It must be a mirage…

Ugh… I played 90 minutes of 5 a side last night for the first time in two weeks and then went out after for drinks so, you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit “knackered” this morning.

Naturally, last night’s topic of conversation turned from how much we all suck at football to how much Arsenal sucks and will probably finish in 20th place because they refuse to spend any money to buy players or spend any money on keeping players. My loyal readers know that this perception is simply untrue, Arsenal have the third highest salary in the EPL, but tell that to your friends — as I did last night — and they will look at you as if you have lobsters coming out of your ears or flat out deny you your truth.

But even the most stalwart and informed Arsenal supporters have to admit that they have been at least a little bit frustrated with the lack of signings during this off season.  Maybe it’s lack of money, maybe it’s Wenger’s hubris, we hear all kinds of things, but whatever the excuses I see a lot of frustrated Arsenal supporters asking for a signing.  I can’t really blame you, I feel it too.  No matter how little I think of Hleb, truth be told, he will be missed.  No matter how highly I think of Theo, he cannot fill Adebayor’s giant shoes.  No matter how much I trust Arsene Wenger, Flamini cannot be replaced by simply sticking Diaby in there.  And no matter how rose tinted my glasses, I have to admit that I have serious reservations about Song’s ability to step up to the plate and be the world class central defender that Arsenal obviously need.

Part of me does feel strongly that Arsenal need some quality signings: a true wing player (like Ljungberg), a true rock in defense (like Tony Adams), and a midfield stopper to at least give Diaby some competition for his spot.

So, it is with great pleasure that I say: Arsenal have signed Samir Nasri.  Nasri’s a young, talented, physically gifted player who is already saying all the right things. For example, when asked where he sees himself in the lineup he said

I am an offensive midfielder. I like offensive, technical and quick football, exactly in the style of Arsenal. I hope I will integrate myself quickly in this team and bring everything I can to Arsenal and its fans. I can play in the centre or on the wing. During my career, I have played behind one or two strikers or on the left, or the right hand side.

The perfect Wenger signing; technical, quick, (French!) and adaptable.  Welcome to Arsenal, Mr. Nasri.


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