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That’s no worm, that’s Silvestre


I’m just kind of tired today and besides, there isn’t much to say. Chelsea supporters are gloating, as they should, Arsenal supporters are feeling down, as they should, and Man U supporters are looking forward to winning the league against what must be seen as an easy Arsenal target.

I guess it could be worse. We could be Spurs fans, hailing a 0-0 draw against a strikerless Everton as an achievement. We could be Chelsea fans, gloating over a third place finish.

Hell, we could be Mikael Silvestre. Now that would be a nightmare. I mean just look at the man, to paraphrase an apt description of former Seattle SuperSonics center Jerome James, Silvestre is a part-time “man in a gorilla suit” and a full-time stiff.

But I have an inkling that Wenger sees some problems. I watched his post match press conference, and though you’ll see news headlines that say “Wenger a true believer” or some such, my interpretation is that he saw the problems:

  1. He rightly blames Silvestre for not bothering to go for the header… “I believe we must live in our job where the referee makes some decisions for you and some against. But defending consequently you should clear the ball on the cross.”
  2. He blames the midfield for Anelka’s second goal… “If you look at the second goal we could have done much better in midfield than at the back.”
  3. He recognizes that Arsenal’s defending is not up to snuff… “We conceded four at Liverpool, three against Man United and four today. We have to improve the way we defend.”
  4. And he recognizes the need for leadership from this team, especially in big games…  “what is very disappointing for us is in the games that mattered in the last three or four weeks we couldn’t win. That’s where we have to analyse.”

And he’s already talking about bringing in reinforcements, though, that could turn into talk of people being “like a new signing” as the summer wears on.

I can’t wait… Senderos is like a new signing! Traore, like a new signing! Rosicky! Eduardo!

I love the summer.


Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea; the Gibbs, the Heart, the Silvestre

Match Reports

You will need these for later:

Arsenal 4-4 Spuds

City 3-0 Arsenal

Villa 2-2 Arsenal

Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal

Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea

Fener 2-5 Arsenal

Arsenal 0-2 Villa

Burnley 2-0 Arsenal

Porto 2-0 Arsenal

Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

Every one of those matches in which Arsenal have conceded 2 or more goals have one thing in common, do you know what that is?

The Gibbs

In my estimation, Young Gibbs was the only Arsenal player who played for the full 90 minutes. Song might have done, but Wenger withdrew him in the second half for Denilson, so the plaudits go to Gibbs: he kept his composure despite Chelsea’s constant attack through Drogba on him and even managed to put in some very good defensive plays.

The Heart

Wenger talks a lot about the heart of this team, how they never give up, how they have the mental resilience to overcome great obstacles, how they surprise their opponents with their perseverance. Either that is a load of bullshit or this team has finally cracked. Arsenal started very brightly and I really thought they wanted to win this match. But then, after they were handed a horrible diving decision that led to a yellow card for the captain and a free kick, the team simply gave up. Alex rose over Silvestre, nodded into the corner and Arsenal just quit. Well, the captain quit, Robin was trying for most of the game, Song bossed the midfield, Toure attacked, tracked, and generally tried to pump the team up, Gibbs has already been lauded, Sagna kept at it for a while, but the others seemed to just kind of throw in the towel.

Especially after Silvestre and Nasri conspired to give up the second to Anelka.

There are some very serious, very obvious, very glaring personnel problems in this team and I am now going to apologize to William Gallas: he was right, someone needs to kick these kids up the arse. I don’t want to turn this into another thread about how we need to bring in such and such because I’m tired of hearing that: hell, we had 2 hours of that today from the announcers. I just want Arsene Wenger to fix this. I don’t care how, JUST FIX IT.

It’s fucking broken.

The Silvestre

So, remember all those match reports in the first part? Those are all of the matches in which Arsenal conceded at least 2 goals.  In 10 matches this season, in all competitions, Arsenal have conceded 2 or more goals and they only have one thing in common: Mikael Silvestre. HE ONLY PLAYED IN 22 FUCKING GAMES ALL SEASON??@!?!?! How on earth is it that one man can be involved in so many horrible games? How?

Affix the tin-foil firmly…

Silvestre is the Manchurian candidate, a plant by Ferguson to utterly destroy Arsenal’s season.

The facts are indisputable: in the 22 games that Silvestre played, Arsenal gave up 34 goals. He played in every game that Arsenal gave up 2 or more goals, save one, Hull. The really, really crazy part is that he was involved in nearly every single goal in all those 22 games.

Letting Senderos go and bringing in Silvestre may be the biggest mistake of Arsene Wenger’s career.


Sorry for the outburst but I just watched utter shiate and I’m seething. Maybe I’ll be better in the morning.

I doubt it.

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