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Happy 4th of July

It’s a big day here in the Pacific Northwest as Tacoma reprises its role as host to the traveling wooden-ship sideshow known as “Tall Ships.”  This means the normal 4th of July waterfront celebration/annual drunken riot is going to be brewing all day instead of kicking off late at night.  Add in the fact that it’s a Friday, that fireworks are now illegal, and we’re slated for a crummy cloud covered sky thus dampening the grand finale fireworks show and this should be the best 4th of July ever.

Mirroring our dour local celebrations, Arsenal are letting off some wet firecrackers of their own in the signings realm. “The Nasri Signing” isn’t going to happen for at least 10 days, the Senna signing is right out, Hleb has become persona non press report due to the long shadow cast by Andre Arshavin, and Adebayor is mulling his future so there’s no news there either.

I have no idea what makes Adebayor think he has any control over his future: last I heard, he’s still under contract with the club.   He can complain and maybe even not give his best when selected to start (which would hurt both him and the club) but he signed a contract, there isn’t much deciding he gets to do.  Arsenal, on the other hand, are the ones who get to decide; should they sell him now for £24-30m or hold on to him for another year and sell him on for more!  I think they ought to keep him.  Arsenal reportedly only paid Monaco £4.2m for him 18 months ago.  Now, if Barcelona legitimately offer £30m for the player, that’s an annualized rate of return of 225% and a total return of 615%.  A return of 225% per year on any investment is quite impressive and, according to my calculations, means that next year he’ll be worth £67.5m! I say Arsenal hang on to him for another year and then sell him for £67.5m which would be a total return of 1,507%.  Not a bad bit of work.

In real news, Ljungberg is featuring at the number 11 slot today in Arsenal’s all time top 50.  I loved Freddie; his tuft of red hair, the goals in the FA cup (especially the finals), his constant movement, and the way he defended from the front made him a crowd favorite.   He was one of the players that really made me love The Arsenal and it was a nice trip down memory lane to read his Arsenalography.   Check it out if you’re bored, or just jonesing for football.

You know what else you should do if you’re bored?  Watch all 10 installments of these “Bad Boys” videos.

Bad Boys International

And just plain Bad Boys (Britain)

I found them vastly entertaining and a refreshing reminder of what English football used to be like.  Thank god those days are over.

See you tomorrow.

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