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Gooner of the Year #3; Alexander Song Billong


It was a bit of a surprise to see Song jump from 5th place to third place in the poll on the last day, but that’s exactly what happened. Emotionally, I like the player but objectively, he had an up and down season so 3rd place in the poll is at least two places higher than I would have put him. Granted, he turned his season around in the second half but there were some really rough patches in there, like when I went and saw them play Sunderland.

Again, you have to understand that I like this player, he has heart and sometimes heart is enough for me. So, I’m not taking the piss out of him when I mention his rough patch, or if I point out that his best games came against Burnley, Wigan, and Fenerbache. I’m simply stating the facts.

Beside the heart, what most supporters like about Song is that he played wherever the boss asked him to, he never gave a bad interview, never got caught with his pants down, gave 100% most games, and he got better as the season wore on, he was easily Arsenal’s most improved player.

At the start of the season, I ridiculed Arsene for even THINKING of using Song. I mean, I like the guy, I thought I saw flashes of good stuff from him at the end of last season, but he certainly wasn’t ready for the rigors of a Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League season, was he?

Clearly, he was.

Alex Song isn’t going to score 10 goals, he isn’t going to spray passes all over the field like some pass spitting machine, and he isn’t going to be flashy, but he is going to be only one on the pitch even trying when we lose 4-1 to Chelsea… at home, he’ll be the guy who puts in a tackle when Nani is seal-dribbling, he’ll mark their best player, carry the team’s water, he’ll play center back in a Champions League final in a pinch because you need him too, and run till his lungs are bursting.

He’s got guts. And some times, guts is enough.

Is Something Else Going on Today???


Champions League final.

I was thinking about this the other day and part of me wishes that Chelsea played in this final, because then I’d have nothing to root for and could instead focus all my glee on watching one of the two teams lose. Doesn’t matter which one, one of those two has to lose and either way, I get my money’s worth.

Unfortunately, I have a lot to root for; I want “Titi” to get a gods damned Champions League winner’s medal!  Which sucks, because now I’m invested in the outcome of this match, and if I were to be perfectly honest, after watching the way Man U steamrolled our poop in the semi-final, and after watching Barcelona eek by a terrible Chelsea squad, I have to think that it will take an incredible, incredible game from Barca to beat Man U. That’s why I’m going to say a little prayer for Barcelona:

“Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom… so grant me one request. Grant me revenge!

That’s right, Crom, Patrice Evra ate Thierry Henry’s child, alive. He is an evil man AND he can turn into a snake at will.  Oh yeah and one more thing, Crom, do you really want to spend eternity listening to Man U supporters sing songs about their European Double?

In conclusion, please help Arsenalona win the Champions League tonight and if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!”

Hangeland is a Wuss and other Transfer News

Remember when I said that defenders might be reticent to come to Arsenal as our style of play often hangs center backs out to dry? Well, Bread Hangeland has said pretty much the same thing.

If there is an offer on the table, style of play and formation would be important factors. I’m probably more protected as a defender at Fulham than I would be at some other places.

It’s kind of a remarkable statement isn’t it? It makes me wonder if mentally he’s the right man for the job. Maybe he’s just got low expectations and doesn’t want to rise to the occassion that a club like Arsenal could provide.

And yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say, “Arsenal need to buy a Defensive Midfielder and then we can get Hangeland.”


There is no other transfer news, which is boring.

OK, well, I’ll be down at Doyle’s this afternoon, wearing my #14 Arsenal strip and cheering for Crom to annihilate Man U.

Join us for a tipple?


What to root for in the last weeks of the season?

I hate people who root against something… publicly. You know the guy/gal, they’re the Chelsea supporter who comes in to watch Arsenal v. Bolton and roots for Bolton. I mean, who could possibly root for Bolton? You’d have to be a massive c*nt to root for Bolton and an even bigger c*nt to be a Chelsea supporter publicly rooting for Bolton because you hate Arsenal. That’s something you do in private.

So, in honor of that I want to give you some things that you can root for as the season winds down, rather than just rooting against ManU and Chelsea.

1. Everton v. Chelsea — FA Cup Final

I like Everton, they play hard but fair. I also like what David Moyes has done with that team. Arsenal supporters often have to say “well, Arsenal don’t have the same budget as the top four teams and yet we still compete.” If that’s true about Arsenal, that’s even truer for Everton.

But moreover, Everton’s season was decimated by injury and kicked off even worse than Arsenal’s season — losing to Rovers and Pompey in their first three games. But Moyes stayed the course, bolstered his team, and pulled them from the ashes. Moyes’ belief and coaching acumen has pretty much guaranteed European football next year and that’s something worth rooting for right there.

Besides which, when Everton beat Chelsea it will mean that Chelsea have won exactly the same number of trophies as Arsenal over the last two years; zero. Not that I’m rooting against them or anything… the c*nts.

2. Barcelona v. Man U — Champions League Final

This one is easy, I’m rooting for Thierry Henry to win the Champions League. It’s the only medal he has left to collect and this is probably his last real chance to win. Besides, I like the way that Barcelona play, it’s very Arsenal-esque. Arsenal-esque, but more experienced, which everyone says is what Arsenal need to win a trophy, right? So, we have to root for Barca, they are what we all expect Arsenal to be next season, hell, they even wear yellow.

Besides which, when Barcelona beat Man U for the Champions League title it will prevent them from doing the unbearable; back-to-back Champions League trophies. Which we’d have to hear about for about a f*cking century. Not that I’m rooting against them or anything… the c*nts.

3. Liverpool to win the Premier League

This is going to be a tough one for them, but I think they can do it, especially if Arsenal win out. I will say that I really like most Liverpool fans. There is no group of longer suffering, more dedicated, more loyal supporters than Liverpool supporters. Ok, well, maybe Everton and Newcastle supporters have had it a bit worse, but Liverpool.. erm… Liverpool deserve to win the title again, it’s their birthright!

Besides, wouldn’t it be delicious irony if Liverpool were to win the title, with the help of Arsenal beating Chelsea and Man U, on the 20th anniversary of the season that Arsenal nipped the title from them?

Oh yeah, not to mention that I predicted they would win the title.

Oh yeah, and if Barca win the Champions League and Liverpool win the Premier League then Man U will have won just one trophy this season: the Carling Cup. Not that I’m rooting against them or anything… the c*nts.

4. Arsenal for 3rd place

This is obvious, 3rd place means automatic qualification into the group stages of the Champions League and 4th place means we have an open qualification to get into the group stages. Open qualification means we could face, say, Roma in a one-off home and away, right there at the start of the season. So, 3rd place means something to us and we can start by beating Chelsea at the Emirates on Sunday.

Besides, if Arsenal top Chelsea in the league and Chelsea lose the FA Cup final it would mean that Arsenal and Chelsea won the exact same number of trophies for two years straight (ZERO) and Arsenal but did so by keeping the same coach, not spending £500m, and not being a hideous pack of ref threatening crybaby c*nts. Not that I’m rooting against them or anything… the c*nts.

UPDATE: Or How Could I have Been So Stupid And Missed This???

If we win out we will be 24 unbeaten in the league and perfectly set to jump into next season with a great unbeaten run.  And to think, I moaned when Sunderland held us to 0-0 draw!


Barton Debtor’s prison

Maybe it would be better if they had kept the plastic pitch at the Luzhniki Stadium? UEFA chief Platini has been so focused in on his role in eradicating debt in the various football leagues that he failed to oversee the installation of a proper grass pitch for the Champions League final. But no matter, because due to insane Russian visa policies, hyper inflated costs in the world’s most expensive city, and the scary thought that Chelsea supporters aren’t really all that ardent, there won’t be a full stadium to see the crappy football on a crappy pitch anyway.

Yes, it’s true, it’s a slow news day Arsenal fans. In fact there are only two actual “Arsenal” stories: the Nasri story (which is reprinted daily) and a pretty cool story on the dot com about the season highs and lows. I know, exciting stuff.

I have to mention Joey Barton, my favorite madman, because he got 6 months for that assault at a McDonald’s last Christmas.


That means he’ll be out until at least November. Fingers crossed that Arsenal play both their matches against Newcastle before he regains match fitness. But really, I have to wonder why this guy is even allowed to play at all? If you read the description of the assault in the link above and combine it with his glorious career as a criminal you have to pause and wonder what kind of lunatic would sign him to a contract? Oh yeah, Sam Allardyce… Good on you, Sam, how’s retirement?

The only other story is that a little bit more detail about Chelsea and Man U’s debts has been revealed in the Guardian; it turns out that this year’s Champions League finalists collectively owe £1.5bn. The funny part of the story is Chelsea’s insistence (through Peter Kenyon’s rabid drivelings) that they don’t have any debt. Oops, I mean “outside debt.”

In their rather Orwellian manner, Chelsea are claiming that they have no debt because, as it turns out, all that money that Abramovich is pouring into the club is actually just “interest free loans.” Which isn’t really a debt right? So, while the Guardian maintains that Chelsea currently owe £736m, Chelsea says “we owe no external banks.”

Right, you just have collateralized debt obligations to the tune of £578m issued as bonds in the name of Roman Abramovich and payable within 18 months of his demand. David Dein once famously described Abramovich’s spending as “Roman’s sitting in his tank firing £50 notes at us.” As usual DD was wrong, because if you look closely at those notes, they are IOUs.

Debt? What debt?

The other interesting fact in this article is that both United and Chelsea are actually running annual deficit spending as well. So, not only do that have enormous, unsustainable, club killing debts, but they run nearly £80m in the red every year. And every year their debt gets bigger and bigger and the prospect of their wealthy owners ever earning a dime on their billions in “investments” gets smaller and smaller.

I can’t see any future for these two clubs that doesn’t lead to a financial collapse. If you look, the signs of crisis are already in the offing; United can’t even pay off their transfer fees from last year‘s foray into the market. How long before teams stop selling them players on IOU? What happens to United if their banks demand payment on their debt (they currently can’t even pay their interest)? What happens to Chelsea if Roman gets sick of losing £100m a year and stops funding their unsustainable salary structure? Or worse, demands a portion of his £600m debt be returned?

There was a time, when I, like many Arsenal supporters, saw the free spending ways of Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool and wished that we had some rich guy to help us compete in the market. I no longer have any lingering doubt about the course the Arsenal board is on.

So, enjoy the Champions League final tomorrow; I’m sure the trophy will be for sale soon on Ebay.

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