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Torres in, Nasri out, Dein in and shake it all about

According to the Mail, Arsenal are going after Torres. Their headline screams “Torres flattered by Chelsea and Arsenal interest but his heart is with Liverpool.” HAHAHAHA That deal will never happen. Not in a million years. Not under Wenger where he can buy 3 Torres’ for the price that Liverpool would want. Regardless, if you read the article he just throws Arsenal in in an offhand way. So there really isn’t a story here except as yet another example of the way the press is searching for any and every story possible to connect with Arsenal.

Who could blame them? They have to get tired of running the same “Nasri deal not done” story over and over. I know I am.

Return of the Dein

Why anyone would ask David Dein anything about football matters I haven’t a clue, but they did. Or he held a press conference and inexplicably people showed up, I’m not sure. Either way, it’s being reported that the disgraced former Arsenal vice chair had something to say about the 6+5 rule: he’s against it. I’m surprised he didn’t find a way to say “Arsenal need funds from outside to compete in the new 6+5 world.” There’s nothing new here, except that somehow Dein got an interview.

6+5 = a six pack of drunks

Harry Redknapp is sick of English players. After four of his young English players (who didn’t even play) got soused on the bus ride home from the FA Cup win over Cardiff, Harry had a go at all English youth:

It’s a culture thing, you get these 16- year-olds who think they have cracked it and aren’t prepared to work and improve and put the hours in. You don’t get that with the foreign lads. I have gone up to youngsters in the morning after a big European match and asked a kid if he had watched it. Nine times out of 10 he will say ‘No’. I’ll ask him why? I’ll say to him: ‘You should have been watching Ronaldo or some other of the great players’. He won’t have an answer. They want the money, they want the fame and I suppose they think it is simply going to happen for them. But it won’t. What chance has a kid who is as disinterested as that got? None.

So, according to Harry Redknapp English youth are lazy, drunken, and unnecessarily arrogant. I wonder why there aren’t more English players in the Premier League? It couldn’t have anything to do with this “culture thing” could it? Naw, clearly just a rules change is in order. The EPL needs to go back to 1994 when only one team got into the Champions League final, the players were all drunks, the best players were left off the pitch because there was a quota, and the English team lost.  That’s what’s really important.

Oh yeah, and England didn’t qualify for the World Cup.


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