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Arsenal have a cream filling; it’s sweet but soft!

Abdoulaye Faye has revealed Stoke City’s shock plan to beat Arsenal today… kick them off the pitch.  Holy crap, no one has thought of that tactic yet this season, well, I guess we might as well not even show up. In fact, just go ahead and concede the rest of the season, because tactical genius Abdoulaye Faye has shone his seers eye upon the Arsenal first team and found their weakness!


Bolton tried this already this season and failed miserably even though their great cunt Kevin Davies tried to break Clichy’s leg.


This is an oft repeated meme about Arsenal that hasn’t really been true for over two years that people like Faye and people who believe what they read in the British Press want to believe.

Either way, I’m not concerned about them bringing the beef, except that I really hope that none of the Arsenal players get injured. After all, Birmingham openly said they were going to “get stuck in” and we saw the result of that.

The only other news is that Arsene and William are circling the wagons.

We cannot dwell on one game. We have to stay focussed on what is ahead of us and not what is behind. We are a tight- knit unit working together with belief and desire to challenge for trophies.  We can do it.

That starts tomorrow at Stoke. Unfortunately a scan has revealed that I have pulled my hamstring so sadly I won’t be involved but the boys are determined to come back with three points.

We showed our patience, commitment and skill against West Ham and we can do it again, one game at a time.  We are in this race and want to stay in it and will give everything, that is the least our fans deserve.  They were tremendous on Wednesday night and we want to repay their unwavering support.

Yeah yeah yeah… “It’s time to be patient, learn from our mistakes, we are in this together, these guys are young, ad nauseum.”

It’s going to be a long season.

Anyway, I’m up and I’ve got my Highbury commemorative Bergkamp shirt on, which we all know is the luckiest of lucky shirts. So, I’m doing my part in this game.

See you at Doyle’s in a few hours, god knows who Arsene will field today: maybe Amaury Bischoff will get a run out.

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