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Arsenal 1-0 Bolton; Vela Sparks Win

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The Good

Toure was handed the captain’s armband for the kickoff and I guess you could say that it paid dividends. Despite the fact that Toure looked very rusty, despite the fact that he and Almunia lacked any semblance of communication, and despite the fact that Diaby was a joke as the “holding” midfielder, the defense under Toure kept a clean sheet.

In all honesty though, a lot of credit for the clean sheet must go to Djourou who won a metric ton of headers — all of them brave winners as well, what with Kevin Davies’ elbows threatening to rupture everyone’s skull.

On the other end of the pitch Arsenal looked predictable, passing the ball sideways and across the midfield as Bolton sat back and comfortably dispossessed Diaby as soon as the ball came to him. This continued even after the break when Wenger moved Diaby wide and put Nasri in the middle.

It wasn’t until Wenger brought on Vela that the team looked like they were ready to score a goal. Vela shimmered and gave us glimpses of the type of player he will be in a few years (if not THIS year!). His energy, width and most importantly ability to get to the end line was crucial in stretching the Bolton defense just enough for van Persie to get a shot off that hit the post and eventually, for RvP to put in the cross that Bendtner poked home. All the match reports will headline Bendtner’s goal but really it was Vela who opened the game up. He was outstanding.

The Bad

Diaby had a nightmare game — it was the textbook definition of how not to play in central midfield. Maybe he is confused, maybe Arsene’s system (where pretty much everyone plays everywhere) is difficult for him to understand, I don’t know, but he certainly didn’t look like he knew what he was doing. Now, typically I’ll forgive a player for making mental errors and I’m the first to defend a player for making physical errors but Diaby made the cardinal and unforgivable sin of seeming not to give two fucks.

His performance was shocking and incredible. I can’t believe that this Arsenal team, famous for our heart and fight has a player in midfield who can’t seem to be arsed to win the ball back when he makes a mistake. I can forgive the ponderous dribbling, the poor passes, and the fact that he didn’t seem to know where he was supposed to be on the pitch but I can’t forgive him receiving the ball, and casually dribbling the ball across the pitch while McCann bears down on him. He didn’t just do this once, it was constant.

Let’s hope that Wenger moving him to the wing and eventually taking him off lights a fire under his ass because Arsenal really need all of our midfielders to play at or above their level now with Cesc injured.

The Ugly

I'm a coont, I'm a cooont, suck my diiiiiick, I'm a cooont!

Honestly, I can’t blame Kevin Davies. The referee lets him get away with his dirty play, so it’s not really cheating is it?

Davies had a typical performance, which is to say that he had more fouls than touches. He sent the message early on when he slapped Clichy in the face while “going for the ball.” Everyone in the world knew that Davies wasn’t going for the ball but instead was trying to soften up his marker, you know a few slaps to the face and maybe Clichy won’t go for the ball as strong the next time. The ref though, felt like a nice chat and a cup of tea would set Davies straight.

It didn’t. A few minutes later he came in late on a “challenge” against Denilson and just stepped on Denilson’s foot. He knew exactly what he was doing. It was a professional foul pure and simple and was almost certainly a yellow card. But again, it was the referee who let him go about doing this stuff.

Chris Foy “warned” Davies no less than three times and gave him the “final warning” at least twice. Yet Davies received no yellow card, even after he made a “clumsy” tackle on Vela after his second “final warning.” Incredible stuff, especially in light of the two harsh yellow cards that Arsenal players received.

This was the kind of game that makes supporters wish there was a way for a club to appeal for retroactive yellow cards. I’m sure if any ref saw what Davies was doing on video tape they would award at least one yellow.

Final Thoughts

Yes, Arsenal won. 1-0 in fact, which I have been asking for. But this Arsenal team is suffering from a couple of problems: lack of creativity and width and lacking the ability to play more than one style.

The first can be and may be solved in the transfer market. Andrei Arshavin would almost certainly provide both width and creativity and his ability to get to the end line alone would be a boon to this club.

But the other problem is actually more vexing and I’m not sure can be overcome by dipping in to the market. For years now we’ve heard that Arsenal play “the beautiful game” and we’ve heard people drool over their ball movement and intricate play. The problem is that intricate play isn’t beautiful unless something comes of it; goals. In fact, intricate play is boring and frustrating if it doesn’t lead to goals.

So, I’ll be the first to say it: this Arsenal team was boring and predictable for 65 minutes. In fact, almost all of their matches are boring and predictable now: teams come in, sit back, invite the attack and counter when we cough it up.  Arsenal move the ball left and right and maybe get a shot or two that don’t really bother the keeper.

The league table reflects this predictability, and worse, the stands reflect it as well. Arsenal announced 60,000 fans in attendance but there were a lot of empty seats (attendance numbers are actually sales numbers, not the number of times the turnstyle is turned).

Wenger needs to adress this problem by introducing some variation to the Arsenal playing style or risk losing both trophies and fan support. The odds are much better that Arsene will buy Arshavin for £20m than change his playing style so I think we’re in for a season of matches like the one today.

Anyway, big match tomorrow as Man U take on Chelsea. Liverpool dropped points today away to giant killers Stoke City so the match tomorrow is huge for United. A win by either United or Chelsea makes the battle at the top of the table more interesting but I can’t root for that. What I’m hoping for is a draw to keep Arsenal as close to the top four as possible. If an outbreak of dysentery struck both teams and the game was called at half time with a 1-1 draw, that would be a bonus.

See you tomorrow!


1 down 4 to go

Hey!  Looky there, another studs up tackle! This time it was on a Man U player so, clearly it was a red card and clearly Pogatetz is a bad person and don’t forget that Arsenal whine when this happens to them but that Man U are correct to complain about this stuff.

Here’s a simple chart to help you remember the proper terminology when refering to a tackle on an Arsenal player versus a tackle on a Man U player

Man U                Arsenal

Over commited”                  stop whining
horrendous”                        it’s not basketball
lunge”                                 how else are they supposed to win the ball?

No one is calling for football to be contact free but at the same time, rugby tackles and studs-up lunges have no place in the game. It’s a pretty simple equation — any tackle that is over the ball, studs up, that uses your arms (Rugby style), or is from behind is a straight red. Coaches then can teach players the proper skill of tackling, how to move their feet, how to use positioning and how the team works together to defend. See? It’s simple.

You don’t need to remove all contact as the Slippery Sloper’s suggest but you neither need to allow over aggressive, studs-up lunges regardless of whether they “win the ball” or not. To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin: somewhere between Rugby and Basketball lies the truth.

I have said it before and I’ll repeat it here, the managers and captains need to be similarly held accountable. It’s rarely the case that a guy like Taylor is sent out to break an Eduardo’s leg but it’s often the case that they are told to “Give him a little kick and see if he comes back at you!” Intentionally trying to hurt a player to slow them down is disgraceful. Anyone caught telling another player to intentionally kick another player should be fined and/or suspended.

I like the physical aspect of football. My favorite players are the ones who will get in there and do the dirty work: Flamini, Vieira, Bergkamp, etc. Hard work and hard tackles are part of the game, studs-up, high, rugby tackles from behind are not the same thing and should be banished from the game.

End of story.

6-0 to the Arsenal

Yesterday, Arsenal fielded a team with an average age of 19, which included a burgeoning star who is just 16 in one of the most central roles and a 19 year old who the manager thinks highly of yet we have seen precious little from, against a team of seasoned veterans and mopped the floor with them. It’s a real shame that I couldn’t see this game because instead our local sports broadcasters felt that a scintillating Swansea and Cardiff 1-0 “cracker” would be a better match — I suspect that won’t be the case after this Arsenal performance.

I can’t give you a match recap, because (like Wenger) I didn’t see it, you can go here if you want a pretty good recap of the game. I’ll just say that I’m jealous of the 57,000 fans that got to see the game (for a cut rate price to boot!) in person. Given that the press is all a twitter about the rise of Jack Wilshere, going so far as to label him the new Liam Brady, I suspect that will be one of those games that people will remember for a long time.

Or at least until some 14 year old comes along and jars it from our memory.


A Children’s Treasury of Funday News.

Ironic Quote of the Day

“If players do not respect him, it should be yellow and red cards. It doesn’t matter who you are – Liverpool or Manchester United, whoever.” — Chelsea Manager Scolari on why Man U got 7 yellows on Sunday.  Uhhh, I think you left off the team that was the reason for the Respect Campaign.

Yellow Card or Red? Elbow to the Head?

The 20% of football fans who want to go back to the good old days when a studs up challenge that lands on top of your opponent’s shin and is followed through with a second studs up foot for good measure and is considered “not even a foul” need a little persepctive. First, the “challenge” was at the end of the first half. This is important because there wasn’t any reason for him to make that challenge, except that he wanted to “put a physical stamp” on the game and intimidate Arsenal before they went in for half-time. Had Davies put in that challenge at the 60th minute in a crucial possesion it would be seen as very different, but much like Barton’s challenge on Nasri, it was a pointless tackle that was overly physical and designed to injure in order to send a message.

Second, no one can deny that Davies came in studs up. That is an illegal tackle 100% of the time.

Third, the challenge landed on Clichy’s shin and Clichy’s foot was on top of the ball. How much higher does a challenge have to be in order to be considered a foul? Knee high? Groin? Shoulder?

Finally, no one is calling for an end to tackles. No one is calling for an end to the physical part of the game. One of my favorite players of all time is Denis Bergkamp and, if I may, he was a jerk. But Bergkamp also used skill in the challenge he didn’t just lunge at people. Let’s let Kolo Toure put some perspective on this last point:

It is wrong to allow those sorts of challenges in football. If we are going to allow that, you might just as well get in kids off the street because they can make those challenges just the same as anybody else can. Football is supposed to be a game of skill. I am sure we could go out and kick players just as hard as we are kicked but we’d rather concentrate on playing football.

Kevin Davies and Bolton would do well to concentrate on playing football instead of trying to intimidate people, because as much as I admire his hard work and grit I equally despise his talentless scything down of opponents.

What do we think of Tottenham?

Poor little David Bentley is at the foot of the table in the league and is second string choice for the national team behind 19 year old Theo Walcott. Cream rises to the top, David.

Can someone please start the “Juande Ramos quits to spend more time with his family” countdown?


Bolton 1-3 “convincing, united and classy” the good, bad and ugly

The Good

As soon as Kevin Davies cheated his way into the first goal (he climbed all over Toure to “jump” for the header) I got that sinking feeling, it looked like it was going to be one of those trips up north that the press goes on and on about. I kinda felt as if I had jinxed them yesterday with my cocksure attitude about how crappy Bolton is. Well, it took the boys a few minutes to regain their composure but when they did, it was a thing of beauty.

First there were two misses, one from Adebayor and one from Song, both of which could have been goals but weren’t. Ade got the ball on a breakaway and as the keeper came out, fired a great shot… off the post. For me, it was a combination of good goalkeeping and bad luck.

Then Song had a clear header, also saved by the paint on the post and I started to feel a bit queasy about this match. But then, the 26th minute saw a well worked ball fall to Eboue who smashed in a beautiful near post goal. I don’t care that he was offside as the commentator kept going on and on about: Kevin Davies fouled Kolo Toure to win his header, it happens that officials get the calls wrong some times.

1 minute later and there was no doubt about the goal. While Bolton were reeling from the last, Arsenal moved the ball perfectly, Denilson latched onto it, and, in what is becoming a trademark pass for him, dragged the ball back to the top of the box for Bendtner to put in. 2-1 to the Arsenal and the hangover from the first goal was completely worked off at that point.

The third goal was classic Arsenal, ball forward to Adebayor who saw Denilson streaking toward the far post, played the ball across goal and Denilson smashed it into the top of the net. It was a great goal and no less than Denilson deserved. I thought he looked composed and experienced beyond his years out there. Wenger called him “very good” and then quickly spoke of how the whole midfield functioned smoothly but I think Denilson was great. He started on the left wing but in reality his defensive-mindedness (and Eboue’s on the right) helped to drive the team. I already don’t miss Diaby.

Well, that’s the good. Arsenal are top of the table thanks to Liverpool’s blunder against Stoke and Manu and Chelsea getting a draw this morning.

Up the Arse!

The Bad

After the match, Gary Megson explained to the world why he has a losing record as a manger and has been an utter failure wherever he goes.

It’s supposed to be like that. The booking that Kevin Davies got is ridiculous. I don’t know how you’re supposed to win the ball if you can’t go in with your feet like that.

Just to clarify, in Megson’s mind as long as you win the ball it doesn’t matter how horrendous the challenge is. As long as you win the ball, you can come in studs up on the man’s shin and follow through with a sweep of the other leg. As long as you win the ball.

Does anyone still wonder why England fail time and again on the world stage? As long as teams like Bolton field managers who don’t know what an illegal challenge is and encourage, no defend, players who foul 108 times in a season, England will never win anything.

Someone should send Gary Megson a telegram from 10 years ago and let him know that the game has changed.

The Ugly

I know that Arsene didn’t see it, I know that Clichy’s x-rays were negative, but Kevin Davies is still a cunt. The end.


Bolton 1-3 Arsenal, Kevin Davies up to old tricks

Kevin Davies is a cunt.

He’s one of the dirtiest players in the EPL three years running, one of the most fouling players for pretty much every season that he’s been in the league, and nearly every time he sets boot on pitch he earns the reputation he’s created for himself. He’s a cunt and what he did to Clichy today deserved a red card and an extended ban — it was intentional, dirty, and intended to injure. Congrats Davies, you got your wish.

Fabregas gave his verdict immediately after the match and pretty much agrees:

The tackle on Gael Clichy, I remember last year Abou Diaby was sent off for even less than that. But we know we are Arsenal. When we come to the North we know something like that is going to happen, and we have to cope with that. Players like Theo, Gael, Eboue, they are quick, they like to run with the ball, and when you make tackles like that it is dangerous.

We’ve had a bad example with Eduardo, and we don’t want it to happen again because if you look at Clichy’s leg it could have been the same. We want to play fair football. We showed great character, and even if the referee isn’t strong we have shown we will deal with that.

People asked for leniency last year from us Arsenal fans when Martin Taylor broke Eduardo’s leg. Well, if Taylor deserves leniency then Davies deserves double the punishment because he is intentional and vicious about these types of fouls.

He’s a cunt and a disgrace to the game.  That is all.

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