6 of one, half a dozen of another

The FA handed Joey Barton a 12 match ban with 6 matches suspended until the end of NEXT season. This means he’ll be available for Shearer to select when Arsenal travel to Tyneside in March, unless he screws up somehow between now and then.

Which sports book do I contact to get the odds on Barton back in court/in trouble on the pitch before then?

I would not be at all surprised if that Tyneside match in March is a make or break match for Arsenal’s season. Given all that Newcastle has gone through and the way they felt abused by Arsenal (fairly or unfairly), the whole team will be looking for blood, or at the very least revenge. It could be an ugly match and I’m already worried that Barton will be available for selection.  Do you think he’s capable of pulling a Roy Keane? Hmmm…  I do. I guess we’ll have to see, maybe they’ll put him on Paxil or something.  What am I saying, Barton on mood stabilizers makes him utterly useless; his only talent is his agression.

And to the FA: had this been a regular training ground dust up — you know, something like when Michael Jordan once reportedly punched Steve Kerr during practice, once, in the eye, done — or a one off event, I think most people would forgive him and understand a 6+6 match ban. But since Joey can’t seem to keep his pants on, feet down, or his hands to himself, a lot of people feel it should have been longer than 6 matches. So, Shame on you FA for not having the courage to give the guy what he fully deserves.

Oh well, it’s done, he won’t make it the rest of this season before he’s in trouble for something and he certainly won’t make it two years.  So, really, it looks like a 6 match ban, but it’s a 12 match ban.

Also, Joey, word of advice: if you’re drunk enough that you’re considering a trip to McDonalds… just go straight home and go to bed.  Trust me, you and McDonalds are not ‘lovin it.’


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