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3-1 to the Arsenal! Plus, get a free shirt?

Arsenalist, as usual, has the best highlights from yesterday’s game and I’ve linked to one here (above) as the teaser for this article.  It’s the second goal of the match, where Vela chips to Bendtner, who heads the ball to himself, and then clips the ball past Lehmann for a goal.  You have to watch the whole video to see that Bendtner gets a foot on the ball to score the goal because for me, at first glance it looked like he had gotten lucky and kneed the ball in.  But no, that was all skill, baby.

Arsenalist also has a video of Jack Wilshire’s goal and you should check it out just to see Clichy set him up.

Afterwards the boss was effusive about the young players.

It is good for the confidence to win here and you could see that the young players did well again tonight. I believe the strikers have shown it can work. Vela is a little bit like Eduardo da Silva, and Nicklas we already know from the end of last season is a very powerful striker. They both did very well.

And with that, Wenger closed the book on Arsenal signing a striker this year.  Adebayor, Bendtner, Vela, Eduardo, van Persie, and Walcott are all that the club needs according to the boss.  Given these performances so far, it looks like Wenger might be right.

Speaking of Adebayor, he, along with Nasri, RvP, and Gallas (as captain), got his first start of the pre-season for Arsenal yesterday.  Reports are that Ade looked sluggish and tired while constantly being flagged for offsides during an ineffectual 45 minutes.  No doubt the boss will have him running full bore in no time; though it remains to be seen if he can cure his chronic offsidedness.  The only question that remains is, if last year’s performance by Adebayor warrants a 300% increase in salary, how much of a discount do we get for yesterday?

In all seriousness, I have to give the big fella some credit because after what he’s put the fans and club through with this summer’s stupidity it takes a lot of balls to go out there and play.  A lesser man might have feigned injury or some such (ahem *Campbell*) to get out of playing.  My advice to Ade is, keep your mouth shut, practice, get fit, and score goals and you’ll have the Arsenal fans back in your pocket in no time.

So far, the pre-season has been very good.  We’ve seen the emergence of Vela and Bendtner who have shined alongside the brilliance of Jack Wilshire.  Yes, it’s a young team.  I know the old heads will balk at the idea of fielding this youthful Arsenal squad (where are the Adams’, the Seaman’s, the Henry’s OH MY?) but this is what the boss is fielding and you all might as well get ready for it. Because while the boss says he might have “one more signing” up his sleeve I would put money that it’s another Amaury Bischoff type; young and talented but completely unknown.  This pre-season has proven that Arsenal are now going with a 100% youth policy and judging by the fact that those youth won yesterday’s match I can’t really question that policy.

Free France Shirt

My friend and Man U supporter was buying a kit on, erm, yesterday and found an amazing deal: buy an Arsenal kit and get a free France shirt.  So, last night I verified this was the case and thanked him and promised him a spot on the blog.  Alas…  this morning the deal has changed and now it’s just 20% off.  In that case I’m buying mine through the club, so they get maximum profits.  Sorry Orlando.

He Left His Heart at Tottenham and it got Syphilis

Part time footballer and full time gambler David Bentley has finally achieved his dream, he’s playing for Spuds.  Before being dropped by Arsenal because of his personal problems and also because he’s clearly dumber than George W. Bush, he loved Arsenal.  And now?  His heart has always been with Tottenham.  Well, Davie, your heart is at Spuds but part of your £15m transfer fee stays with Arsenal. I hope you Enjoy 11th place while the owner spends the team into bankruptcy — it’s no less than you deserve.

I can’t wait for his next brilliant contradiction.

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