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Happy Father’s Day!

First off, I want to give a shout out to blog commenter and new daddy Travis the Septopus — and of course to all us old daddy’s out there: Adrian, Alex, Caribkid, Russ, and anyone else who ever donated chromosomes!

The real Gooner of the Year

On such an auspicious day I also want to give you guys nothing but good news! So, for example, Man U are being linked to the old-new-Zidane, Karim Benzema. So I went out and looked at his video and then I looked at Juan Seb Veron’s video and I’m convinced that Benzema is not the new Zidane, he’s not even the new Veron. See for yourself!



SEE! Veron is da bomb! I think Man U should break the bank and sign that guy!

Following on the heels of that world exclusive, I have another piece of exclusive news: Arsenal are going to trade Eboue for Sakho. OHGODSPLEASELETTHISBETRUE.

Meanwhile, Diaby is working out, getting more powerful, trying to get “Vieira like” or maybe “Vieira-esque.” It’s a funny story. I wonder why he felt the need to talk about it at all? Of course, we’d all take it if he was just “Almost nearly Vieira” but as it stands the closest he’ll get to Vieira is when he shines his boots for the national team. Keeping with the theme of today’s blog, though, let’s all wish him good luck! May he come out of the training with 20 inch biceps and legs like mighty might oaks.

And for all you Veloso fans out there, here’s a heartwarming story about how no one has bid for him. I mean, I’m sure it’s not heartwarming for him, but it means that we can all keep the Veloso to Arsenal fantasy alive!

And finally, someone has taken Vermaelen’s first interview off the dot com (BAD BOY) and put it on youtube, get it while it’s hot.

I’m off to have a kickaround and as a father, I will be expected great service today, scoring 13 goals, and making every defensive play!

See you tomorrow.

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