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Setanta, Adebayor, and USA USA USA!

Not so special any more

Setanta Enters Administration

Yesterday, having failed to secure the funding needed to keep the UK business going, the UK version of Setanta sports went into administration — or as we call it in America, bankruptcy. Basically, as I write this lawyers and accountants are picking over Setanta UK’s corpse looking for something salvageable.

Supposedly unaffected is Setanta USA, but that’s not entirely true. According to their US web site, Setanta USA still has the rights to broadcast EPL (and whatever else crapola they are shilling) and will continue to do so as it is a separate business. This message is being repeated across all the sites that are not part of Great Britain — Australia and Canada.

For the time being, North American and Antipodean football fans should take some solace in the fact that the Setanta Sports package in our area is still available. I’m not sure how long that will last as we will have to see what the new Administrators of the mother company find as far as how Setanta kept the businesses separated and if there was any funny business. My feeling is that the whole enterprise is going to collapse, after all this is pretty much the same message they gave to the UK customers right before they collapsed “keep buying our product! everything will be ok!”

Irregardless, ESPN has stepped in last week and bought Setanta’s 46 UK games and just today announced that they are going to be setting up a dedicated Football channel in the UK. This is huge news for British and American football fans because it means that A) ESPN is taking the endeavor seriously and plans on dedicating a healthy amount of resources to doing this right. I mean, a dedicated channel means announcers, sponsors, commentary, a whole host of things! And B) it means that I was right about something for once! Not only did I predict that ESPN would take over the rights, but that they would do it up proper. Moreover, the naysayers who predicted that you’d get less coverage were wrong as well, in addition to the two other ESPN channels in the UK, they will be showing games on a third “football only” channel. For those that can afford the £10 monthly charge (and I am by no means glossing over that in these economic times) it means all the football you can handle. For the rest of you it means a day at the local boozer, which ain’t so bad is it?

Even if Setanta International survives the next few months and is able to broadcast games into North America next year (I don’t think they will) the games will be different. They will be ESPN re-broadcasts, folks. This means that Mr. Monchichi hair and his crew of fat tied half-time pundits will probably be replaced with just the Setanta bouncing ball/falling boot commercial running constantly — which will be a relief.  I don’t see them maintaining the business as it is and certainly don’t see them able to afford all those pundits salaries just to broadcast in ‘Merica. Hmmm… maybe, just maybe they will go the way that Fox Soccer Channel has gone and they will have some Americans and cut-rate ex-pats spouting nonsense. I wonder if I could get a job? First, I’ll have to expunge the blog of all instances where I called them “Shitanta.”

If Setanta International do collapse, ESPN now looks poised to take over those rights as well and beam games into American and Antipodean homes.  Like I said before these rights aren’t cheap and Setanta helped build the audience over here and now we’re hungry for more. We want HD broadcasts, our own dedicated channels, and football coverage that isn’t interrupted by College Handball on Saturday. Given the way they are handling the UK rights, I would be shocked if ESPN didn’t do this right over here as well.

Either way, it will be an interesting next few months as we see how this all plays out.

USA v. Spain

USA! USA USA! So, by some miracle of goal differential, the USA Men’s team advanced in the tiresome injury fest called the Confederations Cup. Man, I hope that the USA team breaks the ankles of all those Spanish players today (11:30am PST)!

Seriously, I actually will be rooting for the USA team to win, because that means Cesc can go home to England and get some rest before we start Arsenal’s next season. I know, blah blah Spain record, blah blah international accolades, blah blah blah. Arsenal need the captain well rested and ready to go for the start of the Summer training session. Last year, Cesc’s disastrous double vacation nearly saw Arsenal slip out of fourth place. So, more than ever we need the captain rested and ready to go at the start of training camp.


I’m surprised anyone wants to buy Ade, much less a “very important team.” How much you wanna bet Ade is a Gooner still next year and this is all just posturing by his agent?

If, as the rumors have it, he’s going to Chelsea I can only say one thing: we’ll throw in a barely used Silvestre to sweeten the deal!

Phil Brown to feel the power of the FA

I will be crying tears of joy when Phil Brown is found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute today.  Not only did he claim that the referees were in Arsenal’s pocket, but he lied about Wenger never shaking his hand, and lied again about Fabregas spitting all over everyone. He’s a liar and a cheat and dangit, if the FA doesn’t do something about him criticizing the referees then the whole “Respect Campaign” will have been a farce.*

I will settle for nothing less than Phil Brown being forced into a cage with a rabid Drogba.

Finally, the new web site is coming along

I have started making changes to the official site and things are progressing up there very nicely. If you want to make snarky comments about how it looks feel free, I’m a grown up (today) and I can take it. If however, you know some CSS and want to make actual HELPFUL suggestions, well, that would be great.

See you tomorrow!



Adebayor is staying

As I predicted, Emmanuel Adebayor is staying with Arsenal and within days will sign a contract extension.

What I couldn’t predict is that Adebayor is completely insane, a pathological liar, or king of the retards (or all three) because reading the interview he gave to Arsenal TV is like a trip into the twilight zone.

Obviously, the big question for everyone is “why were you such a putz about demanding more money or a transfer to Barcelona?” Comically, Adebayor response is that when he went on vacation he didn’t read the papers or pick up a phone or use the internet so he really didn’t know what was going on or what people were saying about him and so it’s all a bunch of lies that he said he wanted to leave.

No, seriously, that’s what he said. Here, read for yourself:

When I was on holiday I never went on to the internet I never read the newspapers so to be honest I was with my family so my phone was off so I didn’t know what was happening. When I came back I realised what was happening but you know the thing has happened already so now the most important thing is behind me and I’ll show everyone this club has given me a lot of things It gave me a chance to be who I am today so I have to thank them and I think the boss understands that as well, so now we are in the same boat, now we have to work hard together as a family and to deliver better than what we did last season.

Of course, even the guy on Arsenal TV doesn’t buy that excuse, because besides being completely implausible, it is patently false: he have an interview to El Mundo Deportiva in May and another to News of the World in June. You remember the latter, where he claimed to deserve the same pay as Thierry Henry. Yeah.

So the interviewer presses him and, amazingly, he holds the line.

Like I told you I was on holiday and you can imagine a lot of people would be imagining things and saying such things because I was in Togo Africa but I can tell you surely I never told anyone that I would be leaving this club. Never ever.

At this point, I’m seriously questioning my own sanity. Did I imagine the two interviews? Am I imagining this blog? Because if this is all just a figment I’d rather think that I would dream up something a whole lot more successful. No wait, then he slips: the interviewer asks him if he feels like he needs to win over the fans who imagined stuff and he slips…

I think the most important thing is today, because what you read in the newspaper anyone can put what they want in the newspaper. You can do it, somebody else can do it. Today I’m talking on the TV, when else have I talked on TV. My first interview was in Austria in June just before the Euro final and I have never said I would be leaving Arsenal so what people read in the newspaper is not coming from me. When you haven’t done anything wrong in your heart you feel free. All I have to do is play my football and I know the fans always love me so there’s no reason to not love me anymore because I’m still here

AH HA! I didn’t imagine it, that’s a relief, he did give an interview in June to News of the World, in which he demanded retarded money or he would leave the club.

Barcelona have made a good financial offer and there is also the chance to play alongside great players. Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it’s up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I’ll leave.

No retractions of that above quote were ever made, he hasn’t opened a lawsuit against NotW, he didn’t fire his manager for making false statements on his behalf. Nope. Instead, he literally went on TV today , looked us all in the face, and said “I never said that.”

Honestly? His bald-faced denial puts a sort of Bushwellian spin to this whole saga. Maybe that’s what Bush has contributed to the world: the ability to stand up in front of TV cameras and just straight out lie. I mean, I don’t know.

But the worst part of this is that he’s trying to re-build bridges with this interview, Wenger too with the follow up, but given the content of this interview, I seriously don’t see this working. He could have made it work if he’d have just said “I pledge my future to Arsenal” and left it at that. But to make up some lame story about being out of the loop and then lie about how you never gave an interview is not the way to get the Arsenal supporters behind you.


But now we all have to get behind him, right? Because he’s going to be on the pitch, he is a talented player, and the club do need him to score goals, right? So, Arsenal fans are going to shed their histrionic nature and join hands in welcoming Adebayor back into the fold, right?


What am I saying? You’ll all be booing him as soon as he gets his first offside or misses his first open chance. Which is going to drive me crazy; because, how on Earth can I defend a man who is so retarded?

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