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We need less foreigners! No we don’t!

I just had to include the image above, I know it’s cruel, but, it’s pretty funny.

There isn’t even any poop to scoop this morning.  The Hleb/Nasri saga is still drawing on and I suspect that Wenger will sign/cut them both very soon.

Cesc is asking for a reasonable increase in his wages and… has signed Darren Dein as his agent in the negotiations.


Darren Dein is Theirry Henry’s agent and the guy who engineered Henry’s outrageous contract and then called up Barcelona and offered Henry to them.  He’s also the son of David Dein who we all know is the lackey of Usmanov.  Maybe Darren’s apple fell far from the tree and he’s not a greasy, double dealing, back stabber.

Let’s hope.

Speaking of “people I wish would just go away” David “Goldenballs 2 Electric Boogaloo” Bentley has continued his unhealthy obsession with his failure at Arsenal and taken a swipe at the youth academy.

At Arsenal, there were probably 15 or 20 different nationalities at such a young age. Sometimes that can stifle the development of players.

Right David, they stifled your development.  Which development was that?  The gambling addiction that you admitted ruined your early development? The development of you into a rational, thinking, intelligent adult?

I really think this guy is nuts because on the one hand, the foreigners “stifled” his development and on the other hand “Growing up at Arsenal and developing there was great for me. I think it’s made me stronger and a better player for it.”

Not content settling for just one contradiction he says that on the one hand, “Maybe they should change the rules of youth teams [to force teams to have more Englishmen]” and on the other:

You are going to be playing at a lower level if you let people play because of nationality and not ability. No-one should be playing just because they’re English. I don’t think they have to make restrictions on who plays in the Premier League, because everyone wants to see the best players in the world playing on a Saturday… If you’re good enough, you’ll get an opportunity somewhere and it will be up to you to prove yourself.

Then he finishes up his dizzying display of illogic by saying that while quotas are bad, maybe there should be a bench quota of three players because

Then a manager can bring them on and try to develop them in that way.  If they prove to be a success they can play.

David Bentley, complete nutjob.


Bolton v. Arsenal

Can’t sleep, so you get an early, crappy, post.

Today, the squad is without Eduardo, Rosicky, and Sagna due to injury. You all know that Sagna picked up an injury during the Chelsea match. But what you probably don’t know is that Chelsea haven’t apologized for it yet. What? Terry is as much at fault for Sagna’s injury as Eboue was intentional about Terry’s injury, why shouldn’t they apologize?

Anyway, Sagna is going to be at home today, combing his beads, waiting by the phone for John Terry to call him up and apologize. On the other hand, Adebayor might be at the stadium but he’s unlikely to play. Le Boss has said that Ade looks ‘jaded’ which is British for “tired.”

Adebayor, Adebayooooor

I don’t do fantasy sports but if I did, I wouldn’t play Adebayor because if he plays at all it will be in a reserve role. Which is a bit of a shame, because he really needs to get a goal ahead of the Liverpool clashes, but I guess Wenger has weighed that against his jadedness (jaditude?) and the big Togolesian getting a break.  What will the Arsenal fans sing about if they don’t have Adebayor to sing to?

So, it’s up to a very rusty van Persie and a very big Dane to carry the scoring load. As I was looking both players up and I found this video of van Persie’s “13” greatest goals.

Watching that video makes baby Jesus cry. He’s so fucking good. Here’s to Robin getting his touch back all at once.

Other than to report that Wenger wants to rest Ade, I’m not going to guess what kind of lineup Wenger will choose. It’s his team, he knows them best. Don’t be surprised if the old man has some further tricks up his sleeves. Flamini and Cesc may also get a rest today, you never know.

In our penultimate story, Cesc has fired his old agent and hired David Dein’s son. I don’t like this one bit. Darren Dein is the same agent who greased the rails that saw Henry shipped to Barca. Is the Dein family hell bent on destroying Arsenal? From his father’s association with a Russian mobster who wants to milk Arsenal dry to the son’s relationship with Barcelona this family seems noxious at first glance. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they are collaborating to get Barcelona to over-pay for Arsenal players.  And maybe they are scamming a Russian mobster.

And maybe rainbows and pots of gold will suddenly appear at Emirates…

And finally, Martin Keown is coaching a one-time famous clash today.  He’s managing Oxford in the Oxford-Cambridge match.  This is the long way around for him to get his UEFA A coaching license.  Good for him, and may he have a long career coaching.  Oh, and by the way, he’s doing this for free.  I always liked Keown.  Especially when he went Donkey Kong ape-shit on Ruud van Nistlerooy.

And that’s it for today.  Here’s to 3 points.

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