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I like short blogs

Do you ever wonder, as I do, sitting here waiting for a news story to pop into my RSS feed, do you ever wonder if Samir Nasri maybe died? Or maybe he lost function in both arms? Forgot his signature? I wonder because I can’t figure out why on Earth he hasn’t at least signed for Arsenal. I know there’s no rush if the player and team have agreed to terms but why not just sign? I need a picture to put in my blog and one with Nasri holding a new shirt would be just boss.

Oh you guessed right… there’s no news. Sure, Peter Hill-Wood had something to say:

blah blah blah things aren’t what they used to be. blah blah blah Adebayor is not for sale. yadda yadda yadda Hleb is going back to Austria.

Thanks for telling us stuff we already knew, Pete!

Also lodged firmly in the “not news” category, Cesc Fabregas is the dot com player of the season. What can I say? He deserves it. Full stop.

There’s some noise (one article’s worth) that Arsenal are after Barcelona’s Real Madrid’s Ruben de la Red. Huh. This looks like one of those “stories” where the player is linked to Arsenal and then a week later says “I don’t want to leave.” That said, I could see a situation where the player is offered to Arsenal in a cash and trade deal for Adebayor: £25m and Ruben de la Red? He’s tall, he’s young, he plays in central midfield, he’s “of the Red,” what more could an Arsenal supporter want?

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s spate of non-news stories.

Thanks to reader Josh for correcting me, Ruben de la Red plays for Real Madrid, not Barcelona.  See, even I need a fact checker.

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