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39th shame is back on

It doesn’t matter if it’s unfair, it doesn’t matter if the only reason they are doing it is for money, and it doesn’t matter if the majority of fans don’t want it, the 39th game proposal has risen from the grave, dusted itself off, put on a Richard Scudamore mask and is ready to go out trick-or-treating.

Let’s recap the reasons that the 39th game is unfair

  1. 20 teams play each other once each home and away, which totals 38 games. That’s about as fair as it gets.
  2. Who will play whom and how will it be decided? I can’t imagine (wait, yes I can) the Armageddon that would occur in the blogosphere if Man U and Arsenal were in a close trophy race and Arsenal got a third match against Stoke and Man U got a third match against Chelsea. See, that’s why one home and one away game is fair.
  3. And what about the relegation bound? Would it be fair to Tottenham if they had to play a top team 3 times?

So, it’s clearly unfair to add some 39th game held in some country a thousand miles from home.

That said, I’ll be honest, if Arsenal came here, I’d go see them. Which means that I can’t put my money where my mouth is and that is exactly why this is going to happen. Fair or unfair is irrelevant, people like me would go see our favorite team if they came to town.

I’ve proposed that they work on making it easier for foreign fans to go to England to see the games where they are best seen; along side the best fans in the world and at the best football stadiums in the world. But that idea is not really profitable enough so, I think this 39th game is probably a done deal.

Arsenal News

Arsene Wenger has been scanning YouTube and has picked Moussa Dembele to join Arsenal‘s first team right away based solely on a single goal. $30m is the asking price and pundits expect Arsene to put up cash out of pocket to fund the transfer, he’s that certain. Watch the video yourself, it’s amazing:

Now that’s world class defending…

Meanwhile bitter old loser Roy Keane has claimed that Arsenal don’t bring up young prospects, they just buy them all up.

The word on the street is that Arsenal have a group of kids coming through that will be absolutely outstanding. Anyone who works in youth football will tell you that. They buy a lot of these young players, so as much as we praise them for bringing young kids through they’re buying them from other clubs.

Arsenal have bought a few prospects, most recently Ramsey, but the Arsenal academy has developed a metric ton of players who are currently plying their trade in the Premier League. The idea that we “buy a lot” of young players is an outright lie. Shut up, Keane.

And finally, the Kazakh coach thinks that Theo Walcott is as good as Lionel Messi. Does that mean that Arsenal get to keep him from competing in these pointless international matches?

OK… that’s it, see you tomorrow.


The last day

Look at him laughing at us

This is it Arsene. This is your last day to sign someone before us impatient Arsenal supporters call for your firing and I have to say your chances of staying at Arsenal are not looking too good. It’s not helping that you’re sitting there in some spa in Italy making proclamations like “Nasri, he interests me.” Ok, he interests you, he’s ready to move, everyone speaks French, so what’s the hold up? Or these two dudes that I’ve never heard of… why aren’t you chasing them through dark alleys, pen in hand, forcing them to sign for Arsenal? Huh? WHY AREN’T YOU????

I think the hold up is that in 2011, you’re planning on taking over at PSG. You are clearly distracted by the fact that in some distant future he might be taking over as president of another club. Plus, now that you’ve  been offered a job for life at Arsenal it’s obvious that you have lost interest in putting in the requisite work. A job for life is a curse, like going on welfare, it makes you lazy and unwilling to work. It’s not long now before you’ll be popping out 10 different kids from 10 different moms in order to collect a bigger check.

Robin van Persie Watch

Still injured… but the good news is that he really, really, REALLY wants to injure himself further in Euro 2008. My pub team played yesterday and they won 2-1. I have been nursing an Achilles injury for the last 4 months and just 2 weeks ago pulled my hamstring a bit in my first game back. So, I show up to the match with reservations about playing. And guess what Robin? I didn’t play! I didn’t play because I’m still injured and one more week of slowly getting back into shape to play will mean that I might be able to play the whole season; something you have never been able to do because you keep rushing back into the game. It was hard to sit there and watch the team play. It must be 1000x harder to watch your national team play. But if you hurt yourself you’ll be doing a lot more watching. So, please, for the love of Arsenal, don’t play.

It’s Baaaack!

Following on the heels of the 6+5 debacle, the FA reminded everyone that they too have a stupid idea that they want to force on football fans: the 39th game. There’s a lot of pressure (money) from Asia and America to hold a game on their soil. Already, people here in Seattle pay egregious sums of money to sit in a crappy American Football stadium and watch Chelsea’s second team play bumble ball in some sick approximation of real football. Imagine if Man U could get their hands on the wallets of 120,000 Indian fans and the concomitant world television revenues.

Call it a Premier League Cup, a 39th game, a “dumb idea” whatever you want, it’s just more games for already tired players to cram into their busy world/league/FA cup/Carling Cup/Champions League schedules.

It’s a bad idea for a lot of reasons but for me, I’d hate to see yet another tournament in which Robin van Persie could get injured.

Thierry Henry is pretty much used up at the age of 30 because of all these games. Henry’s already played more games than players like Platini played in their whole careers and theoretically he’s got 4-5 years left in him. He could top 500 appearances any moment now. That’s just wrong.

Am I the only one calling for the players to play less games?


Strange days

I feel like it’s groundhog’s day and any moment now Bill Murray is going to show up dressed like Sepp Blatter, do his Carl Spackler voice and tell me that the ridiculous 6+5 proposal is back on, the 39th game idea is still alive, and the EU agreed to force 18 year olds into indentured servitude.

Didn’t we already go over all this stuff? Didn’t the EU say that the 6+5 rule was “not compatible with the free movement of persons in the EU” and even go a step further?

The European Treaty is very clear on this point – discrimination on the basis of nationality is not allowed, this also counts for football.

As dead as the 6+5 story seems it pales in comparison to how roundly the 39th game idea was rebuffed by every country that would host such a game.  How is this even making print at this point unless I’m trapped in a day that’s repeating itself endlessly?

Further evidence of my fate is the weird “story” in the Independent about how much money’s in each team’s transfer kitty. It’s weird for lots of reasons (mainly that they don’t cite any sources and their numbers all look a little off) but the thing that stuck out like a sore, red thumb was that they are repeating the propagandistic claim that Manchester United had profits of £79m. No they did not. They lost £58m and are completely incapable of even paying the interest on their loans much less the transfer fees they owe. Didn’t we go over this last month also?

What is going on???

Please, god, tell me there’s a news story!!! Show me a sign that I’m not trapped in a summer hell of listening to Man U make false claims, Sepp Blatter bleat on about his illegal 6+5 plan, and Scudmore talk of his completely unsustainable 39th game.


Djourou wants to play holding midfied and is willing to wait until he’s 26 or 27 to prove himself capable.

Huh… no matter how hard they try to reprint the same stories (hit me with the “Nasri to Arsenal” story I haven’t heard that one for about 1/2 an hour) I guess it isn’t groundhog’s day.

So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.


Boro at Emirates

I know that there’s a lot of talk about the Champions League draw, the upcoming schedule, the 39th game, and Aliadiere’s suspension but first thing’s first: Arsenal face Boro today in what Flamini and I see as a must win if Arsenal are going to win the League title.  It’s really that simple.  Arsenal must win against Boro, to get revenge for the first meeting, to show intent in the Champions League, and to keep pace in the premiership.

The good news is that RvP, Toure, and Walcott are back.  The bad news is that Rosicky is still out with a bad hamstring.  Oh yeah and Eboue is back to cunt up the right wing.  God, he’s like a bad Chicken Tikka Masala — he never seems to go away.

On the other side Aliadiere is back in the team.  We all know how former Arsenal players love to come back and try to punish the team and Ali does have the pace and power to get in behind the Arsenal defense.  Let’s hope his finishing is the same as it was when he was at Arsenal.  Which is to say, utter shit.  Also worrying is that Boro held a “clear the air” meeting after their defeat at the hands of Cardiff.  No doubt Southgate will have the team ready to play against Arsenal, and with our recent form against them I expect an extra tough match.

I’d really love to see Arsenal play a 4-5-1 with Hleb slotted right behind Ade, but without a left winger (Eduardo, Diaby and Rosicky are all out) I can’t see it happening.  So look for the 4-4-2 with Adebayor starting with Bendtner (which I do think is a poor pairing) up front, Eboue on the right, Cesc on the left and Flamini and Gilberto in the middle.  Around the 60th minute I’d look for Walcott and van Persie to come on for Eboue and Bendtner  — especially if they are a goal down.

And that’s the team news ahead of the match: here’s to 3 points, after the match against Milan, you have to say that the boys have it in them to win, but they have to be up for it.  I’d love to see a 7-1 thrashing right now.  Since I have football practice at 9am I’ll be at Doyle’s for the match, which kicks off at 10:15am.  Come on down and tip a pint with me if you like.

Now.  I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the controversy surrounding the Champions League draw.  I first heard about it through the internet in a TotalFark thread I submitted.  I mean, what are the odds of randomly figuring that out? 1 in 56?  That’s CRAZY ODDS!!!  Plus, what if, and just hear me out here, what if the blogger messed with his time stamp?  And then there’s also a huge question about what exactly it was that they fixed?  I guess they could have made sure that Barca, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal didn’t all meet and leave the possibility of a Roma v. Fenerwhatever final or something.  But even if all those teams met, you’d still have giants versus minnows in the semi-final.  At some point, even if the fix is in, the giants play the minnows.  My point is, it seems like they have a ton to lose and so little to gain.  I can’t see it.

As for the run in and the possibility of the top four teams playing each other 100 times each in the next three weeks Wenger said pretty much the same thing I said yesterday: this is not cause for concern.  Instead, this run in will be an opportunity for Arsenal to show what they are made of.  I agree.  Arsenal is about as full strength as can be expected at this time of the season and so, no excuses, let’s just play our asses off.

The 39th game is deader than Kevin Keegan’s coaching career.  Good.

And finally, Aliadiere doesn’t know why he got a fourth match ban.  He makes some pretty good points.  Like, why did he get a 4th match and Essien (who elbowed someone in the face and then protested the ban) didn’t get shit.  Good point: Essien IS a cunt, why is that?  Is that something the teach in training at Chelsea or does Chelsea just amass the largest pack of hideous cunts possible?  A. Cole, J. Cole, Essien, Ballsack, and then king cunts Drogba, Lampard and Mikel.  Terry’s a cunt too, but I’d love to have that cunt in my squad so I can’t fault him for anything other than his fashion sense and choice of teammates.  Maybe it’s one of those chicken-or-the-egg things?

Where was I?  Oh yeah, getting ready for practice.  And with that I’m off, here’s to 3 points and a famous win.

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