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One of the things I can’t quite understand is how the press operates.  I know, “that’s obvious” you say but I mean specifically, how is it that they keep publishing stories like “Alex Hleb is NOT going anywhere” or “Arsenal target N’Zogbia” or “Theo Walcott was an over paid transfer, HAR HAR?”   I would think that people would be drawn in at first and then when they got burned because the story was a) meaningless b) untrue c) a hatchet job d) all of the above then people would stop listening to them.  I think what stories like this do is fill the papers, generate a little traffic and set the stage for later, bigger stories.   So, if Theo turns out to be the best player in England they can run with the “how did we all get it so wrong?” stories and so on.  There’s a lot I like about the British press (they ask politicians hard questions — and there’s bewbs) but the sports section reads like the Daily Bugle.

Anyway, yeah, Hleb is NOT going to Barcelona!  YES!  His agent says he is totally not interested in Barcelona and his is in love with Arsene Wenger.  Or something.

Also N’Zogbia is coming to Tottenham Arsenal! because he’s unhappy at Newcuntsle and his mum lives in London.  N’Zogbia reminds me of Eboue except his vowel to consonant ratio is lower, and he has an apostrophe in his name and he’s shorter and he doesn’t roll around on the ground like a Man United player.  But other than all that, they are exactly the same, quick, aggressive, and with a penchant to turn the ball over in the attack.  Maybe Wenger would want him, I don’t know.  In fact, that’s the point: no one knows.  And no one will know until Arsene Wenger makes an actual statement.  Which isn’t going to happen until Summer, when transfers can happen again, right?  So, this is a completely dead story.

Theo Walcott is worse than Darren Bent and showed us so by scoring a great goal while putting in a “blistering” performance for the England U-21 team.  Wait, what? That’s totally off script!  Damnit. Look, I’m going to keep the faith with Theo a lot longer than I probably should.  It’s irrational and I know that but I’m going to support Theo through thick and thin.  I guess he’s my “underdog;” that player or team who I root for against the odds.  I think he just needs a good run to find his touch and get a few goals and I think he’ll start scoring and people will get behind him.  So, unless he comes out and starts bad-mouthing Arsenal, he’s got my support, so you press people can take your anti-Theo stories and shove them.  Why don’t you go back to harassing someone who’s actually overrated like Darren Bent?

In actual news, Flamini and Diaby were both reported injured last night.  Diaby didn’t even play and Flamini was taken off at 15 minutes.  I was hoping to have a follow up on the Dot Com but they are being tighter than a Huckabee supporter.  Shitanta is trying to say that Flamini may be out up till after the FA Cup clash with Man U, but that’s pure speculation.  Let’s all wait for the boss’ statement, ok?

Yogi over at A Cultured Left Foot has a nice opinion piece on where Wenger fits in the pantheon of all-time great managers in the EPL.  I personally think that all you have to do is tally up his trophies and divide them by the £’s he spent getting them and you can see that the man is possibly the most talented manager England has ever seen.  I think he’s actually earned money in the transfer market whereas teams like Man U and Chelsea can’t possibly say the same thing.  But anyway, take a look at Yogi’s piece, it’s pretty good.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to Obama.  He’s the only candidate in the pack who would actually change the way America does business and I, for one, am doing my part to help him win the nomination and then the presidency.  Last night he exceeded all expectations and now we’ve just got to keep pushing forward and work the ball around and stretch the defense and then lob the ball to him so he can put it in the net.


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