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Liveblogging West Ham v. Arsenal, second half.

Cereal and Bacon… the breakfast of champions.

I’ve been watching Fox Soccer Channel now for.. erm, jeez, 10 years? And their commercials have gotten 100% better in the last year or two. But this commercial where they encourage the old and the stupid to send their gold jewelry in for some cash is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Who is actually falling for this scam?

I think I’d like to see Adebayor come on, even if he is insane. Also, maybe Diaby for Nasri?

47′ Second half starts like the first… yawn.

50′ Almunia and Gallas stare accusingly at each other after they both make a hash of what should have been an easy clearance.

53′ Walcott is having a whale of a game, he puts the ball perfectly across the 6 yard box for van Persie and it’s an heroic clearance by Collins that saves West Ham from the goal. DAMN!

55′ CHRIST EBOUE… gives the ball away in a dangerous position twice!

57′ Collins with a clear foul on van Persie in the box. No call.

58′ The game is amping up, West Ham claiming a hand ball on every play, Song picks up a Yellow and I’m still not sure how we haven’t gotten a goal.

62′ Back and forth action now, there has to be a goal in this game.

66′ Diaby and Ade coming on, can they break the deadlock? Yep, Nasri, OH MAN, Walcott?  Why? He’s been f-ing brilliant. Aghhhh.

67′ Adebayor’s first action is… a wide open header nodded wide of the net. PROFLIGATE. How about an offside for an encore?

71′ My loyal reader has shown up! Hey Matt. DAMN! Robert Green is having a career game as he saves off a venemous left footed shot by van Persie. Free kick in a dangerous area…

73′ …and he hits the post! CHRIST…

75′ YES!!! Arsenal are really stretching to get the win and West Ham are countering well but it’s the perseverance of Adebayor and the lucky foot of Faubert who put Arsenal up 1-0. Now… can we hold it? Someone’s down injured and Gallas sneaks off to have a fag and calm the nerves.

79′ Adebayor! Oh man, so close, great pass from Bendtner puts the ball in to Ade who’s low shot is saved again by Green, the follow up is wide. PROFLIGATE!

82′ The Arsenal fans are in full voice now. Come on boys get a second.

87′ Arsenal are putting this one away quite nicely, keeping possession, frustrating the West Ham team. Come on boys!

90′ Sagna’s coming on?

90′ My nerves are frazzled… West Ham with a couple set pices at the end. ALL HANDS!

90′ ADEBAYOR!!! Way to take your time and just put the ball in the net. 3 points!

90′ Hold on Matt, I’ll look it up… Centenary Stand, the goal we were shooting at at the end there.\

Fin — Great sub by Wenger to bring Adebayor on, Man of the Match? Hmmm…; Tune in tomorrow for The Good, Bad, and Ugly.  I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and have a pint — it’s going to be 60+ degrees here.



Liveblogging West Ham v. Arsenal, first half

Good morning Arsegoblins, a few news stories to catch you up on before the kickoff here in 5 minutes or so. The biggest story of the day has to be Harry Redknapp’s appointment to Spuds. Harry’s a damn fine coach and chronic blinker and I have to think that Spurs are going to have a hard time getting their money’s worth out of him — he’s costing Spuds $10m for the transfer plus his salary and the salaries of Ramos, Poyet, and Comolli. It’s a huge gamble, but really what else do you expect? Clearly, apart from his two off wins against Arsenal and Chelsea to win the Milk Cup he’s been one of the worst managers in Spuds long history of shitty managers.  If they didn’t do something, they were going to get relegated, I was just hoping that they waited until after the North London Derby.

Oh well.

In other weird news, Becks is heading to AC Milan, who I got to see this morning. What a weird team… Flamini was subbed at the 20th minute or so for some 86 year old Brazilian. And it’s not like he’s the only octogenarian on the club. They seem to be collecting old men, so I guess Becks will fit right in.


Match is starting, BRB….

Oh yeah, Chelsea lost to Litterpool.

1′ They just showed the league table and my girlfriend just said “Wow, Hull City’s up there” yes, yes, they are.

1′ Bendtner and van Persie get the nod up front and Song gets a start next to Fabregas. Also Gallas is starting at the back, I think he’s sneaking a smoke.

3′ Looked like van Persie was pulled down there but no complaints from the Arsenal.

6′ Eboue plays in the exact wrong pass in the final third after a display of pretty good control. Wasted chance there.

8′ van Persie is playing awfully deep. Hmmm…

11′ West Ham is doing a good job controlling the tempo and Arsenal are doing a good job clearing their lines, this could be a 1-0 or even a 0-0 affair, which would be refreshing.

17′ yawn… hey did you hear that Joey Barton was pelted by Sunderland fans for kissing the Newcastle badge? This then, in turn started some fan violence and a pitch invasion and… police are investigating.

20′ Walcott with a great run and strike! Action! Good save by West Ham.

22′ Gallas is working hard, breathing heavy, get him some oxygen!

24′ Robert Green collects the ball clearly a yard over the line. Blown call by the assisstant Andy Williams.

25′ Great save by Green off some great interplay between Theo and Robin. Robin chests the ball down for Theo who is making a great diagonal run, collects and fires low. Green miraculously gets to the ball.

29′ Arsenal are caught out with a great pass from Parker to Bellamy, his shot is saved by the leg of Almunia. Gallas and Silvestre were caught out there and it’s just a great save from Almunia that saves Arsenal’s blushes.

31′ As poor as Song was in the middle of the defense, he’s really really good in the center of the park. Maybe he’s not as much of a utility player as Arsene thinks.

34′ For example, Song just trekked back the entire length of the pitch to nip the ball off Carlton Cole who had rampaged through the Arsenal midfield.

36′ DAMN! Green is having a monster of a game, he saves well off a great shot by Bendtner. The keepers are the difference so far in this match.  The commentator just said “the best goalless first half you’re likely to see all season.” I Agree.

42′ West Ham is getting tetchy and Parker rightly gets booked for a reckless tackle from behind. Arsenal get a free kick in a dangerous area… nothing.

45′ Right, 0-0 and I need some sausages or something, catch the second half over here.

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