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I’m shattered too

I almost didn’t want to write anything today, because I just knew that getting up this morning and reading the drivel being passed around as news would make putting finger to keyboard literally shattering; I almost feel as if the whole Eduardo situation is causing my fingers to splinter into a million pieces.  The pain I feel is unbearable.  More that unbearable, I am a broken man.  But thankfully, the support I have received from across America sees me able to overcome adversity of all the haters out there and get on with my life.

I want to send that as a letter to the editor of ESPN and various sports web sites with a note: “So, now do you see how ridiculous it is to paint Taylor as a victim?”  The article linked above is a particularly grievous  example of Taylor victimizing.  First, I don’t know which douche nozzle decided to use the word “shattered” (likely the Sun) but saying Taylor is “shattered” is disgusting.  Taylor will play again.  Likely this year.  He might even live to make a few more studs up, knee high challenges this year.   And that’s the other thing: wasn’t Taylor the guy who tackled Eduardo?  I’m confused, because I keep seeing these articles that make Taylor out to be the victim.  Oh that’s right, I keep forgetting that “Eduardo broke his leg” and “Taylor was done in by Eduardo’s speed.”  Taylor is the victim of the craft Eduardo and his lightning speed.

I have read reports that Taylor has apologized in person to Eduardo and now that Dudu has forgiven him.  If that’s true, Eduardo is a great man.  It takes a lot to forgive someone for something like that I can only think that Taylor must have made some very heartfelt gesture.  But I’ll probably never know, because instead of writing stories about what’s happened, the press are too busy spinning the story so they can “get at all angles” and today’s angle is “Britons Forgive ‘Shattered’ Taylor.”

In the end, I agree with Bendtner when he says that we need to put this behind us.  Just give us a few more days Nick…  Just a few more days.

Until then.

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