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The quiet before the storm

Joey Barton attacks Freddie Ljungberg

Euro 2008 is over, Cesc is celebrating in Spain, and all the scouts and managers and players are all going home and ringing up their agents, brothers, and friends in order to get the transfer window ball truly rolling.  Regardless that the boss has put to bed the notion that Arsenal are signing anyone, I expect that over the next two weeks we should see several signings for Arsenal.  Will it be Senna?  Roque Santa Cruz?  Arshavin?  The blog comment favorite David Villa?  Maybe. Nope.  Definitely not. And a blind man could see that he’s overrated.

I’d love to see Wenger break his mould and sign Marcos Senna but given Wenger’s signing history, the fact that Senna is 31, and the fact that the story is merely speculation by former Arsenal defender Pascal Cygan I have my doubts.  That said, Senna was my player of the tournament and he’s the only player in Euro 2008 who is ready to come straight into the rigors of the Premier League.

Meanwhile, back in England, Joey Barton — the world’s most charismatic man — has admitted to a charge of beating the crap out of his teammate. The British legal system responded to this guilty plea by releasing him from prison.  Setting Barton free makes sense: here’s a man who routinely attacks people, who isn’t above viciously attacking a teammate, who gets drunk and attacks women, will stub a cigar out in a teammates eye at a Christmas party, moons fans when they boo him, and has reportedly attacked young fans collecting signatures.  That’s the guy you set free.

As you all know, I think Joey Barton is the poster child of what’s wrong with English Football.  Well, ok, I put Paul Ince’s appointment as manager of Blackburn even though he’s not qualified as part of the problem as well.  I guess Englishmen don’t need to have their degree to manage a team, they just need to have played for Manchester United.

And finally, just to leave you on a high note, it looks like Tottenham is courting former Arsenal player (and current Arsenal hater) David Bentley.  Signing for Tottenham would certainly put to rest any notion that Bentley is a player of any quality.

And that’s it.  Not much going on today.  We should see some news stories later this afternoon I suspect and I’ll update the blog if something serious happens.


Great Caesar’s Ghost!

I realize that I’ve moaned quite a bit about this Euro 2008; how it’s boring, how Arsenal players just get hurt, how much I can’t stand Platini and Blatter and their insane proposals, and how at it’s worst this competition is nothing more than an exercise in nationalism.  But how could an Arsenal supporter see last night’s match and be anything but moved?

The first half started as a droll affair, Spain dominated possession but never really threatened, meanwhile Russiarshevin looked very, very ordinary.  Things had brightened a bit — literally — with the introduction of Cesc for the injured David Villa.  Cesc was easy to pick out of the crowd because, since he came off the bench, his top was dry and thus his jersey was easily twice as bright as everyone else’s muted, wet, tops.  Spain brightened “footballistically” as well with the introduction of the Arsenal youngster: with Xavi, Iniesta, and Fabregas roaming the midfield it seemed like they made every pass and won every challenge.  In fact, I think I remember Arshevin touching the ball maybe once in the whole first half.

Still they didn’t score.

The second half picked up where the first half left off; more Spanish possession, more Russian frustration, still no goals.  And then Cesc took over.  Sure, the first goal came from Xavi’s shot that Iniesta put in, but it was Fabregas who won the ball and put it in to Xavi.  Then on the 73rd minute Cesc had the commentators babbling about how he couldn’t possibly have meant to do that when he chipped the Russian defense and Güiza chested it down and wrong footed the Russian keeper.  Arsenal fans know that Cesc did that on purpose: we’re used to seeing the 21 year old maestro set up his teammates like that.

After the second goal the result was academic but Cesc added another assist to his tally when he crossed in for Silva on the 83rd minute.  It was the perfect cap to the perfect game for Cesc and has all the pundits scrambling to name him in Spain’s starting XI against Germany on Sunday.

It doesn’t seem to matter if he starts or not.  His class will show through.

Another player that I’ve been very impressed with is Spain’s Marcos Senna.  Playing at the holding midfield spot he’s been very solid both defensively and in distribution.  Too bad he’s almost 32 years old, or maybe Arsenal would pick him up.

Arshevin, on the other hand, looked very ordinary under the watchful eye of a steady Spanish defense.  Still, Barcelona is supposedly interested in the 27 year old.  I don’t know, maybe Barcelona are going to take another look at Hleb.


Anyway, it was a great day for Cesc and I will be rooting for him to both win and come through uninjured.  A trophy here would be a great start to Arsenal’s season.

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