Arshavin deal going pear shaped?


With the Man U v. Chelsea match looming large and Rafa Benitez’ comments about Sir Alex Ferguson dominating the news cycles there is precious little Arsenal news to report this morning.

In fact, I have no facts. I have rumor and innuendo. The most disappointing rumor of the day is that Arsenal only offered £10m for Arshavin, which has been rejected by Zenit outright. If it’s true, it’s actually a hilarious bid, I mean, this is a guy who Zenit wanted £24m for this summer. Sure, his value is lower because he’s cup tied and he wants to get away from Zenit, but £10m? Even as an initial offer it’s hilarious.

Of course, Zenit are clearly now playing the whole thing up in the press, in order to generate other offers, like from Man City. Considering that Zenit have told City how cheaply (for them) they can have the player, and considering how much more City can pay Arshavin, I think the whole deal now has to have been thrown into question. Like they say, when you lie with rats you get up with fleas, and bubonic plague, or something.

It’s a real shame too, I was watching some video of Arshavin and he really does have the skills that Arsenal need up front right now. More than ever, if Arsenal want to get this guy, they are going to have to play hardball: or start looking somewhere else.

In other rumors, Arsenal are being linked to Jimmy Bullard and Jack Collison. Bullard has a ton of heart and that alone would make him an improvement over Diaby. Collison? Well, Collison is tall, which seems to be the only qualification for getting linked to Arsenal right now.

Short blog today, I’m going to start breakfast so that I can be well fed for the big match. One final note, my prediction of dysentery was very close… seems like a fire alarm went off in the Chelsea hotel, disrupting their sleep.

Now, if they could get some bad lasagne for lunch…

3 Responses to “Arshavin deal going pear shaped?”

  1. January 11, 2009 at 8:37 am

    I’m watching the United game and my observations are

    1. Howard Webb is a disaster
    2. I hate every single player on both teams but if I had my way, Ashley Cole’s leg would explode from a Rooney challenge and a splinter of his leg bone would lodge in Rooney’s brain . Not killing him, but just lobotomizing him.

  2. 2 barnaby
    January 11, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    We may re-bid for Arshavin, but we’re fairly close to the ceiling now I would think and zenit cannot expect wenger to pay meaningfully more, i would expect one final bid from afc but that would be that i’m afraid. Given the economy I believe man city would be the only club paying stupid money at the moment. Should he go to city it would maybe work out for him but there are plenty of downsides including no cl this year and probably next, manager under pressure and should city not improve significantly following a spending spree I would expect hughes to be shown the door, and will arshavin relegate swp to the bench, one of their better players – and then this scenario repeated ten times leading to an inevitable revisit of the chelsea craziness of a few seasons ago – spending 300 mil to buy a 150 mil team with many excellent players bought and then sold in short order.

    Ashavin’s probably worth some 40 mil quid at this point in his career, so if it’s a matter of money with him and he goes for city then i think it’s unfortunate because in the time city will need to get it all together he will be 30 years of age and become increasingly marginalised. I’m not sure of his exact contract terms, but buying out his contract and having afc compensate him could be a consideration if it’s reasonable. Well, it’s not dead yet, but Zenit are being true to form.

  3. January 12, 2009 at 10:30 am

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