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Well, that was crap

I spent the whole day messing around, walking from place to place and basically looking for anywhere to get free wi-fi. Just like last time this last bit was a waste of time. Free wifi must exist in the city but finding it is the holy grail. What’s worse is that the hotel I’m staying in made it seem like wi-fi was complimentary but in reality it’s costing me £5 a day. This isn’t the end of the world but I probably would have stayed at the place in Russel Square if this place  hadn’t pulled the old “hey wifi in every room” BS.

Hell, I might take the laptop over to the old haunt and see if wifi is still free in the lounge.

I did have an incredible dinner at the Churchill Arms. I  read online that this is considered a good “gastropub” in London as they serve a great bit of Thai food. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY. I got this dish of roasted duck, red curry, fresh veg, and pineapple. It was listed as 1 star as far as spiciness, but it was hot enough for me — and I like Thai food. The duck was a bit overcooked but that’s just picking bones because I don’t know any place to get roasted duck breast curry. And the curry sauce itself was simply magical. The only warning I would give about the Churchill Arms is that there was some clown in his 5-1 Tottenham beats Arsenal commemorative hat (no joke) so I can’t vouch for your safety if you head in there in an Arsenal kit.

I read in the papers that Man U are the new untouchables, which nearly made me puke my lunch up and that Eduardo is out for a while with that hammy pull from Monday which sucks.

Hopefully I have a better blog tomorrow morning (uhh a few hours from now!) but today was really rather boring.  Maybe I’ll just start talking to people and taking pictures of everything.  Until then.

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