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Injuries and Fabreflap make me Kroenke a fire, after being shot out of a cannon

If today’s news reports can be trusted Arsene Wenger has his work cut out for him over the next few days.

First, and worst, is the injury flap surrounding Nicklas Bendtner. Bendtner was substituted at the 30th minute of their match against Malta (pop: 410,000) because he had suffered a knee injury. Word on the street is that Wenger/Arsenal tried to recall the player at that point, probably to do a scan and prevent further injury. Well, Danish national team sub-coach Peter Bonde responded with a huge middle finger to Arsenal, saying:

He is here with us right now, if he is ready then he is ready. We cannot be thinking about Arsenal. We treat players well, but we will play them if they are fit. We have set a deadline of Tuesday. He is not training today [Monday] but he is receiving treatment. We will see how he responds.

Now let me make myself very clear Mr. Bonde: go fuck yourself. Arsenal are the reason that Bendtner is even in your team, so you should be worried about Arsenal. If it wasn’t for Arsenal playing Bendtner week in and week out while he has sucked ass you wouldn’t have a world class striker on your team.

But more importantly, this should be Bendtner’s decision, not yours. If Bendtner wants to risk his football career in order to play Eastpodunkia in the next match, then that’s his choice. But he needs to be given a choice, without threats of losing his national team spot, you don’t own the player.

Also, please note in that story there’s an aside about Robin van Persie picking up “something in his groin.” At least it was against a team that had some chance of getting into the World Cup.


So far, Arsenal have suffered just two injuries, knock on wood that we don’t suffer any more. I guess we should be happy with just two injuries so far, some of these matches are starting with riots.

Meanwhile, Cesc Fabregas is embroiled in two, or even three, flaps at the moment. The Hull Shiatty flap is still ongoing, with Hull submitting their “evidence” to the FA that Cesc spat at one or all of their coaches — and that he also cursed out Ethel the tea-lady, after spitting all over her. I have no doubt that this is going to be a he-said-she-said case and will be dismissed by the FA. Though, there in the back of my mind is the fact that Cesc is not English and thus, unlike Rooney’s disgraceful and caught on tape disrespect of himself, his club, and the referee, there’s always a chance that the FA will punish Cesc based on Phil Orange’s good word — despite the fact that his word has been dragged through the mud and spat upon by the man himself.

A bit of a bigger story, though, is that swirling around the constant speculation that Fabregas is leaving is some quote attributed to Cesc that he was tapped up by Real Madrid last year. At the time of the supposed incident, Cesc denied Real contacted him and Arsene said that he spoke with Cesc and that Cesc denied contact was made and that for him (Wenger) that was case closed. However, Arsene did leave the door open for future action saying

I did not allow Fabregas to talk to anybody. He denies he did. If you can get the statement he has done that and that Real Madrid, more than ever, has done that, then we will sue Real Madrid (emph. added).  His agent might have spoken to Real Madrid. But Real Madrid are not entitled to do it without our permission.

Now, it could be a slip of tongue, could be a mistranslation, could be the media making up something but Cesc (ironically while trying to put transfer rumors to bed) is being quoted as saying

It’s true that the president of Real Madrid called me personally, we spoke on the phone, but I never gave him my word, I never said to him that I was going to sign for Real Madrid. He asked about my progress and that was it.

I have not given him nor anyone else the expectation that I will join them. The same goes for anyone who represents me. I am a person of my word and I can assure you that I have never given any club reason to believe that I would leave Arsenal. Nobody can say that they have agreed with me that I become part of their project. That is clear.

There’s something funny about the quote though, I don’t see a date associated with it like “Cesc was talking to a reporter on Friday and said…” so it is possible that this is just a recycled quote from last year making the rounds (I searched and found nothing). It could also be a mistranslation, misquote, or even something made up: the Spanish press are actually more notoriously cuntish about transfers than the British press.

That said, if it’s true and recent and Real Madrid did contact Cesc Fabregas without Arsenal’s permission and Arsenal have evidence of that then Arsenal should sue the shit out of Real Madrid. End of.

More on this story as it develops. My gut feeling is that this is a non-story. Let’s hope my gut is right. But if it isn’t then the road ahead is clear: sue them, sue them into submission.

Finally, in the “meh” news category and included here just to bring you down from your emotional high; Stan Kroenke has bought some shares from Danny Fiszman.  YAY! At least it’s not Usmanov.

Well, that’s it for today, let’s all hope that Arsenal escape the rest of the week without any more injuries and without any more stories about Phil Orange or Cesc transfer rumors.

Gods I hate the International Break.


The last day

Look at him laughing at us

This is it Arsene. This is your last day to sign someone before us impatient Arsenal supporters call for your firing and I have to say your chances of staying at Arsenal are not looking too good. It’s not helping that you’re sitting there in some spa in Italy making proclamations like “Nasri, he interests me.” Ok, he interests you, he’s ready to move, everyone speaks French, so what’s the hold up? Or these two dudes that I’ve never heard of… why aren’t you chasing them through dark alleys, pen in hand, forcing them to sign for Arsenal? Huh? WHY AREN’T YOU????

I think the hold up is that in 2011, you’re planning on taking over at PSG. You are clearly distracted by the fact that in some distant future he might be taking over as president of another club. Plus, now that you’ve  been offered a job for life at Arsenal it’s obvious that you have lost interest in putting in the requisite work. A job for life is a curse, like going on welfare, it makes you lazy and unwilling to work. It’s not long now before you’ll be popping out 10 different kids from 10 different moms in order to collect a bigger check.

Robin van Persie Watch

Still injured… but the good news is that he really, really, REALLY wants to injure himself further in Euro 2008. My pub team played yesterday and they won 2-1. I have been nursing an Achilles injury for the last 4 months and just 2 weeks ago pulled my hamstring a bit in my first game back. So, I show up to the match with reservations about playing. And guess what Robin? I didn’t play! I didn’t play because I’m still injured and one more week of slowly getting back into shape to play will mean that I might be able to play the whole season; something you have never been able to do because you keep rushing back into the game. It was hard to sit there and watch the team play. It must be 1000x harder to watch your national team play. But if you hurt yourself you’ll be doing a lot more watching. So, please, for the love of Arsenal, don’t play.

It’s Baaaack!

Following on the heels of the 6+5 debacle, the FA reminded everyone that they too have a stupid idea that they want to force on football fans: the 39th game. There’s a lot of pressure (money) from Asia and America to hold a game on their soil. Already, people here in Seattle pay egregious sums of money to sit in a crappy American Football stadium and watch Chelsea’s second team play bumble ball in some sick approximation of real football. Imagine if Man U could get their hands on the wallets of 120,000 Indian fans and the concomitant world television revenues.

Call it a Premier League Cup, a 39th game, a “dumb idea” whatever you want, it’s just more games for already tired players to cram into their busy world/league/FA cup/Carling Cup/Champions League schedules.

It’s a bad idea for a lot of reasons but for me, I’d hate to see yet another tournament in which Robin van Persie could get injured.

Thierry Henry is pretty much used up at the age of 30 because of all these games. Henry’s already played more games than players like Platini played in their whole careers and theoretically he’s got 4-5 years left in him. He could top 500 appearances any moment now. That’s just wrong.

Am I the only one calling for the players to play less games?


that was quick…

The ink on the contract isn’t even dry and Diarra has already started taking swipes at Arsenal:

I need to play and I really want to think about myself, about those who appreciate me. I read that Arsenal wanted to keep me but when you want to keep someone, you do that by playing them.

I wanted to write this big angry screed but he’s not worth it. Because anyone with half a brain can see that he is a selfish little cunt. Good riddance. My favorite part though is that he’s already saying that he’s ready to leave Pompey for (get this) “a top club.” I hate to break it to you, you fucking retard, but you’ve already been at two of the biggest clubs in Europe. Maybe he’s holding out for a midfield position at the mighty Havant and Waterlooville?

In Arsenal news, the sad saga of Robin van Persie marches on: he’s out for another two weeks. Also Djourou is out of the Saturday match against Fulhamerica with an inflamed groin (insert your own joke about pulling your groin). I don’t have much to add except, well, except that it’s sad. With all these injuries I’m afraid that RvP may never get a chance to show what he can really do with this team.

I just got some really scary news: if Newcuntsle manages a draw at Emirates next Saturday (Jan 26th).  Then the home fixture against Blackburn that is supposed to be played on Monday Feb. 11th will be moved to Sat. the 9th to accommodate the replay.  Dangit!  That would mean a change of plans!  By at least one day!  I guess I’ll just have to root for an Arsenal win.

Speaking of Newkeegan, Scott Murray over at the Guardian is covering the press conference live.  Good fun.

That’s it, match preview tomorrow.

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