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Liveblogging Arsenal v. Aston Villa pt. 2

Ok, making some breakfast back in a minute.

47′ Denilson has picked up where he left off I see… how much longer can Arsene Wenger leave him on the pitch? I would put money that he gets sent off before the 60th minute. Bring on Ramsey, he could hardly do worse.

50′ Yeah, bring on Vela… bring on Jesus… BRING ON SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO WIN

52′ Bendtner receives a perfect pass from Cesc, and promptly dumps all over himself. If Denilson is having a nightmare match, Bendtner is the Freddy Krueger of that nightmare.

56′ William Gallas is slotted in by Nasri — that’s how bad they have been up front, Gallas is our most dangerous striker at the moment.

58′ Yes, bring on Adebayor and pray he headbutts Bendtner to death.

61′ Wow… Diaby has been bad but not that bad, but Wenger’s seen enough of this floundering and brings on Our Saviour, Adebayor — the fans like it, they are in full throat singing the Adebayor song.

66′ Mike Riley is having none of it as two Villa players haul down Theo. I haven’t mentioned it yet but Thoe is having a run of poor games and this one is no exception.

68′ Finally! Arsenal’s hairstyles just got moire conservative as Wenger has seen enough of Bendter and brings on Vela. Things should get more open up front now.

69′ 1-0 to Villa — Clichy own goal. Clichy is the new Senderos.

70′ So, Mike Riley stops play on their end when one of their players feigns injury and when Sagna is actually injured (requiring a stretcher) Riley allows Villa to play on.

71′ Adebayor with Arsenal’s best chance, pawed away by Friedle

71′ Toure on for Sagna — Matt, Mike Riley is a cunt.

76′ Agbonlahor handles the ball, in front of Riley, stops playing because he knows he handled ball — the call from Riley?  Play on. Of course, it’s easy to blame Riley, but really Villa deserve the win at this point, they look so much better the squad.

80′ Agbonlahor just beat the pants off Gallas, after Mike Riley fails to award a clear free kick and Mike Riley has ensured that Arsenal are fighting for a place in the Champions League. 2-0 to the Villans.

85′ Even if, by some miracle, Arsenal manage to save a point this performance has to go down as proof that any team… ANY TEAM can beat Arsenal at home.

90′ And Mike Riley adds 4 minutes… whipty fucking doo — maybe Clichy can get another “goal”

93′ Cesc is casually nudged off the ball — that’s it Arsenal are beaten emotionally and physically.  What will Wenger’s response be? “We can still win the championship.” “This team is young.” “That was the same lineup against United.”

Villa get their first win against Arsenal wince 1998… congrats to them.

Timmy’s final thoughts

That was a poor performance. Very poor all around, we can blame the ref, we can blame the squad’s “inexperience” but honestly Villa deserved that win. Arsenal can’t defend headers AND they have problems with speedy attackers. Villa played hard, closed space, and got their tactics spot on closing down wings and forcing everything to the middle. But worse than the manager’s inflexibility in tactics and the squad’s defensive woes or even more than Villa’s determination it looks like this team just gives up. Every other match they just seem to play without any passion and this was no exception.

Time for Wenger to sort this squad out. Personally, I’d sit Cesc, Denilson, Walcott, Bendtner, and Gallas until they proved that they want to play. In their stead, I see no reason not to start the youth players.

Is that crazy? At this point, Arsenal really have nothing to lose.

See you tomorrow for The Good, Bad, and Ugly.


Liveblogging Arsenal v. Aston Villa pt. 1

Good morning!

A quick glance at the news reports this morning has Almunia and Adebayor healthy to face the Villans (but you knew that yesterday, if you read the blog). Fiery Jack is being tipped to play in the 2010 world cup — that’s not too soon is it? Gah… what is it about the psyche of the British people that they are constantly putting this type of pressure on children? They did it with Wayne Looney, Theo Walcott, and now Fiery Jack… dudes… give it a rest!

Arsenal will take on Burnley at, whatever the name of their stadium is, in the Carling Cup. Interestingly, Stoke, Tottenham and Man U all have ties that they should win as well. That means that if everything goes according to the odds, Arsenal could face three teams that I’d love to see this youth team beat. Of course, first things first: gotta beat Burnley.

One last thing… Arsene has said Eduardo could be back in two weeks. According to my calculations, that’s the League match against Chelsea. Hmm… I laughed when someone predicted that he’d come of the bench against Chelsea and now it looks like that prediction may come true.

Ok, lineup… looks like a 4-5-1 with Diaby coming in again, Nasri and Walcott out wide, Denilson and Cesc in the middle, Almunia in the sticks, Bendtner up front, and Silvestre paired with Gallas at the back.

Right, be back for kickoff.  UP THE ARSE!

Kickoff — Woo HOoOo! 7am kickoff!

1st minute — OK… uhh, SHAKY START, plus Mike Riley is the ref.

4′ Theo is absolutely destroying his marker Denilson plays him in and Theo makes a great pass that is wasted as it went in toward the hapless Bendtner.

5′ Almunia looks uncertain as Silvestre plays the ball back to him and he simply refuses to come out and claim it. It goes across for a Villa corner. UGH. I’m very quickly becoming tired of Almunia.

8′ I love your optimism Matt…

10′ Denilson gets a yellow for a horribly mistimed tackle. I want the same yellow when Gareth Barry does that to Arsenal.

14′ This is odd, Arsenal are playing long balls up to the increasingly useless Bendtner. Route 1 football from the team that — hey, some good movement and passing sees a shot on goal from Cesc spilled by Friedel and a drop ball after the whistle blows for an “injury”

18′ Mike Riley awards a penalty and gives Cesc a yellow for his late tackle (that happened earlier), Young steps up and ALMUNIA SAVES!!! I LOVE ALMUNIA!

OK — the problem is that Arsenal look to be on the ropes here. Regroup, pull your heads out of your asses and put this team under.

23′ Villa is dominating the midfield right now as evidenced by the fact that both of our central midfielders have yellows.

25′ Diaby could have gotten a yellow for a high boot that draws blood from the forehead of the Villa defender. I really want to see the penalty again… it looked like Theo won the ball but that’s probably just sour grapes on my part, Theo didn’t complain.

28′ I have pinpointed the problem with Bendtner, he is sporting some kind of rat tail hairstyle. Never trust a man with a rat tail.

30′ Denilson is having a nightmare against Sidwell and Young. Young makes a mazy run right through the center of the park and Denilson’s response was to try to trip him. Fortunately, Denilson is having sunch a bad day that he missed his trip or he would have been sent off.  Unfortunately, this means that Denilson is still on the pitch.

35′ A whole sale change is needed at this point, take Bendtner off, take Denilson off — Arsenal escape again after getting opened up by Villa Barry’s shot is directly at Almunia. Villa deserve this match at this point. Arsenal look like they are turning in one of “those” performances.

43′ What’s left to say? Arsenal are playing like a 7th place club. This is horrible.

If you haven’t reached for the cyanide you can catch the second half over here.

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