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Sign me a Song (reprise)

Alex Song in last year\'s pre-season tournament

Arsenal announced today that they have locked Alex Song into a long term contract. He’s just 20 years old and in his three years with the club he’s yet to really win over the skeptics, but he rates very, very highly with Arsene Wenger who last said of him “I could show you all the (news) papers who slagged him off, but I’ve always liked him, he will be an Arsenal great” or something like that. I’m convinced Song will start for Arsenal next year at either holding midfielder or (more likely) as partner to William Gallas in central defense. Now, we know that Wenger is bull headed about decisions that he makes so you lot that love to hate Song ought to just go ahead and get yourself used to the idea that he’s going to feature for Arsenal. Let it sink in… own the anger… there, isn’t that better?

We’ll see where the boss puts Song during the pre-season tournaments, which are set to kick off with the traditional friendly against Barnet on the 19th of July. Also set to feature there is Mexico starlet Carlos Vela, who scored a goal in Mexico’s 4-0 thrashing of Peru. I know nothing about Vela, except that he’s 19, he’s got a very slight build, he’s “highly rated,” and he’s competing for a spot in one of the most congested positions at the club; striker. Good luck little buddy!

Adding to that congestion up front, Eduardo is rumored to be ready to play in July. On the one hand I would be shocked, people just shouldn’t be able to recover that quickly from having both tibia and fibula broken. But on the other hand, this is how far medical science has come for the people who are fortunate enough to afford it. Let’s hope the Boss proceeds with great caution, the last thing we need is another van Persie type situation.

In a totally unrelated article, Gilberto has publicly asked the kids to stay together and achieve something great. I don’t know where this agitation is coming from but someone in the squad is clearly agitating the others. Maybe it was the departure of Flamini and the imminent departure of Hleb that’s causing this uproar? I don’t know, but good for Gio to stand up for the squad and warn the kids that the grass is never greener. One guy who learned that lesson the hard way was Patrick Vieira and now the rumor mill has Pompey looking to re-form Arsenal 2000 by signing him for £4m. You know, I jokingly have referred to Portsmouth as Arsenal South and as the Island of Misfit Former Arsenal Players, but this latest rumor is just bizarre. What the hell is going on at Portsmouth? I fully expect to see a “Pompey in for Henry” article at any moment now. PICK ANOTHER TEAM TO SIGN FORMER PLAYERS FROM, HARRY.

And finally, it’s ladies week over at and I think that means drinks are half off and there will be hundreds of skeezy single men hanging around asking “do you come here often?”

Ok… one more thing… I thought it was funny to see an article that reprises England’s international glory days. You know, like 1988, when there were quotas and top flight football had tons of Englishmen to choose from — England must have done well that year right? Because we all know that the only thing that will “fix” football is affirmative action quotas for Englishmen!


it’s time to play transfer speculation 1,2,3!

Ok, here’s the deal. There is nothing actually going on. No real news. No transfers. No matches. No injuries. No recoveries. No Christmas party rape fiascoes. Nothing.

Well, Arsenal launched Arsenal TV yesterday. And during the launch Arsene revealed that Anelka cried and blubbered and begged Wenger to take him back this summer after Arsenal sold Henry. But, Wenger steadfastly refused saying “you made your bed now lie in it and try not to pick up any fleas from Ashley Cole.”

In the same press conference, Wenger revealed that Arsenal’s youth team are 80% English and that soon we will see Englishmen in the first team.

We are competing financially with Manchester United and Chelsea for the best English players, but our academy has a lot. If you look at our Under 14s, our Under 16s and Under 17s we have the best young English players in the country. Our youth team is 80 per cent English.
The good thing about signing English players is that there is less uncertainty. If you buy a player from Spain, you don’t know if he will like the weather or the food, or whether he will want to go back to Spain.

Thank god Cesc likes the food and the weather and keeps refusing rumors that he wants to go back to Spain. Ahem.Anyway, I guess it’s good to see that Wenger is raising up English talent but honestly, I don’t really care about the English national team. First because I support France in these tournaments and second because it’s not Arsenal’s job to make English footballers better. It’s Arsenal’s job to put together the best team in the world so that they can compete against clubs like Man U and Barcelona (who collectively field, what, two Englishmen?) And more to the point, there are 19 other teams in the Premiership, 24 clubs at the Coca Cola Championship level, and 24 more clubs at League One level; what are THEY doing to bring English players up? Why aren’t their coaches singled out for not creating the kind of talent that can play at that top top level? Wait, it’s because Arsenal are a convenient scapegoat.

But it is good that they are bringing up English talent because Englishmen are at a premium. So, it’s great from a business sense. Keep one or two for the squad so that the nationalists can buy their jerseys and sell the rest at 2-3X what they are actually worth. Oh, and also, they don’t complain about the food and the weather (until they take their first trip to Mallorca).

The only other transfer news is a strong rumor that Diarra may be going to Pompey. I trust Arseblogger when he says that he has an inside source and that’s why I’m reporting it here.

Now, I have to get back to my Paella. NOM NOM NOM yummy Paella.


Nothing’s going on, unless you like Ipswich

There is precious little going on this morning., so I’m watching the Pompey v. Ipswich match. I have to admit that I kinda liked watching Ipswich Town back in the 90’s so I’m up for this match. Come on you Horses (or whatever you call yourselves).

Later this morning Man U are taking on Villa and I have a feeling Villa are going to dump them out of the cup. Since I refuse to pay $10 to see Ronaldo be an utter cunt I’ll probably just read the match report. Especially if something cool happens like if “CR7’s” ego reaches critical mass and forms a singularity sucking the entire Man U squad and all their boring fans into an alternate universe where “CR7” and “Wazza” aren’t cunts. I’ll look for that in this afternoon’s papers.

But this is an Arsenal blog. How about some Arsenal news???

Well, there isn’t any. Lehmann is still deciding and Dortmund is still optimistic about signing him. It looks like he’ll be starting for Arsenal tomorrow. The boss is saying he’s not letting anyone out of the squad: he’s keeping them all in a little jar on his desk. Hopefully he’ll poke holes in the lid so that they can breathe.

I guess that kills off any Diarra speculation. Which is exactly what it was. Wenger had to come out to the press and state categorically “I had nobody from Spurs on the phone and I didn’t reject any bids from Spurs.” Lies??? About transfers??? In the Media??? I’m shocked. SHOCKED.

Speaking of transfer rumors and shoddy reporting: most places are trying to make it look like Fabregas is being obscure about his commitment to Arsenal. Just last week, there was an article that Cesc was going nowhere. So let’s stick with that.

Cesc is going nowhere. I think you all know that, just look at him jumping for joy in yesterday’s photoshoot (nee practice) with David Beckam.

That’s it, I’m off to watch Ipswich lose to Pompey because while I was writing this, Ipswich had a player sent off by the criminally insane Mark Halsey.

Until tomorrow!

P.S. a couple of us are meeting up at Doyle’s in Tacoma for the 6am kickoff. This match is on Fox so I will totally understand if you stay at home. But, if you feel like a breakfast sandwich and some company, come on down, there will be plenty of room!

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