Victoria Concordia Crescit

Well, now that Arsenal is at the top of the Premiership the press are going to start digging up stories, even if it means going through the trash at the hotel that Arsenal stayed in before the Bolton match and retrieving a handout from a team meeting. This story is so funny on so many levels: the fact that the press thinks this is a big story, that people are psychoanalyzing the document, and hell, I even saw a quote from Perry Groves about how if he’d have been asked to sit through one of these meetings he’d have been thinking about golf or some such. Old heads aside, I actually think it’s a pretty smart document that shows that the boss is trying to create something really special at Arsenal. Plus, it’s got my name on the bottom. (I did not write this, though I could have.)

I’ve seen a smattering of comments about the meeting, mostly positive and then there are a few people (likely notloB supporters) who claim that Kevin Nolan wanted to tackle the ideas in the document, they were just too quick for him. The only thing I had any problem with is the obviousness of a few of the statements about being humble and appreciating the gratitude that the club brings to their lives. “DON’T WHINE ABOUT YOUR PAYCHECK, ADEBAYOR I’M TALKING TO YOU.”

Not content with republishing the detritus of the Bolton match, the press went in search of fresh blood and goaded Arsene and Michel into a war of French words, in the French newspapers. France. This is a non-story, but I love the idea that Platini thought he was getting in a good dig by saying that A) Wenger never saw it (a jibe that even Wenger made fun of just two days ago) and B) his “comeback” that Wenger was interested in the business aspect of managing the club. ONOES! Arsene Wenger is concerned about the long term financial success of the club?

Does anyone take Michel Platini seriously anymore?


So, here’s the hottest property in all of English football and no one is going to pick him up? Hmmm, something doesn’t smell right here. First, Arsenal give “the man with three lungs” a closed door workout to see what he can do instead of Appiah while publicly saying that they are not interested in Appiah. Then Chelsea pick up Miniero over Appiah when Essien goes down for the season. And now, Harry Redknapp is saying he’s not interested in Appiah because his contract would be too big. Something just isn’t right here and I’m putting my money in the “Appiah isn’t 100% and never will be 100%” column. Which is sad, but given the fact that he wants a huge contract and is probably not 100% it is almost assured that West Ham will now sign him: or Tottenham, though I hear they are inconceivably looking for more strikers.

Arsenal Youth England v. Sheffield United

I don’t think that legally Arsenal could field a younger team than the one they have named for today’s match. 16 year old Jack Wilshere won’t even be the youngest player in the squad, that honor goes to even less old 16 year old Emmanuel Frimpong or as I like to call him “Manu 3, the Feet of Fate.”

Other luminaries in this squad are Henri Lansbury, who despite having a French name is very English. Keiran Gibbs, who really wished he could play left wing but never will. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, who is very English. Gavin Hoyte of the Waltham Forest Hoytes. And Mark Randall, who is so English he doesn’t need a passport, he just points to the haircut — party in the front, party in the back.

There you have it, Arsenal England versus Sheffield United. I think that Doyle’s is recording the match and I’ll be stopping by there after work for a pint to catch the game and see how our youth team is developing.

Stop by, I’ll buy you a beer. Not all of you, just my one loyal reader.

If not, until tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Victoria Concordia Crescit”

  1. September 23, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    I thought the Wenger memo was quite interesting. It shows what goes on behind the scenes at the Arsenal, and I for one would love to be at the build-up of a match. I was so moved by it that I wrote something about it myself. I never knew Wenger really believed that stuff about teamwork and the like. Not to that extent, anyway. And that wayward apostrophe just capped it off – it showed that Le Boss is human after all.

    I still think we should’ve got Appiah. It’s not like injury-proneness scares Wenger off – remember Bischoff, Silvestre, Rosicky…Appiah would’ve fit straight in. There’s no harm in offering him a 50,000 one year contract, and waiting for Song and Denilson to mature. Blackburn cut through our midfield like butter, and we could use solid bloke plugging up that hole.

  2. 2 Matt
    September 23, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    Did you see the challenge in the United-Boro match? Yep, studs up, chunk of the victim’s leg gone, and even though the Pogatetz got the ball, he was sent off with a red card.

    Meanwhile, Clichy was horror tackled by that idiot Davies, and its nothing but a yellow card.

    Are officials more likely to protect Man United players? Or do they just not care for giving Englishmen reds?

    Either way, pisses me off.

  3. 3 anonymous
    September 23, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    I agree with Matt:

    Davies on Clichy
    Barton on Nasri

    Same sort of tackle with a mind towards injuring the player and winning the ball. But because the Manc breaks his leg and has a cry on the field (fair enough) he gets a red card.
    Talk about failing to ‘Respect’ the Refs

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