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Stoke v. Arsenal; no rest for the wicked

Spooky Rachel Ray!

Spooky Rachel Ray!

Good morning cocksandwiches, and a happy Halloween to all of you, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Tomorrow, Arsenal travel to the windy hinterland and take on Stoke City in the Brittania stadium, which, given the fallout from the Tottenham debacle is quite frightening. Scarier than the thought of locking lips with Rachel Ray’s joker-esque smile!

While Spurs had gathered at midfield to circle jerk over their “victory” and plan the parade and which memorabilia they would auction off — uhhh, really? wow, you know you are a pack of losers when you are buying memorabilia from a draw in a league match — I guess there was some sort of fight in the Arsenal dressing room. Since the whole team is French they were arguing about, what else, who’s to blame for their surrender. Joking aside, I think a huge blowout argument was needed in this club because I suspect that people were walking on eggshells around William Gallas and that only ever ends with a huge argument.

Unsurprisingly, Captain Fantastic’s response to the criticism was to go all in and surrender the next two weeks to a “hamstring injury.” As soon as I saw the news report that Gallas and Eboue were being ruled out for injury I suspected that there was more to the story. Now, I know that I’m “making shit up” here with William Gallas, because the official line is that he’s injured, but pretty much everyone thinks that this injury is fake and a good excuse for Arsene to make some changes at the back.

Going even further, according to some reports Wenger wants to make changes all over with Adebayor, Nasri, Denilson, Eboue, Gallas, and the tea-lady all being blamed for the draw. This just highlights the uncertainty in the press and among fans because of the media blackout at Arsenal right now. I don’t blame the club for doing that, either, it’s better not to let Stoke City gear up for whatever crazy ass squad we’ll release on them Saturday.  Maybe Havard Nordtveit will get a run out what with him being recalled from Salamanca?

That’s a joke, people.

Maybe Adebayor’s being included in the group of death because the outspoken (and largely unpredictable) target man spoke out of church when he said:

To be champions in this way? You can never be a champion. There is a lot of disappointment. We are down at the moment because we did everything to get the three points and we ended up with one. We feel very sorry for ourselves that the things are not going the right way. It was one of the most difficult games in my life because I cannot understand that after 90 minutes we were leading 4-2 – I don’t know how we finished with a draw. It’s very easy to give up because we were 4-2 up and maybe thinking the game was finished. With five, six or seven minutes to go, maybe in our head the game was over.

For once, I think the big Togo-ian has got it 100% right. But still, Arsene’s not a fan of criticism in the press, plus he’s being hailed as one of the experienced players and thus should have stepped up to the plate, according to “a source.”

Anyway, tomorrow’s a big game. Yes I know it’s against Stoke and there they are at the bottom of the table but so was Tottenham and Stoke has to think they can get one or even all three off us in our current condition.  They are going to come out balls to the wall, try to exploit our weakness on set plays (with Rory Delap tossing the ball in from crazy distances and the wind swirling in the stadium making it hard to judge) and harass and frustrate to see if they can’t get Arsenal to crack emotionally.

Arsene’s job right now is to make sure that this team plays together and weathers the coming storm: Stoke will try to take it to us, no doubt. Also of no doubt is that this team needs to turn a corner tomorrow morning and pull out a win or the season is well and truly done — and it’s not even November, Jesus, that’s what it feel like to be a Liverpool supporter for the last 20 years?

Right, Arsenal are on Shitanta here in the states and so that means Doyle’s for me.  The game is at 3pm GMT which would normally mean a 7am kickoff but since George W. Bush even fucked up the time here in the states we’re an hour off of the rest of the world and kickoff shall commence at 8am sharpish. All you locals should be there for coffee and breakfast sandwhiches and lets show our support!

I just wanted to mention two more things; first, I was talking to T-Town Alex and told him about the heatmaps that several of the big stats gathering places are producing (so that you can see where a player was playing largely) and it turns out that has gotten into the swing and is making their own. It’s kind of fascinating to see where the players were playing because it really reveals more of what’s going on under the hood. For example, when you hear me say that I think Arsenal really play a 4-3-3 that evidence is backed up by the heatmap there that shows Theo in a very advanced role on the right side.  Anyway, you should check it out it’s pretty cool.

And finally, I want to mention that David Bentley has now taken to bragging about the goal. Not only is he auctioning off his shoes and jock-strap, but now he’s bragging that Clive of India told him that Almunia came off his line too much. Well, Bentley, you know you’re a real winner when the best moment of your life is a lucky shot in a 4-4 league match.

See you all tomorrow!


We need less foreigners! No we don’t!

I just had to include the image above, I know it’s cruel, but, it’s pretty funny.

There isn’t even any poop to scoop this morning.  The Hleb/Nasri saga is still drawing on and I suspect that Wenger will sign/cut them both very soon.

Cesc is asking for a reasonable increase in his wages and… has signed Darren Dein as his agent in the negotiations.


Darren Dein is Theirry Henry’s agent and the guy who engineered Henry’s outrageous contract and then called up Barcelona and offered Henry to them.  He’s also the son of David Dein who we all know is the lackey of Usmanov.  Maybe Darren’s apple fell far from the tree and he’s not a greasy, double dealing, back stabber.

Let’s hope.

Speaking of “people I wish would just go away” David “Goldenballs 2 Electric Boogaloo” Bentley has continued his unhealthy obsession with his failure at Arsenal and taken a swipe at the youth academy.

At Arsenal, there were probably 15 or 20 different nationalities at such a young age. Sometimes that can stifle the development of players.

Right David, they stifled your development.  Which development was that?  The gambling addiction that you admitted ruined your early development? The development of you into a rational, thinking, intelligent adult?

I really think this guy is nuts because on the one hand, the foreigners “stifled” his development and on the other hand “Growing up at Arsenal and developing there was great for me. I think it’s made me stronger and a better player for it.”

Not content settling for just one contradiction he says that on the one hand, “Maybe they should change the rules of youth teams [to force teams to have more Englishmen]” and on the other:

You are going to be playing at a lower level if you let people play because of nationality and not ability. No-one should be playing just because they’re English. I don’t think they have to make restrictions on who plays in the Premier League, because everyone wants to see the best players in the world playing on a Saturday… If you’re good enough, you’ll get an opportunity somewhere and it will be up to you to prove yourself.

Then he finishes up his dizzying display of illogic by saying that while quotas are bad, maybe there should be a bench quota of three players because

Then a manager can bring them on and try to develop them in that way.  If they prove to be a success they can play.

David Bentley, complete nutjob.


garbage day

Thursday is that day of the week in the EPL cycle where the press sits back, sated from the week’s feast on real news and starts digging up garbage and stirring shit. It’s also literally garbage day for me. I have to remember to put the garbage out this morning.

But back to the press, so far they’ve been largely positive and there are several puff pieces about Cesc floating around out there right now. So, let’s just let the positive press wash over us. They’ll be back with their xenophobic shit stirring soon enough…

HEY! Look! Bentley said something assinine! For some unknown reason, some reporters went to David Bentley after Arsenal’s win at the San Siro and asked him what he thought of the Theo Walcott ‘situation.’ To wit he replied:

It’s your job. If you want to make a career for yourself you can’t afford to stay at a club where you might be 24 or 25 with 30 games under your belt.

Theo is 18 and already has 28 ‘games’ (assume that Bentley meant ‘starts’) under his belt. Sorry David, but I think Theo has higher aspirations than you did. See, Theo wants to start at The Arsenal, and not for some shit-kicking country bumpkin mid-table also ran. Now, and I know this will be hard for you to understand because you’re thick, there are two ways you can go when you have Theo’s talent: you can stick around, play hard, and bide your time and through hard work you earn your starting spot at The Arsenal or… you can bitch and moan and fuck off to Blackburn and ‘earn’ a starting spot by virtue of your passport.

I think everyone sees this for what it is: David Bentley wasn’t good enough to start at Arsenal and now he’s sowing sour grapes with his former team. What he really needs to do is try to improve his sorry squad and stop worrying about what the young players on Arsenal are doing. Which is a nioce way of saying “fuck off Bentley — we all know you’d give your left nut to start at Arsenal right now, but you were given your chance and you were found wanting.”

Speaking of stirring shit, the press is also having a go at Arsenal’s 4-4-1-1 formation. Of course they call it a 4-5-1 and remind readers that Wenger once called the formation negative. I’m going to say it… I prefer the 4-5-1. I think it’s very positive for this team. The defensive nature of the formation gives cover for the more creative players and allows them to roam and attack. In other words, it’s all in how you play it. Chelsea playing a 4-5-1 would be very negative. Because they play negative football no matter what formation you line them up with. Arsenal could play a 6-4-0 and it would be attacking because you just can’t keep Sagna and Clichy off the attack. So, let’s put this one to rest. The 4-5-1 works for Arsenal.

And finally, there are a spate of positive articles on the Flamini and Fabregas partnership. Regular readers know exactly how I feel about the importance of Flamini on the team’s success this season. And while the press are already proclaiming Fabregas as the next world footballer of the year I would argue that it’s Flamini who has freed Cesc to be as good as he was on Tuesday. Cesc himself agrees with me and goes one step further to describe the mentoring that Flamini provides: especially defensively. All the stories right now are about how much Flamini wants to stay. With him going this far:

I’m very happy. Do I look as if I want to leave? I want to be part of this squad. We are a new generation and we have created a bit of history in this stadium [first English team to beat Milan there], and I want to be part of the history of this club. I hope I’ll be here for the next season. At the moment my adviser is talking to the club and I really hope everything will be OK. I cannot say when it will be sorted out, but I really want to stay here.

Case closed then, right? Sign the deal and let’s get on with the two trophies.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I hear the garbage man out there and I have to run.

Until tomorrow!

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