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Now this story has legs

The “super agent” Vincenzo Morabito story is gaining some legs, LITERALLY.  I know, I had reported that he was blabbing about Adebayor but I didn’t have the whole quote:

Milan have already stated their position, while Arsenal have started moving in the market in the hunt for an attacker to replace Adebayor, until that search ends the deal won’t move forward but I am quite optimistic because Arsenal are looking for a player. They’re talking about [Mario] Gomez, [Roque] Santa Cruz, and [Peter] Crouch. I’d say there’s a 70 to 80% chance Adebayor will go to Milan.

Pardon me for a second, but uhh… Peter Crouch?  Peter “I hate foreigners” Crouch? Coming to Arsenal?  The single most “foreign” team in the EPL?  And am I supposed to believe for a second that Arsene Wenger has flexed his tactical genius and out popped “Hey, Peter Crouch is tall, Adebayor is tall, they must be interchangeable!”

Uhhh no.  More likely, Vincenzo Morabito, you are full of shiat.

This is what we in the states call “tampering” plain and simple.  All of these players are under contract with their respective teams and for one player’s agent to start unsettling all these other players with all this talk, no matter how completely and utterly false, should be against the rules, but it’s not. Morabito then continues on with his attempt to unsettle the whole situation:

With all respect to Arsenal, [Adebayor] would be very happy to play for the Rossoneri

With all respect to Morabito, go f*ck yourself.

I want to get really angry here, but I haven’t seen anything from Adebayor himself.  His last comments didn’t indicate that he was looking for a new place to live.  So, I’m left wondering what this is all about?  It could be, if you believe that bastion of journalistic integrity called “The Sun”, that what Adebayor is really after is a 400% pay increase. I like Adebayor, I really do, but the highest paid player at Arsenal?  Break the entire wage structure?  No.

But I have this faint sickening feeling that something here is true, or at least contains a kernel of truth — only because his agent is being so overt about the whole thing.

I think Morabito has successfully persuaded his player that his value has increased greatly.  There’s just been too much talk about Adebayor’s salary over the last few months for this not to be a feature in this story.  On the back of his performances last season, typically, a team would want to extend his contract and reward the player with a raise.  So, there’s no doubt Arsenal are talking with the player over a renewed deal.

I also think Morabito has been persuaded by some type of headhunter’s fee by AC Milan to bring his player to the San Siro.  Milan have made no bones that Adebayor is their sole transfer target and so it would stand to reason that they would contact the player’s Italian agent and try to make a deal to get the player as cheaply as possible.  Buying teams often pay headhunter fees to agents who bring players to them.

And finally, I think Arsenal have recently told AC Milan to “go f*ck yourself” over this transfer.  Seeing the deal (and all the money involved) start to sail away, Milan and Morabito have decided to play hardball here and release a bunch of statements that are designed to upset the situation.

That’s just about the only way I can imagine Morabito arriving at such a bizarre proclamation that Arsenal are looking to replace Adebayor with (no offense) a guy who’s only consistent attributes are that he’s tall and that he hates foreigners.

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