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Transfer Tuesday

David Villa, Worth More than Ronaldo?

It’s probably the most ridiculous release clause of any contract, ever:  David Villa’s £130m release clause would make him worth two Ronaldos. A goal poacher, worth two Ronaldos? A goal poacher, worth an entire Newcastle United?

Yeah. It’s funny to me how this cat gets so much cred.

Arsenal have a player who has proven himself time and again as probably the best goal poacher in the history of the game and yet, he get’s short shrift from some Arsenal fans. Eduardo has 14 goals in 24 international matches giving him a ratio of.583 goals per game, Villa has 25 in 43 for a ratio of .581. In league play, Villa’s ratio for Valencia is .666 while at Dinamo Zagreb, Eduardo pulled in .7474.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are lies, damn lies and statistics, whatever. Eduardo is better than Villa and you cannot convince me otherwise.

The good news about this story is that at £130m Villa is so far beyond Arsenal’s means that maybe people can stop linking him to us. It’s not going to happen, ok?

Dog Fight Over Adebayor

This is the kind of transfer speculation that I like to report! The Daily Mail is reporting that AC Milan are now competing with Inter Milan for the signature of Arsenal’s want-away striker, Emannuel Adebayor.

Let’s hope this turns into a 4 dog race with AC Milan, Inter, Chelsea, and Man City all fighting over the scraps.


Peter Hill-Wood stirred the tempest in a tea pot today, criticizing the shareholders who he felt were disrespectful to Arsene Wenger duiring last week’s shareholder’s meeting.

Frankly, some of the questions were quite disgraceful. There you have the most successful manager in our history and two or three of the shareholders made the most negative and somewhat hostile and sarcastic comments, which I think were completely out of order.

Would everyone please grow up? Some people are going to be jerks, they are usually the loudest people in the room. Ignore them. Most supporters are adults and while we might criticize the club and the manager in private we would be respectful in person. People who can’t be respectful in person? Not adults.

At the same time, you’re an adult too, you need to accept the criticism, answer it, and move on with your life. When we hear that “Wenger has £30m to spend on a single player if he wants” and then he signs Silvestre for half a million, there’s a huge disconnect.  If we think that our club is going to get a big name in and the boss re-assures us all summer that he’s looking at two “big” signings and specifies defense and midfield and then we get Silvestre, it makes us wonder what the hell just happened?

It would be like telling your wife, in front of all your friends, that you have £150k to spend on a new car for Christmas. You go on to explain that you’re thinking of getting a car that gets good mileage and has a strong record of reliability, and it’s fast and sexy. They would start thinking about maybe a BMW or at least an Acura and get all excited. Then come Christmas morning you show up with a used Suburban, that has a huge Man U sticker on the trunk: it gets terrible mileage, it’s got all kinds of reliability problems, and it only cost £500.

Your wife and friends would think you’re nuts.

Some people, real jerks, are going to be snarky and call Silvestre a used Suburban other people will ask

Arsene, you and the club categorically stated all summer that you had £30m to spend on two “big” signings and specifically targeted defense as an area that needed improvement. Yet, the only defensive signing was Silvestre. What can you tell the supporters about what happened in the summer with transfers that led to signing Silvestre.

The question is valid either way, and unfortunately, remains unanswered.

Youth Attack

Arsene Wenger has heaped praise upon the Arsenal youth team ahead of their FA Youth cup match against Liverpool, saying that several of the players could start featuring in the first team as soon as next year.

They will be like a new signing.

Meanwhile, Traore, who we know for sure is returning from his season long loan at Pompey, scored his first ever league goal last night. Yay.

Alonso Watch

I’ve made no bones about wanting Xavi Alonso at Arsenal, so you’ll have to indulge me in reporting that it’s looking less likely every day.  Real Madrid are mooting a £21m offer, via the press of course, which is £3m more than Arsenal reportedly refused to offer last year. I have to say that £21m seems a fair price after this season’s performance, even if it means that Arsenal have been priced out of the market.

Future England Number One Watch

Current England Number One, David ‘Insano’ James has thrown England into a “keeper krisis” by having surgery.


This is the perfect opportunity for Manuel Almunia to step in and claim the spot for himself. Go for it Manny.

One Last Bolded Headline

See you tomorrow!


Arsenal 0-0 Fener; the Good, Bad, and Ugly


The Good

Overcoming illness and injury Arsenal deputized Lucas Fabianski in goal, Aaron Ramsey on the right wing, Kolo Toure at right back, and Johan Djourou as center back and they kept a clean sheet. According to reports Almunia had a gut check before the match and came up sick (ok, so he had a stomach illness) so, Lucas Fabianski came in. It’s only one performance but I thought he did ok. He’s a bit antsy and of course since he’s only, what, 12 years old?, he made some mistakes at back but I like his agression; he came out and punched away some balls that I’ve seen Almunia allow to drop.  So, good to him,

Rambo, on the other hand looked like a terror. Injuries to Theo, Eboue, and Rosicky meant that Arsenal were left short handed there on the right and so Wenger took a chance and put Aaron Ramsey in there. Even though he only played 60 minutes, he was all over the field defending, attacking, opening up spaces, and terrifying poor old Roberto ‘Grandpa’ Carlos. He wasn’t perfect; his final ball was some times not of an Arsenal quality, and he had a wide open left footed shot which he instinctively switched back to the right and allowed the Fener defence to recover and easily smother, and his productivity did drop off quite precipitously in the second half but overall this kid has real quality and was one of the few bright spots on the team.

Kolo teamed up with Rambo on the right and honestly, I think that spot suits him better than central defense. His heat map on the right side is absolutely amazing.

Maybe it was the fact that Djourou had such a good game that makes me feel so good about Kolo on the right, I dunno. I do know that Djourou looked like a pretty good stopper back there, but that’s against a team that rarely attacked, how will he handle the pressure of a team like Man U? He’s almost certain to get a game now that Silvestre has been ruled out with a broken nose. Footballers should be allowed to wear that hockey mask thing and play with broken noses.

Speaking of injuries, I wonder how many Senderos haters wishes he was back at the team right now? I guarantee he would get a game right now and he’s easily as good as Djourou. Oh well, there’s no chance of that now, no use crying over red cards, right?

The Bad

Robin van Persie had another one of those games.. you know the ones that everyone accuses Adebayor of having: one of those “6 shots and no goals” games. At least he looked like he wanted to be there unlike his cameo against Stoke. Well, he sort of looked like he wanted to be there.

The question now is what will Arsene do on Saturday? RvP is mercurial and that means an occasional brilliant goal and at least someone up front who will challenge their back four. Bendtner looks like he’s going to be the only ‘seasoned’ striker available on Saturday and in this game he was completely lost.

And, of course, in what is quickly becoming the story of the season, Arsenal suffered yet another injury in defense. Senturk broke Mikael Silvestre’s nose and now he’s a doubt for Saturday. If he is actually ruled out, we should be real happy that Arsene rested Sagna today, we’re going to need him on Saturday as Christianochester come to the Emirates and try to steal three points.

Hey, another good that came from the game is that Arsenal are still top of their Champions League group and another point closer to qualification. Up next is a home match to Dynamo Kiev, three points there and we’ll certainly get into the knock out stages.

The Ugly

Man, that was an empty stadium wasn’t it? Hell, if I knew it was so easy to get tickets to these matches I might change my travel plans and go nearer my birthday every year. Then I could see two matches on one trip! Fly in on Friday, see a Saturday EPL match then bum around on Sunday and Monday, see a Champions League match on Tuesday and fly out the next day.  That would be awesome.

Who is this directed toward?

So, why wasn’t anyone at the match? Moreover, what the hell were you losers doing booing the club? What the hell did they do wrong? The first half was very entertaining and if the second half was less so you can put that down to the fact that Arsenal were tired from playing three grueling matches in 7 days.

Of course they missed some chances, but that’s football. You’re going to get some 0-0 draws. Some of you Arsenal ‘supporters’ are beginning to sound like Americans: next up you’ll want a goal to count for 7 points or something. Sure, the end of the match was frustrating but it’s not like the club just sat back and took the draw, they were still attacking all the way until the last minute. I’ve seen far more boo-worthy Champions League matches than this, trust me.

A little perspective people…

Also in the ugly category is the ongoing saga between Arsene Wenger and Tony Pulis. Now the FA are going to get involved, because you know that makes sense. When a Stoke player calls Arsenal players cowards that’s ok, but when Arsene Wenger defends those players by pointing out that Stoke players were the real cowards since they physically attacked players from behind who aren’t even on the pitch. In that case, it is fully expected that The FA would charge Arsene. I mean, he’s clearly in the wrong (eye roll).

If you read the blog a lot then you know that I think this is purely a French thing. The English have never gotten over the fact that the French occupied their country and forced them all to speak French for hundreds of years. So, in some sense the English are French, thus I put this down to a sort of national self loathing. All you have to do is look at the fact that a good “Englishman” like Sir Alex Ferguson is allowed to say far more incendiary things about his opponents and how they act like a bunch of cheats and no one blinks an eye. But as soon as Arsene makes an impassioned defense of his team who are routinely kicked off the pitch, the English speaking press get all bent out of shape and start calling him a sore loser and whatnot.

Get bent.

His criticism is right on and if you really want to know what he’s saying, read it here, I have better things to do with my life than respond further to people who write as if they just scrawled a blog on some toilet paper as they were waiting on the john.

I fully expect Arsene Wenger to be made an example of and banned from English Football for life, it’s the only fair thing to do. After all, he’s criticizing good Englishmen!


An Historic Event, Wenger says something that pisses people off

What a night, huh? Chelsea lost 3-1 to Roma, the conspiracy theorists are out after a late penalty saved Liverpool’s blushes, and, erm, huh? Something else….

Oh yeah, Barack Obama crushed John McCain to become the first ever African American President of the United States. I know this isn’t a political blog but I’m going to digress for a moment because this is such a momentous occasion and I personally feel such a tremendous relief. After twenty eight years (I trace this arc all the way back to Ronald Reagan) of failed economics, failed foreign policies, failed environmental policies, and failed politics of personal destruction, America has collectively pulled their heads out of their asses and voted to elect the best man for the hard job ahead. Our task is no less than fixing the reputation and treasure of this country, and maybe, just maybe, if he has any time left over after doing that, he can undo so many of the things that Bush has set wrong. It’s going to be a tremendously difficult job but I think Obama and America are up to the task.

There, done, feel free to chew me out in the comments for making my Arsenal blog into a politics blog, trust me I can take it.

A tempest in a teacup is brewing among Arsenal supporters and in the blogosphere over whether Arsene’s comments yesterday were out of line. Everyone else seems to think that I’m wrong, but I don’t care. When Abdoulaye Faye comes out in the press before the match and says they are going to rough Arsenal up and then when you see Shawcross’ completely indefensible, late, tackle from behind or Rory Delap’s tackle on Theo there is only one conclusion to draw: it’s intentional. And then to have their keeper call Arsenal cowardly, well, it’s pretty clear what that club is all about.

Did they mean to hurt us? Maybe I’m a bit over the top there, but to me the intent is clearly there, if not to hurt then at least to “send a message.” Watch the Shawcross tackle again, not only is it a tackle from behind (which I thought was illegal — oh wait, it is) he leaves his foot in the tackle way after he, much less the ball, have passed out of touch. It’s a disgrace, he could have and should have pulled out of that tackle. And worse is the look on his face after he does it, he knows what he’s just done.

The pudding is in the results however, and the results of their tactics are that Adebayor is out for three weeks and Theo won’t be returning until the Man U match. Given that Arsenal are down to 15 men (Ade, Gallas, Theo, Eboue, Rosicky, and Eduardo are all out) for the clash against Fener tonight, and given their comments before and after the match Arsene Wenger has every right to rip into them.

As for watching the match, it’s on Setanta today at 11:45 PST and Doyle’s will be replaying the match at 3pm. I’m hoping that we see a little bit grittier and looser team than we saw against Stoke, after all this group stage is all but wrapped up and a win tonight would almost certainly see them into the knockout phase.  So a win would mean he could rest some players when they play Dynamo in three weeks.

Oh, and the point of including the Chelsea score is to illustrate something I’ve been saying now and that is that this is going to be an up-and-down, crazy season. One day Arsenal are on top of the world, Arsene Wenger is being hailed as the most brilliant coach in the history of mankind and the very next day people are wondering if he shouldn’t be fired. One day Chelsea look like an unstoppable juggernaut while putting in 5 goals for Frank Lampard’s mum and the next day they are losing 3-1 to a Roma team that is the epitome of poor form. One day Tottenham is on the bottom of the table, the next day they are out of relegation and two shock wins by their closest competition and they are back at the foot where they belong. One day Joey Barton is a role model for young men and the next day… well, nothing has changed with Joey except he may have added racism to his book of scumbaggery. The point is, that more than any season I can remember this is one is truly a roller-coaster and that means competitions like the Champions League, more than ever before, are up for grabs and what we should really be hanging our hat on as far as trophies. That’s why, unlike everyone else, I’m all excited about this game.

Ok, well, all my Arsenal gear is washed to give the lads a clean start and I think I’m going to wear my Flamini kit from last year. Here’s to a huge win, a hat trick by Bendtner, a brace from Vela, and Arsene Wenger gives a happy press conference, or maybe he’ll go all Kinnear on the press that would be cool.

What’s French for c*nt?


Wenger strikes back

Arsene Wenger has shown a little fire and hit back at today’s press conference after Faye and Sorensen branded the Gunners “soft” and “spineless” before and after the Stoke City match at the weekend.  Partially defending his men and partly calling Stoke cowards and cheats the Boss had this to say

For me, you need to have more courage to play football when you know someone’s tackling you from behind without any intention to play the ball, with only one intention to hurt you and I can show you some tackles where I can prove what I say.

The one who is tackling is not the brave one, for me the brave one is the one trying to play football. It happened at the weekend. Do you really feel that Delap tried to play the ball when he tackled Walcott or that Shawcross tried to play the ball when he tackled Adebayor off the pitch? All the players have been injured deliberately.

To say that Walcott is not brave and the brave one is the player who tackles Walcott from behind – it’s just not true. It is something that I want to establish. The brave one is not the one who tackles from behind the player who tries to play football. That’s the coward.


I was probably a bit mealy mouthed in my criticism of these two tackles (and I didn’t mention the late, from behind tackle on Sagna) but that’s because every time I mention that teams get away with over the top fouls like this I get a load of criticism. But the boss here is absolutely correct and I should have been a bit more honest about how I felt at the time.

Stoke clearly tackled at least twice with intent to injure. Watch the MOTD highlights, at 3:15 in that video Shawcrass tackles Adebayor from behind, studs on the the ankle, after the ball has clearly gone out of play.
For me, that is as clear an intentional and (as Arsene would say) cowardly attack on Adebayor as I have seen since Dan Smith broke Diaby’s ankle.

And Rory Delap wasn’t “late” as the announcer so generously puts it, he has nothing in mind except to take Theo down. He can’t catch him, so he stops him and removes him from play with an intentional scything down of the young man.

But here’s the deal… clearly the EPL doesn’t give two shits about how many talented young men have their careers ended by talentless thugs, clearly the EPL rewards cowardice from thugs like Shawcrass, and so, my response is — fine. Arsenal need to start playing the same way and Arsenal fans, like the shit heels at Stoke City, need to start cheering when one of our players intentionally injures one of their players and booing their injured player as he’s taken out of the game (again, watch the highlights).

Fuck fairness. Fairness would be if Stoke were equally punished for their transgressions. Maybe it’s time for Arsenal supporters, Arsenal players, and Arsene to start cheating, to get dirty, and start throwing some mud on their opposition. Evidently, that’s what the Premier League bosses and players want.

Unfortunately, this kind of cheating is subtle and you have to spend years working on making it look like you are clumsy instead of angry. Years that could have been spent honing dribbling skills or passing or developing real talent. But evidently, that’s the kind of player that the EPL and the fans wants, so let’s start giving them some!

Good luck winning a World Cup ever again, but at least you’ll have your “beautiful” game, Stoke and Birmingham!

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