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Appiah v. Bischoff plus Nazi di Canio in for West Ham

After reviewing the films, I can say with 100% certainty that I want Stephen Appiah on this Arsenal team but I have to wonder, if Arsene was in for Appiah why hasn’t it been done already? It’s not like the fact that Appiah was a free agent was news to anyone but me. So, if Arsene had wanted to bring him in, I have to think he would have done so already.

I’m afraid that this whole linking of him to Arsenal is just his agent trying to get the lad a bigger payday. He has absolutely been to London for a physical with the Hammers and there is believed to be a deal on the table, waiting for him to sign it. Certainly the departure of Alan Curbishley and the rumors that Fascist and hot head Paolo di Canio may be coming in to replace him could have given Appiah pause but I’m still sceptical that the guy is waiting around to sign for us. It just strikes me as odd that Arsenal bid on both Inler and Alonso and were reportedly willing to put out £14m for Alonso, but then suddenly are like “oh YEAH! Appiah! I totally forgot! Thank God he was just lying around surplus to everyone’s requirements. You know what, though? Let’s wait until AFTER the transfer window closes because what we’d much rather do is pay £15m for Inler than take Appiah on a free. Because, like Man City, Arsenal love wasting money!” 

This is the perfect type of story to whip Arsenal fans into stiff peaks because it plays on our collective unrest over the “lack” of signings at the club this summer and has given some of you hope that the deal will get done. And to hear some of your comments, they sound like Appiah is some kind of footballing Messiah, I’d say the press coverage has worked. I’m not saying that Appiah isn’t a good player, again — I’d love him on the team, but don’t be surprised to read the boss saying that this team doesn’t need any additions to win the title, because frankly, we don’t.

In another story that’s sure to whip the handwringers into a handwringing frenzy the club is banging the Bischoff drum by saying that the kid could be ready for “first team” action in a few more weeks. Really, the handwringers are up in arms about the “lack” of central midfielders but look at the midfield in three weeks time: Cesc, Diaby, Denilson, Rambo, Biscoff, and Wilshere are all on the current Arsenal first team. You also have to factor in the fact that Wenger is willing to play Song and Eboue in the holding midfield spot and it looks more like an abundance than a dearth of options. You also have to put aside the argument about the quality of those 8 players because Arsene Wenger thinks they are quality and very, very few of us are qualified to second guess Arsene Wenger: and if you are you should be getting paid a lot more for your opinion than you’re getting by giving it here. Given all these facts, I can’t see Appiah signing for Arsenal. Prove me wrong Arsene, please.

P.S. Reports put representatives from Arsenal, West Ham, and Pompey at the Ghana v. Libya match last night, there may be more to this story than meets the eye. I don’t know.  Trying to guess what Wenger is going to do is fools gold, trust me.

No Woman No Cry

Speaking of being wrong, I’m starting to think that my worrying about the impact that the multi-gajillionaire owners of Manchester City might have been a bit off base. The fact that they courted every player in the world and they only lured one player in with Champagne wishes and caviar dreams gives me a bit of pause. That said, it’s the fact that so many players are coming out and saying that going to City would be the death of their career that really gives me hope.

Apart from Ronaldo buying a blue Bentley (and triggering the “ZOMG!! RNLDO IZ GNG 2 CIT3H N 09” stories) virtually every player linked to Citeh have literally and publicly laughed off a move to the Manchester outfit. In a statement that will lend security to Arsenal fans the world over Cesc Fabregas said that moving to City would kill his career. See, footballers do have sense!

That’s it for today, I’m going to watch some Internationals this morning and then mow the lawn and then cook some pork and then…

I know, you don’t care.  See you tomorrow.


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