy has developed a metric ton of players who are currently plying their trade in the Premier League. The idea that we “buy a lot” of young players is an outright lie. Shut up, Keane.

And finally, the Kazakh coach thinks that Theo Walcott is as good as Lionel Messi. Does that mean that Arsenal get to keep him from competing in these pointless international matches?

OK… that’s it, see you tomorrow.


The Hulk is trapped in an Arshavin bubble

I loved the Hulk when I was a kid, the comic book, the television series, Hulk lunchboxes, Hulk underoos, you name it, if it had the Hulk on it, I liked it. The Hulk is, like all comic book characters, easy to relate to: a normal guy who, when pushed, turns into a 7 foot tall, invincible, green killing machine. Who isn’t like THAT before the first cup of coffee in the morning?

According to future England #1, it turns out our little Theo Walcott has some of the Hulk in him:

Theo was too nice maybe in the last two years, but this season you can see that when he gets tackled he gets furious, and that shows you he has changed, when he used to take a tackle he did not reply with anything, he did not say anything to the referee or the opposing player. He would get tackled and stay on the floor, and he would never say anything. Now I like him more on the field. I just spoke with him once. I told him he had to be a bit more aggressive, and not so nice on the pitch, because if people can kill you they will do so.

When tackled, Theo gets angry, and you wouldn’t want to see Theo angry.

But seriously, Almunia has a good point; that Theo needed a little bit more ‘grit’ as they say and has seemed to have picked that up this season. I remember remarking early on about how he was taking the hard challenges and not complaining, but just getting up and getting right back into the game. If the FA wants to have a ‘respect’ campaign they ought to start and end with Theo Walcott, he’s the model footballer in my eyes as far as diving, cheating, and complaining in that I’ve never seen him do any of those things. In a sense, he’s the anti-Hulk, actually. I’ve never seen the opposition ruffle his feathers. He just gets right back up and goes right back at them again. It’s pretty remarkable, and this young man has to be seen as yet another jewel in the Wenger crown.

Someone should remind Wenger that these jewels need to be polished occasionally or they will lose their luster and migrate from our crown to some filthy crown in Spain. The best tonic for polishing Cesc’s jewels is Trophy Tonic: so let’s win the Champions League and put some spit and polish on Cesc’s jewels!

After that last sentence, I feel gayer than some dude sitting in his mom’s basement endlessly searching for news about Andrei Arshavin. Hi Anonymous dude, who is desperately searching for any Arshavin news and feels compelled to click on an Arsenal blog. Your boy is still at that racist ass club, he’s still the most over-rated player to come out of Euro 2008 and he’s still not ever going to be an Arsenal player! Thanks for stopping by!

I had forgotten that the international break gives Sepp Blatter a chance to really shine in the spotlight. This break he’s decided to take on the idea that clubs can be bought and sold. Ok, here’s the deal; I actually agree with him that there’s a serious problem but his solution is about as sensible as voting for John McCain because he’s the “change” candidate. What stupid Sepp is actually proposing is that the EPL adopt foreign ownership rules similar to the Swiss rules of land ownership. And if the EPL don’t adopt those rules, then he wants the EU to step in and enforce some type of rule because, what he doesn’t want is people making money off the clubs.

(Let’s get serious for a second)

First, let me just say, I have been talking about the Premier League as a bubble now for three years. Any time a player like Sean Wright-Phillips is valued at $40m you may be looking at a bubble or you may be looking at a team with stupid management. However, if it happens constantly that players are being over valued (Sheva, SWP, Ronaldinho, Darren Bent, Andrei Arshavin, even CR7) then you know you have a bubble. When I say “over-valued” I mean that Chelsea was never going to be able to recoup the cost of buying a player like Sheva.They were never going to be able to re-sell him for anything near what they paid and he would never sell enough jerseys or put enough asses in seats to recoup their losses on him. They paid well over the odds as they did with nearly every player on that team. This irrational spending, in turn, irrationally inflated the prices of the rest of the players in the league.

The same thing with clubs. If you have just one club that is buried under a mountain of debt that they used to finance their insane buying spree (Leeds) then that one club will likely just fail on its own. However, if you have 10 of the top 20 clubs in any country buried under insurmountable debts, and yet their value keeps going up, you have a bubble.

Call it “irrational exuberance,” a “bubble,” bad business, whatever, it’s here in the EPL and has been for a few years.

In the past I have refrained from calling for regulations because 98% of the time I think the market can correct itself. Glazers can’t make their payments? Then someone will step in and buy the club, because there’s a lot of money to be made at Man U under a sensible business plan. But the bubble right now is so large and so distended that I’m not sure the market can correct the problem. I’m also not really sure what the cure is or whether the cure will be more bitter than the disease. I’ve thought about salary caps, transfer caps, debt to income ratio caps, etc. but honestly I sort of think it’s too late for all of these to work. You cannot regulate your way out of a bubble. It has to burst.

Fortunately, Arsenal are positioned very well to weather such a storm. They have a sound fiscal policy and a concomitant managerial philosophy: 50% of their operating costs are generated by match day revenue and they have a youth policy and self imposed salary structure. All off which are prudent fiscal policies in any environment and pretty much the only way to live through a bubble.

They also have the second largest stadium in one of the best markets for sport in the world and more than any other team, because of their team philosophy, they are scalable and yet still enjoyable to watch. When the bubble bursts I feel confident that this club will rise back up to the top.

All this leads me to the following conclusion: trophies right now are, in some sense, fools gold. Because in order to win one, we have to spend a ton of money, right? Plonk down £30m on some big name, right? You’ll get no argument from me, it’s pretty clear that the handful of teams with the biggest bubbles over their heads are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to win a few trophies. So, while I want a trophy this season, and it would be the sweetest of all the trophies I have seen at Arsenal because they did it their own way, I’m not calling for Arsene to spend irrationally just to get one. If Cesc wants to leave in the next few years because the grass is greener in Ibiza or because they will polish his jewels more fervently, then more power to him; thanks for all the years of wonderful football, thanks for the irrational transfer fee that the club will receive, and good luck against your replacement in the Champions League, a youngster named Jack Wilshere, you’ll need it.

No. The bubble’s going to burst and there’s nothing you, me, or Sepp Blatter is going to do to stop it now. We, as Arsenal supporters, just need to sit back, bide our time, enjoy the football (win-lose-or-draw) and watch as the global financial crisis consumes teams like Pompey, Newcastle and Chelsea, and brings teams like Man U and Liverpool back down to earth.

I’m confident that even if we don’t get a trophy this season The Arsenal will always rise to the top.


Your pain, their profit

The British media have caught on and are now using the collective psychic pain felt by Arsenal supporters over their lack of signing a Defensive Midifelder to push their papers. Over the summer, the press have stated that Arsenal have bid on Inler, Barry, Alonso, M’Bia, and Appiah. There’s some question over how serious the interest in Barry was, so, for the sake of argument, let’s just drop him as a target. Still, that’s no less than three players that Wenger put in a serious bid for and one player who may yet join us on a free transfer if he doesn’t choose London’s fourth best Premier League team. These revelations that Arsenal were so agressive in the transfer market have shocked many people, including those folks in the press. After all, we all heard Arsene say, time and again, that the team was good enough as it stood. The press though are now running with the story and we’re again being linked with each of these players — in January. Plus, the Telegraph throws one extra in, Sebastian Giovinco, just for fun. YAY, it’s like the transfer window is still open!

The only way this works for the press is that we’re all on such pins and needles about not signing a defensive midfielder this summer that we’re still begging for news, any news, that Arsenal will sign someone. It’s great press, and whenever Stephen Appiah takes a dump the reporters are there waiting. So they can publish such blockbuster stories as “No Decision Yet” and “Decision Some Time Next Week, or Later.” 

Let me help you all the best I can. Alonso is not walking through that door. Inler was too afraid to play in the Premier League, so we don’t want him any way. M’Bia? Who? And Appiah will either sign for Arsenal and have a real shot at winning the Champions League, or will choose to play to keep West Ham from making the drop. If he chooses the latter, we don’t need him because it would mean that, like Inler, he just wasn’t confident enough to play under the bright lights of the Emirates. Sure, he may say the contract was better at West Ham and he wants to “build” West Ham, blah blah, but honestly? Sometimes, like Adebayor did, you take a pay cut to play for a team like Arsenal, that’s what Arsene means when he talks about building a culture at the club.

So, Appiah will either sign or he won’t. If he does, then we’ll all welcome him with open arms.  If not, oh well, it’s for the best.

World Cup

Theo Walcott is ready to be battered and deep fried on Wednesday, if Capello plays him. Typically, I couldn’t care less who plays where in World football. I do however like that Walcott said the following

I always get battered. I’m used to it now and it doesn’t bother me at all. The main thing is to ignore them and get up. If you don’t, they know they have got you in their pocket. You just have to get up, give them a little smile and they know you will be at them again. That’s what you have to do – remind them that you won’t go away. I will keep doing the right things and maybe the referees will recognise it. 

YES! Get up and get on with it. The FA should have adopted this statement as their mantra for their ridiculous “get on with the game” program. As I’ve said before, this type of simulation (the Ronaldo style of “I feel contact I go down”) is the most destructive, disruptive, and difficult to stamp out. But if the FA just adopt Theo’s statement as their philosophy and book anyone who is rolling around on the ground, remonstrating the ref or generally simulating injury then the game would be 100% more enjoyable to watch. Hell, Theo’s statement almost makes me want to watch him play on Wednesday, almost. 

Enough about that… I guess there’s a lot of matches tomorrow in which a lot of Arsenal players have a good chance to get injured. Let’s hope they don’t because Arsenal have to play Blackburn on Saturday.

That’s it for the day see you on Wednesday.

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