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Freddie Ljungberg to MLS Seattle Sounders?

One of my favorite Arsenal players of all time (and now washed up West Ham failure), Freddie Ljungberg, is reportedly coming to my home town Major League “Soccer” team, the Seattle Sounders.


I was really hoping for an excuse not to go to too many of their games. See, American Soccer, is, well, it’s f*cking lame. The players suck, the action is horrible, and the average fan’s idea of a good time is to bring a drum to the game and beat it mindlessly for 90 minutes (Mike, I’m talking about you). Or, better yet, bring one of those annoying horns to the game and blow it IN MY F*CKING EAR FOR 90 MINUTES. Add on to that morass of stupidity and suck the fact that the stadium the Sounders will be playing in (Qwest Field) for the next few years is easily the worst stadium to watch “soccer” in in the world. Why? American football stadiums are bad for “soccer” in general because American football teams are huge and thus require enormous sidelines to house their enormous teams full of enormous mouth breathers sucking down oxygen on the sidelines. The view is fine, but you are so far removed from the action that you feel like a spectator, instead of something like Highbury where you feel like you’re on the pitch.

Oh yeah, and the “field” is plastic which is horrible for any sport, except maybe women’s lacrosse.

And Qwest field seats 72,000 of which the Seattle Sounders will be lucky to get 20,000 at a game after the first few matches when everyone realizes that the matches suck and the atmosphere is horrible.

Can you see why I wasn’t excited to go?

The Sounders have been making a lot of noise about using their exception to sign a big name (Thierry Henry was linked at one time) and, according to the Swedish Television News 4 (which I imagine is the hottest television news broadcast in the world) Freddie Ljungberg is their man.


I like Freddie and I never got to see him play and washed up or not, he’ll probably tear apart the soft defenses of the MLS. So I guess that settles it, Doyle’s Public House in Tacoma is organizing a boozy bus-load of locals to go see every Sounders game, so I guess I’ll have to get a seat.

Save me a seat Russ, I’m coming to hell with the rest of you.

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