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Arsenal v. Liverpool; liveblogging the second half

All right kids… second half will kickoff in about 4 minutes. I have to shift some stuff in the garage to make room for the wood. Be right back.

Uhhh…. the FSC graphic just said that Liverpool had 55% of the possession. Really?

Jesus, according to the stats Arsenal are getting destroyed. Liverpool have 7 shots, 4 on goal and Arsenal have managed just 2 shots. And yes, Liverpool have 55% of the possession.

Cesc is out, Diaby in… Second half is underway.

49′ — Liverpool is dominating the game, Arsenal is still playing the high line and, now the word is that Cesc had ligament damage in his knee. How will they respond?

50′ — Adebayor responds… with a disgraceful dive.

57′ — The boys are playing hard but they can’t seem to get anything going. Liverpool with 60% of the possession now.

62′ — Yay! Webb sends off Adebayor for a dive by Arbeloa. Good job Howard Webb, someone seriously needs to send these matches to the FA for review. Webb’s bias against Arsenal is so fucking transparent it’s not even funny.

67′ — van Persie yellow now. Webb’s having a great game.

70′ — Sagna yellow probably could have been a red, very high tackle intended to take the man. Webb shows some lieniency. Babel on to add more attacking to Liverpool.

73′ — Carragher goes in the book for a foul on van Persie. Was he last man? No Keith, he’s not a scouse, Webb calls the game against Arsenal whether it’s Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, or anyone.

75′ — Gerrard dives and then shows up the ref, the “respect” campaign has been a joke since day one. Where’s the yellow for Gerrard, Webb?

80′ — Is Liverpool playing for the draw?

81′ — Lucas commits his 18th foul of the game and finally picks up a yellow. Robbie Keane off. I hope he slips in the shower.

82′ — Arsenal corner. Whatever happens with this match I am very proud of this 10 man team.

88′ — Song has put in a massive performance, his final ball is not quite up to snuff, but he ran his heart out and harassed the Liverpool midfield.

90′ — 3 minutes added. Arsenal looking tired, they have to dig deep to keep this score line.

91′ — Eboue on, Nasri off. Crowd claps. Good job Goonahs.

93′ — Arsenal free kick, wasted by Almunia. That was funny, though, Wenger directing people, Almunia takes the kick at the center circle and flies it straight out of touch.

The boys showed some real heart today, fighting back from a 10 man squad to beat Liverpool plus 12th man Howard Webb. I’d like to see Wenger take Webb to task for that game, he was a complete disgrace and actually caused more tension on the pitch than he solved. I’d also like to see Arsenal challenge the red card, but that won’t happen because the ban will be just one game and they don’t want to risk an extra match added.

Right, look for the Good, Bad, and Ugly tomorrow. I’m off to collect some wood.


Arsenal v. Liverpool; liveblogging the first half

“Change of plans… LEG IT!” — Dave “Cinzano Bianco” Lister

Well, it snowed, a lot and the roads around my house are completely covered in a nice layer of snow, with a nice thick layer of ice as the base.

I’m going no where. :(

That said, I haven’t lost power and I have a line on a truckload of wood (that’s why god made Craigslist). So, I’m going to hunker down, watch the game on FSC and give my loyal reader (Hi Matt) a blow by blow. Get your mind out of the gutter, you cocksandwich.

Ahead of the match there’s some talk about Arsenal signing Andrei Arshavin. Now I know I promised not to talk about transfers, but you don’t understand. Just mentioning Andrei Arshavin, Andrei Arshavin, Arshavin,  Arshavin, gets me like eleventy billion hits.

But seriously, I will be very disappointed if Wenger gave £20m to that racist ass Zenit team for a cup tied Andrei Arshavin. There have to be equally good, better conditioned, non-cup tied players available for less money.

As everyone is pointing out, with the Villa win yesterday putting them in 3rd place, the Villa game upcoming on Boxing Day, and 4th place Man U a mere 2 points ahead of Arsenal but with two games in hand, this is the make or break match of the season.

Yeah, I know, if Arsenal slip 11 points behind Liverpool with a loss today, the boss will point out how the 1997/98 Gunners came from 11 points behind to beat defending champs Man U but in reality that seems highly unlikely. Someone on this team would have to break out of their shell and become PFA player of the year for that to happen.

Ok.. HEY! Good news, Rafa is still recovering from his kidney stone surgery and won’t be able to make it. Now, if only Gerrard and Alsonso and Mascherano could all be out…

I’ll be back when the lineups are announced.


Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna, Djourou, Gallas, Clichy, Denilson, Fabregas, Song Billong, Nasri, Adebayor, Van Persie. Subs: Fabianski, Diaby, Vela, Ramsey, Silvestre, Wilshere, Eboue.
Liverpool: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Agger, Insua, Kuyt, Leiva Lucas, Alonso, Riera, Gerrard, Keane. Subs: Cavalieri, Hyypia, Benayoun, Babel, Ngog, Plessis, El Zhar.

No Mascherano but as I expected, Keane gets the nod… damn.

The guys lineup and shake hands, those grey Liverpool kits are about as ugly as a kit can get.

3′ — tense opening minutes, with both sides content to sit back and crowd the midfield.

4′ — Webb is inserting himsefl into the fixture very early. I think he’s called 5 fouls already, mostly in favor of Arsenal.

7′ — 10th foul, van Persie has a mowhawk. Unless you are 38 years old or older, you shouldn’t have a mowhawk.

10′ — the crowd is up and screaming as Keane is played onside by a wandering Clichy and lays the ball off for a Gerrard shot. Easy save for Almunia but disasterous communication on defense as Clichy makes his first gaffe of this game. Come on Clichy, get your head in the game.

14′ — Clichy wastes a great opportunity. GET IN THE GAME BOYS.

17′ — I think Arsenal is playing a 4-5-1 with van Persie playing a very deep, defensive role.

20′ — Keane gets a yellow for an over the top tackle. It could have been a red. Clichy is slow to get up. Would Silvestre come in?  Yep, he’s warming up in his goose down.

24′ — ROBIN! van Persie shows his class and strength as he fights off Carragher to win a Nasri pass, chests it down and powers in a shot with his Chocolate Leg.  Great goal, great goal.

27′ — Keane is giving everyone fits back there. He’s got a lot to prove and he’s really putting a physical stamp on this game. Also, ladies and gentlement, Expobill is is in the house!  Welcome, Bill.

30′  — mesmerizing play from Arsenal leads to nothing. Come on boys, have a crack! Also, I want to point out that Song is having a good game, watch him.

39′ — Sorry, I had daddy duties. Not much happened anyway. Denilson is having a tough match and Adebayor picks up a yellow card for a very light foul. That’s a Webb v. Arsenal yellow if I ever saw one.

42′ — Arsenal are struck playing their “8 men in the opponent’s box ball holdery bullshit.” And of course, it’s Keane. F*cking hell.

45′ — Liverpool have belief, they are shooting from all over the pitch, Arsenal are in disarray.

The half time whistle couldn’t have come at a better time. Cesc limps off anf that has to be a concern. I know that Wenger wants to play “attacking football” but why is it that we need to attack with 8 men? WITH THE LEAD??? Maybe we could, you know, keep Sagna back or something? Or attack with 6 men, or play the long ball against them, you know, we have the lead.

Not any more. 1-1 and it could have been 1-2 if Gerrard had just a little better final touch today. So far, we’re seeing that “typical Arsenal” and I hope the manager has a solution at half time.

Second half over here.


Arsenal v. Liverpool Preview

The weather outside is frightful. No, really, we’re supposed to have one of those “once in a decade” ice storms that basically knock out all power and clog the roads. Different than the normal weather “predictions” which tend to be wildly inaccurate in this part of the world, I fear we have some real mess coming up starting tonight and heading into tomorrow.

Obviously, my local readers are the only ones effected by this news, but it’s important enough that I thought I’d mention it straight away because it means that many of us might not be able to watch the match tomorrow. If we lose power tonight, my first priority will be to keep the girls warm and then to head up to Doyle’s for the match.

If we don’t lose power, well, then I’ll see you locals at Doyle’s! So, let’s pray to whatever gods you believe in that the weather gives us a lamb rather than a lion tonight.

Ahead of the match, Arsenal have some good news, some bad news, and some funny news.

As I was scanning the news feeds this morning I had this ominous feeling. That sort of feeling you get when the phone rings in the middle of the night. So, right away I went to the match preview and sure enough:  Howard Webb is refereeing the match. Evidently he’s become the go-to referee for any big match involving Arsenal, having already overseen Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Man U. You know, the match where he gave an incredible 6 minutes of extra time and every Ronaldo dive was greeted with a free kick while Scholes’ fouls were unpunished?

If it was just once, I wouldn’t be worried, but last season Webb oversaw an amazing 3 of Arsenal’s 5 losses, giving away an incredible 2 penalties against Arsenal and carried the ignominy of being the referee who most penalized Arsenal with yellow cards. An Arsenal team that was at the top of the “Fair play” league and by pretty much every standard imaginable are one of the least fouling teams to ever take the pitch.

I know, he’s a police officer, blah, blah. I’m not saying that he’s on the take, but just that for some reason, he oversees some of the most contentious Arsenal matches (the worst was the Carling Cup final against Chelsea) and statistically he tends to call the matches against Arsenal. That said, with the 2-1 win over Man U this year maybe Arsenal have figured out how to play with him on the pitch and we’ll see a turnaround. We can hope.

In team news, Arsenal will have the services of Samir Nasri while Liverpool will be without their talisman Fernando Torres. This should be great news for Arsenal as without Torres, Liverpool have struggled to get goals but I’m ambivalent about the announcement; Liverpool have Robbie Keane available despite his very public fall out with Benitez. Plus, Dirk Kuyt gets a lot of stick from Liverpool supporters but I think he’s their most dangerous player. He’s got pace, a decent footballing mind, and a workrate unmatched by anyone in the EPL.

Make no mistake, Liverpool will be very happy to use Xabi Alonso and Mascherano to funnel Arsenal into the middle of the pitch, allow them to play intricate passes. Then, when Arsenal inevitably cough the ball up, find an outlet and get an open goal.

Former Spud Robbie Keane would be ecstatic to score a goal on the break against Arsenal and he’s got the craft to do it too. So, while it should be great news to see Torres off the team sheet, I’m not getting too giddy.

As for Nasri, this is good news. Struggling with the physical nature of the Premiership he’s missed several games now with niggling injuries but he’s also been there in several crucial games and scored some really great goals. There’s no doubt of this player’s importance because when Nasri is out (and with Theo on long term injury) Arsenal are forced to use 4 central midfielders across the middle of the pitch and this is most directly responsible for Arsenal’s overly central, overly intricate, toothless ball-hold-ery. He he, ball-hold-ery. I swear that Arsenal would be happier if they could play with another couple of balls and an extra set of feet.

Given all that, I’d bet that the story of tomorrow’s match goes like this: Nasri scores and Webb awards a penalty for a Robbie Keane dive which Gerrard converts. A 1-1 draw and no movement in the table for Arsenal.

Speaking of dives, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Arsene Wenger’s “dive” accusation against Babel in the Champions League match last season. Well, it was a dive, true, but I wonder why he mentions it? I highly doubt it will change Webb’s mind to our favor and might make him even more likely to call against us. Moreover, comments like this tend to focus the commentators on “whinging Wenger” and then they get to point out time and again thatArsenal get these kinds of calls too — like the offside that went against Chelsea.

Whatver happens, what remains clear is that Wenger is no Fergie when it comes to pre-game manipulation. I mean come on, if Fergie had a ref with such an obvious bias he’d have a go at the ref, not Ryan Babel.

Ok, that’s about it for today. I’ve got to go get some wood in case all hell breaks loose over here. I’ll see you at Doyle’s if possible — let’s hope for a good match tomorrow and UP THE ARSE!


Arsenal 2007/2008: they really should have scored

Just past the post

Toure heads the ball…just wide.

First of all… I’m going to have to rename my blog. I don’t think Arsenal have had a 7am kickoff all season! 4:15am? What the hell happened to the 3pm Saturday kickoffs? Of the three remaining scheduled home matches only the Everton match will kick off at 3pm.

I guess I’ll have to be called “” Which is a hell of a mouthful to tell people.

Anyway, another 1-1 draw and another disappointing league result for the Arsenal. Arsenal have surely lost the title now. I know Wenger isn’t going to say so. I know that it’s mathematically possible, but let’s be realistic. That match could have easily gone Liverpool’s way and if not for the shockingly poor shot by Vornin — would have. Poor defending and poor finishing and netting draws just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Both teams used heavy rotation and for Arsenal, Traore and Hoyte got a good run in the back, and Walcott and Bendtner got a good run up front. I was kind of surprised that Denilson didn’t start for Cesc, but that just shows the intent of both teams. Toward the end of the match Arsenal put Ade in and Liverpool put in Gerrard. Both teams wanted all three points. And both teams had plenty of opportunities to get them but they just couldn’t finish.

Bendtner is looking like a hell of a good acquisition for Liverpool.

In the last match he had that crucial save on Cesc’s shot, and other than the own goal (which really wasn’t his fault, if Reina had moved half an inch to his right it would have been a perfect pass) he was absolutely solid in defense again.

I was mad though that the ref didn’t call that his back pass to Reina in the 35th minute.

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but Arsenal have an Achilles heel of sorts; the long ball. Last year it was set plays and toward the end of the season teams took advantage of that and nearly knocked Arsenal out of the top 4. This year it’s the long ball. Hey, they solved the dead ball problem of last year maybe next year they’ll solve the Route 1 problem!

But not today! Today Pepe Reina played the ball to Crouch for a goal. Keeper to striker, ugh. What is this, a fucking training video called “how NOT to play defense 101?” And literally three days after Liverpool did the same thing to get that crucial away goal. Oh well…

But even with the lapse in defense, it’s pretty clear that Arsenal need someone with a hunger for goals. They need a goal poacher. Someone who can make the difference in a match. Someone to convert all these chances that they make. I’ll just say it: they have sorely needed Eduardo. I hadn’t thought about it much but Eduardo provided the squad with that extra little threat. Get well soon little buddy. We need you back in red and white.

I’m in a hell of a mood so I might as well start talking about what Wenger needs to buy in the off season: warning, this section should be taken with a grain of salt as Arsenal have just put in another, “typical Arsenal” performance and as a fan I’m just a bit frustrated.

Walcott, van Persie, Eduardo, and Adebayor are a hell of a strike team. Bendtner shows flashes of brilliance and maybe by this time next year he’ll be a solid player. van Persie is an absolutely stunning ball player. Any team in the world would love to have him, healthy. But he’s not healthy. He never has been. Maybe Wenger buys a striker to “cover” for van Persie but to bring in a player of van Persie’s caliber the team will have to spend big. Tough call.

On the other hand there’s an east call: the wing players are just fucking asinine. Three times now I have sworn off ragging on Eboue, but I just can’t stand him. He is a black hole (no pun intended) on the right wing. IF the ball gets to him, he invariably dribbles it or passes it straight into the defense. Or, like today, he’ll get wide open service and then he just locks up: won’t shoot, late cross, poor cross, but nothing good comes of it. Maybe he’ll be good one day. I’d really love to trust Wenger on this. But I just can’t. I hate the man as both a person and as a footballer. He is a dirty player. I used to think he was just retarded but I’m convinced that he’s a dirty player and a retard. The yellow he picked up today was fully deserved and I actually found myself asking for a red card. Not because he deserved it, but because I just can stand his whiny, fally-overy, begging, gormless, useless face.

On the other wing, Hleb. Hleb is not a wing player. Hleb will never be a wing player. Hleb’s only contribution to the team this season was playing in a 4-4-1-1 as the off striker. This experiment has run its course. Please sell him on to Bayer or somewhere he can ply his trade in the only position he is capable of playing: central.

That leaves Rosicky as the only true wing player on the team. Diaby may get some playing time there, but he’s not a winger.

So, at least three wing players. Where are they going to come from? I haven’t a clue. Fran Merida maybe? Again I don’t know. Wenger must see this and probably has a precocious 10 year old lined up somewhere.

And that’s it. I’m not ragging on the team. There is a ton of talent and they are a true joy to watch. But, please, for the love of Zeus, score some fucking goals. And to do that, Arsenal will have to make some changes next season. Or, I guess I can just enjoy the fact that they are a beautiful team that has some flaws who will always challenge and may one day win a trophy. Jesus. Humility from an Arsenal fan. Don’t tell anyone, they won’t believe you.

Anyway… sigh. To win the Champions League match on Tuesday, Arsenal will have to play 90 minutes like they did for the middle 45 minutes of today’s game. They will also have to score at least one goal. They should also practice route 1 defense. And they should all practice penalty kicks because I can easily see that match ending up 1-1.

Why not?

’till tomorrow.


1/(1+10) = a hard 6

Quick blog today as I am insanely busy.

I did want to mention that good ole Bill Gallas is calling for Arsenal to win all 6 of their remaining league games saying:

What is clear is that we have to win every game — we don’t have any more ‘jokers’ in our pack. We had a lead at the top of the League, so we were allowed maybe one joker, but we have used that now so we can’t slip up again.

Yes, William, you must now roll a hard 6 and hope that Man U and Chelsea both come up craps in order to win the league. If Arsenal win every match, Chelsea beats Man U and both Chelsea and Man U get one more draw, then the title is in Arsenal’s hands.  I’ve seen titles slip away from teams before so it is possible, but in their current form, even the casual observer would have to admit it looks highly unlikely that Man U will lose two matches and draw a third.  If Hamster Cock were to go down injured the odds would go way up, but I’d hate to win the league because Ronaldo got injured.

What am I saying??  Fuck that, if Ronaldo got injured it’s part of the game, just like Eduardo, Rosicky, van Persie, Diaby, and Sagna have all gone down at this crucial time.  And so, while I’m not calling for someone to injure him or wishing it upon him, I would be ecstatic id Arsenal won the League.

First thing’s first, get past the Liverpudlians.  Ahead of the League game tomorrow, Rafa has revealed that he will be rotating the entire squad.  Rotating… hmmm… I believe this means that he will be turning them into a pumpkin or something, I dunno.   I do know that Mascherano is out, suffering a two match additional ban for being a complete cunt about leaving the pitch.   Too bad, I’d like to see Cesc run circles around him again.

As for the Arsenal, they are missing all of the players listed above.  Yep, in the shock of the season, van Persie is out again.  Which is a real shame because when he’s healthy he’s one of those “sparkle” players that every team needs.  Oh well, I guess the only way to see him play is in YouTube videos.

As for signings, Arsenal have revealed that they signed Almunia, Merida, and Flamini.  Ok, they haven’t signed Flamini, but Cesc just KNOWS that the Flamster will sign.  Maybe they share the same telepathy that Bobblekopf and Keanegofuckyourself claim to have.

Tomorrow’s match is on Setanta here in the states, and even though it’s a 7am kickoff, Doyle’s is delaying the match until 9.

I think next year I’m just going to go ahead and buy the Setanta package and build myself a DVR so that I can see and record all of the matches at home.  What with the baby on the way and all.

Quick blog my Arse…  Hasta Manana


1 nil to the Arsen… damnit…

That’s a penalty

The boss is right. That was a penalty. The Liverpool supporters saw it, the Arsenal supporters saw it, the commentators saw it, both teams saw it… In fact, everyone saw it except Kuyt and his childhood buddy, the ref. Actually, the ref did see it. Which is what leads me to believe that Hleb’s reputation as a diver kept Arsenal from getting the call.

Still, that’s no excuse for a 1-1 draw.

On a night when Arsenal dominated every aspect of the game for 89 minutes, for just 1 minute Flamini missed his tackle and Liverpool scored. 1 shot. 1 goal.

The night started well, Liverpool had just signaled their intent at 22 seconds when Gerrard hoofed the ball to Babel but time and again Arsenal dealt with the direct play. The defense was winning possession, the midfield was moving the ball, the forwards were keeping possession, van Persie had a shot on goal; textbook Arsenal.

More great ball movement led to a corner.  Then, through some slight of foot between van Persie and Cesc, the ball was played in to Adebayor who nodded the ball home. He was so wide open and the ball so perfectly placed it looked as if it was a training ground exercise.

I was still excited by the goal and urging the boys on when a few seconds of lapsed concentration and BOOM. Steven Gerrard makes a run at the Arsenal defense, puts in a cross, and Clichy puts the ball in the net. The team went limp.

Wenger put it this way:

We were unsettled by their equaliser. We’d scored the first goal and, when we conceded, I felt straight away that was like a thunderstorm going through the team. We lost composure and nerves a little bit.

Arsenal really did look shell shocked immediately after the goal and I felt certain that Liverpool would grab another goal and put the season to bed. But Arsenal called on those infamous “resources” and held onto the match before closing out the first half.

Now, I want to know what’s going on in the locker room at half time. Because this is the second game that Arsenal have been down at the half only to come out and terrorize the opposition.  I bet he just reminds them of how fucking good they are and how they need to be proud of what they’ve done this season.  We’ll never really know, but that’s what I’m imagining.

Theo replaced van Persie, who had injured his thigh again (AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHH), and Arsenal suddenly looked like they were playing some new formation. I honestly don’t know what was going on but I saw Hleb in the middle more, Flamini up front a lot, and Walcott blazing around the pitch taking shots and creating havoc.

Then Hleb got dragged down. Which we’re not going to belabor.

The key moment of the match, though, was when Liverpool brought on a 5th defender: Bendtner. It was a brilliant move by Benitez to sub Bendtner for Eboue as his goal line save of Fabregas’ shot was the moment of the night.

After that, Arsenal threatened but Liverpool hung on. Credit to them for defending well.

And that’s it, that’s the story. Liverpool came to do a job and they did it. Sure, the ref missed the call, but honestly? Arsenal conceded a sloppy goal — which is why here in America we say “defense wins championships.”

It was a great match though and I fully expect Arsenal to win the return trip on Tuesday.

I’m sure there will be a metric assload of stories today, can’t wait to read what the pundits have to say. Let me guess “Venomous Wenger Vents On Vink!”

We’ll know more about van Persie sometime today or tomorrow, until then.


It’s up for grabs now…


Tonight is the 200th meeting between Arsenal and Liverpool and for me this is the most important meeting I can remember. I know that perhaps the most famous meeting (for the old school Arsenal supporters) was back in 1989 when Arsenal won the league at Anfield. “Thomas charging through the midfield, Thomas… it’s up for grabs noooooow!” If you didn’t become a red level member (shame on you) and didn’t get the little bottle opener with the really crappy audio clip of that famous moment at Anfield you can download it from Arseweb by clicking on the link above. Then you can use it as a ringtone on your cellphone or something! That would be epic, dude.

Even though that’s 20 years ago (nearly) and the match today is going to be a radically different affair, this one match could easily make or break Arsenal’s season. Just as that match did on that day in 1989.  So, you old timers will have to forgive us newer fans if we show our enthusiasm over a simple Champions League tie.

Frankly, I’m as excited as a school girl on the day she gets her braces off.

For those of you who are unable to watch the match, the live feed from BBC is right here.  You’d have to be living in a cave or stuck at work, though, to not see this match live.  It’s on ESPN2 at 11:30am PST, so every bar in America could show you the match if you like.

As for lineups, Wenger has tipped his hand a bit and may actually start Theo in this first leg saying

I’ll use him sometimes with him coming on. Other times I’ll start with him. I will see. The first game [against Liverpool] will decide a lot.

Cryptic comment, I know, but it sounds to me like he’s going to start Theo today and decide what his role will be based on this performance.

You should also expect Adebayor to return today and if he’s on his A game, he should be a real handful for the Liverpool defense.  Of course, speaking of handfuls, Liverpool will also be playing a 4-5-1 (yes I said also) with Torres up front terrorizing Gallas and company at the back.  Today would be the perfect day for the squad to get back to keeping some clean sheets.  We all know that they are susceptible to the long ball.  We all know that Torres is great at running onto the long ball.  Since we all know what’s going to happen, maybe Arsenal worked on it in practice?  We shall see.

The midfield battle between Gerrard and Cesc and Mascherano and Flamini should be equally as captivating.  While Mascherano has been hailed by the British press as the new Roy Keane, or a “destroyer,” or a dozen other adjectives, Flamini has toiled in relative obscurity.  Just as he did last year.  Just as he did the year before.  And before that…

So, I’m curious to see how Flamini handles Gerrard and how Mascherano handles Cesc. It could be an epic midfield battle.

As was mentioned on Arseblog, Arsenal really only need to get one win from these three matches — a 0-0 draw today, a win at Emirates in the league, and a 1-1 draw at Anfield will get them maximum points and see them through to the next stage.   But I think the fans are pulling for a famous win today.  Highly unlikely as both Benitez and Wenger will be playing very cautiously, aware that both teams only need to win one game to collect maximum points.

Wherever you are, enjoy the match and UP THE ARSE!

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