Liveblogging Arsenal v. Everton, first half

Coffee’s on, Flamini strip on, and a brief review of the morning literature reveals that Le Boss believes that Theo is a hulking superstar — who is better than Messi. Unfortunately, our hulking superstar needs a rest after playing 4 games in 10 days and won’t be starting today. I’d be surprised if he didn’t feature at some point but not at the start.

Ok, 5 minutes till, need to get some coffee in me.

7:00 — ok, late kickoff, and Arsenal’s future England #1 is being ravaged by the announcers. It’s will probably be the only time I agree with whatsisname; Almunia isn’t good enough to overcome the fact that he doesn’t have “English Blood.”

7:05 — Song at left (right, e.d.) back??? Eboue in the middle??? What the shit???

7:10 — Sylvestre gets a header in and it is a massive, massive header. Is there some law of physics that allows his giant head to make giant headers.

7:11 — Osman gets a chance and takes it. Fuck… I just watched as Denilson and Cesc jogged back — what the hell is going on?

7:17 — Wow, as I see the replay that was a very, very, ordinary goal. Arsenal looks very dejected and weak at the moment, does anyone care? You play for Arsenal god damnit.

7:18 — route one football to van Persie who chests down a long lob and is very unfortunate to have Tim Howard save the ball. That’s better, come on boys!

7:20 — Denilson gives away another pass – he’s having a horror first half, at fault for the first goal and not clicking with his teammates at all.  Jesus, he’s been caught jogging back again!

7:24 — Captain Toure is the first victim of Sylvestre’s giant melon.

7:26 — Theo is warming up, to possibly come on for the injured Toure as Arsenal make a hash of it in front of Everton’s goal. We’re making chances now, and look quite a bit better. I think it’s only a matter of time until Arsenal put one past.

7:29 — Adebayor with the wide open miss off Clichy’s cross. PROFLIGATE!

7:30 — Denilson is destroyed by Peener and on the counter attack the ball falls to Eboue who places perfectly to van Persie, on his left foot, and of course he fires high and wide. Someone send a memo to van Persie that he doesn’t need to hit the ball with 100% power on every shot.

7:34 — the announcers felt that Lescott elbowing van Persie in the back of the head “wasn’t even a foul.” Fuck. Off.

7:36 — Shameful dive by Adebayor. Yes, Samuel, I think “legless” perfectly describes this performance so far.


7:43 — HA HA I missed Everton’s “second” goal.  Arsenal are making some chances but aren’t taking them. Also, I don’t see any movement off the ball. I thought that was Wenger’s mostest favoritest thing?

7:48 — Can we just get out of this half down by only 1 goal? Please?

7:52 — Thank god. That was horrible.

5 Responses to “Liveblogging Arsenal v. Everton, first half”

  1. 2 Samuel
    October 18, 2008 at 6:31 am

    Arsenal are just legless right now. The gulf between where they are at form wise and table wise compared to Chelsea is a very wide one. I am dismayed.

    I say I am dismayed!

  2. 3 Matt
    October 18, 2008 at 6:41 am

    Fuck this I am going to go rake leaves.

  3. 4 Matt
    October 18, 2008 at 7:02 am

    Win or lose, I tell ya, there are few things better than spending a glorious fall morning with a pot of coffee and the Arsenal.

    I think this is what heaven is like…

    Anyway, predictions for half time changes?

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