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No one is coming to Arsenal, ever

I think that we may have reached the nadir (or maybe we’ve reached the Samir) of the transfer “season.” We’ve hit rock bottom, folks, there’s no way from here but up. The press are now literally linking anyone who scores a goal in Euro 2008 to Arsenal. The latest player-to-be-linked-to-Arsenal-who-will-tomorrow-deny-the-link-because
as-it-turns-out-he-just-wanted-an-improved-contract is Andrei Arshavin. In that link, the Telegraph is going so far as to claim that they know that Wenger has contacted Dick Advoccat. They don’t offer any evidence, just that they know it! I’m absolutely certain that this story will turn out to be another Aquilani, Kompany, Albiol, Gervinho, Yaya Toure, and Torsten Frings.

In fact, look at the last three players linked to Arsenal: Albiol, Aquilani, Arshavin. Notice anything? What are they doing? Going down the Euro 2008 player list and alphabetically listing every player as “linked to Arsenal?”

Meanwhile, the Beeb, not wanting to get sucked in to this insanity, has instead, opted for another insanity: breaking the news that Samir Nasri has signed for Arsenal. You’ll pardon me if I wait for an official announcement.

It’s funny too, because in that article they mention that Nasri would be a good replacement for Hleb, whom Barcelona have finally admitted is a target. The statements from the Nou Camp have a flavor of frustration with Arsenal’s demands over the player:

The negotiations on Hleb are ongoing and although he is a player with some special qualities, if there is difficulties with his club, there are other options we have in mind.

Arsenal have other options in mind too: “keeping him,” or “not selling him too cheap,” and “shut up Barcelona do you want him or not?”

And finally…

It’s looking a lot like Arsenal told Milan to “get lost” when they asked if they could negotiate with Adebayor. Milan are now scrambling to save face and the club’s vice-President went so far as to say

We have received an answer from Arsenal, which says they are not prepared to sell the player. Anything can happen, but for now we are not authorised to negotiate with the player.

Yes, ANYTHING could happen. You know, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June… I’m just saying, you know, ANYTHING could happen.

Meanwhile, International Injury season is in full swing with Anderson and Ribery picking up substantial knocks. I don’t generally care about those guys but I am urging all Arsenal supporters to knock on wood (“touch wood” if you’re English) because Arsenal haven’t suffered any significant injuries yet. In fact, it’s looking like van Persie’s constant Winter injuries have cleared up just in time for Euro 2008 and due to the extended rest he was given at the end of the season he’s now able to claim that he’s “fresh.”

Don’t say Arsenal never did anything for the International Game!


Vincenzo Morabito, super agent

“Trevor here has generated a lot of interest from Arsenal.”

Lately it seems like every time I turn around I see the name Vincenzo Morabito. Alex Hleb? His agent is a friend of Vincenzo. Adebayor? Vincenzo is his agent. And just today Arsenal were linked with Alberto Aquilani. His agent? Vincenzo…

Someone please muzzle this guy? He’s running rampant in the British press, linking everyone in and out of Arsenal in some lame attempt to raise their contract prices.

Since then, Morabito told Roma that his client expects an improved contract if they want to retain the player’s services at the Stadio Olimpico. “Aquilani is speaking to Arsenal,” Morabito confirmed. “We will have to see if Roma will be able to match his demands.”

Dude, if you’re going to be so obvious about lying to the press about interest from other clubs you’re only going to hurt your client’s chances. I have to wonder if Vincenzo represents Nasri?

The only good part of his transparent attempt to inflate their contract value is that maybe the Adebayor story will finally die. What am I saying? That will never happen. The press have nothing else to report about Arsenal so EVERY FRIGGIN story says “since Adebayor/Hleb is leaving, Arsene is signing (fill in player’s name here).”

This is really nuts.

Today’s replacement for Adebayor is Rocky Saint Cross. I dig the Arsenal supporter’s comments on that story, they’re more accurate that the story itself.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for transfer speculation today. Slow day, Vincenzo must have taken the morning off.

Over at the dot com, they are having “season review week” and so far my favorite article is the comparison of this season’s stats with the other title winners. Arsenal supporters should memorize some of those stats so that when we hear our local pub pundit trot out the tired warhorses “Arsenal needed to score more” or “Arsenal need to spend $$$ to win the title” we can reply with:

Really? Because Arsenal earned money in the transfer market and they improved their team a whopping 15 points over last season. And despite the common misconception that Arsenal need to score more, they scored more on the road than last season and garnered 11 more goals in all than the previous seasons. In fact, if you compare this season to the Invincibles they rate very highly: scoring more goals and keeping the home court advantage equally as well.

And finally I will leave you with a little piece about Senderos. He claims the boss loves him and that despite what the haters might say, he’s staying at Arsenal until his contract is up. Suck it, haters.

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