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Do you know what’s going on today?

All we got is the same old rumors: Adebayor is leaving, Hleb is leaving, Nasri is leaving, David Villa is now worth a bajillion dollars, van Persie would like some Kompany in the infirmary this year.

Look, there is no Arsenal news today.  None.  So, I will turn to…

Euro 2008

I think I’ve watched part of two games and I think I’m going to try to watch France-Netherlands today, why not?  I know it’s really only a passing interest.  I mean, mostly the football’s not very good and I really only watch the games to see what the Arsenal players are up to.  So, the France-Netherlands game holds a lot of interest for me: we could see Vieira, Henry, Gallas, and van Persie today.  The last time I saw Henry and Vieira play was actually kind of sad, they just don’t have “it” any more.  This is especially true with Vieira, he was my very first favorite Arsenal player and the last time I saw him play for Inter he looked really, really bad.  I just think the injuries are starting to take their toll and he’s lost a step.  It would be awesome for him to put France into the next round by beating the team he won his first international cap against over 10 years ago.

One more time Paddy!

I should have put a bet on Howard Webb giving a PK.  He really is the worst ref I’ve seen since… well… huh.  I guess he’s not that bad, as far as English refs are concerned.  I just don’t understand why he’s always there when a penalty kick is involved.  It must be luck.

And finally, I guess the Croats beat the Germans and I guess their “Axe Wielding” coach has said it was a better win than the one they did over England.  You know what I think?  I think Germany needs to institute an affirmative action quota program.  It’s the only logical way to fix this abomination.

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