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Arsene prepares us for the bad news about Arshavin

It’s one of those days. Manchester City and Tottenham are throwing around money like it’s water and Arsenal are sitting on money like it’s, uhh, gold? Fools gold?

First, the bad news is that the Kaka deal is off… no wait, it’s back on and very close to a done deal!

I really hope City sign Kaka because that’s £100m fewer they can spend disrupting the rest of the league with their foolishness. FOOLISHNESS. Oh and yes, I got that link from L’Equipe, which my Google Reader translates for me. Suck it, non-Google reader monolinguists.

Not to be outdone, Spuds are bidding foolishness as well, offering £14m for Kenwynne Mulholland Jjones and £10m for Arsenal reject Wilson Palacios. I just want to mention that if we add up the value of all the central midfielders that Arsenal have let go for free or cheap, I swear Arsenal could buy a Kaka: £15m for Diarra, £15m for Flamini, £10m for Palacios, well, ok, 40% of a Kaka. Still, something doesn’t add up: during the period where we have let go those three players Arsene has kept Denilson, Song, and Diaby. Maybe Song is a £20m midfielder in disguise? Like he’s wearing this facade of being a slow, dopey, slack jawed, careless defensive midfielder but underneath he’s really great? I don’t know. I do know that Arsenal’s problems getting and keeping a solid defensive midfielder is starting to get on my pecs.

As for the Arshavin deal, Arsene is prepping us for the worst.

I am very hopeful … because the market closes at the end of the month, but if it does not happen, it does not happen. We have a few options available although we are not close to any of them – everything is open. Do not forget we have Rosicky, Fábregas and Walcott who are all creative and offensive players and will come back from their injuries at some stage, as will Eduardo. He has recovered very well and he would be like a new signing. For me, he is two to three weeks away.

Wenger is clearly frustrated by the situation and grasping at straws. We all know that by the time Rosicky (never), Fabregas (May), Walcott (March), and Eduardo (February) return Arsenal could be out of the Champions League and may have dropped further in the EPL.

Just as an example, we should have Eduardo back for the first leg of the Roma match and Walcott back for the second leg. Meanwhile there will be somewhere around 6 Premier League matches before both of those guys are back. Plus, Arsenal have to travel to Wales and play Cardiff in the FA Cup, before either of them return.

The point is, it’s brown trousers time, folks, and Wenger pointing out that Cesc is due to return in the last week of the year is disingenuous at best. I’d rather he didn’t say anything or just “we’re trying to sign someone” rather than bullshit me with fantasies of Fabregas dancing around midfielders in my head.


As if you needed more reason to hate the whole transfer market right now, I present you with the best article of the transfer season, it has less meat than a Chicken McNugget (HA! they have since filled it in with flap about Arshavin). I don’t know what else they could add, but I love the fact that it’s a whole link to itself, for basically a headline and a teaser. Sorry, put that in with another article. Hell, put it in with this one about how Inler doesn’t think Arsenal are a top club and that’s why he refused to sign with us. Save me a click please.

Anyway, all of this just goes to show that January is no time to try to shore up the squad and Arsenal are going to need some real luck to get someone in who fits the bill(s). Sadly, right now I think our luck has just about run out.

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