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The off season is really off

Holy crap… there’s nothing going on.

We’re linked to PSG defender Mamadou Sakho, well it’s us or Bayern. He is 19 and African Francophone, which means this is basically in the bag, right? After all, French + Young + African = Arsenal signing!

Meanwhile, Arsenal have supposedly agreed to sign in January another player for the future, Martin Angha. Assuming the story is true, I don’t really have a problem with this. I mean, I’m hoping Arsenal still have a first team in 10 years and maybe this guy will be in it. And while I make fun of stories like this, a future future signing, it’s important business for the team and good looking out for the future.

The stories I find completely laughable are the ones that link Arsenal to yet another attacking middle fielder like Wesley Sneijder. Not.Gunner.Happen.

And that’s it…

Seriously. Sure there’s rumors and innuendo and such and such is swooping for so and so which means Arsenal aren’t in for them any more but frankly, it’s just tiresome.