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“nothing! I’ve got NOTHING for sale!”

Wow, there is so little going on right now — in Arsenal football — that I have almost nothing to sell you.

I mean, there’s some squawking about Theo and how we all need to have patience (but don’t forget that he was selected for the World Cup — and don’t forget that he wasn’t used — and the transfer fee that Arsenal paid for him was huge — and…).  But that’s pretty much it; just the British press trying to tear down a talented young man whom they had previously put on a pedestal.  Real Arsenal supporters aren’t bothered by Theo’s progress.

I guess some hot opera singer is an Arsenal fan.  She’s going to be singing the national anthem for the Carling Cup final between Chelsea and Tottenscum.  This makes me to wonder why they are singing the national anthem?  I mean, we do it here in America before every event (buying some French Fries in the U.S. requires the pledge of allegiance) but that’s because most sports fans in America are hyper-nationalistic dicks.   What are there going to be, like 4 Englishmen on the pitch?  They might as well sing the Ivory Coast national anthem.

I told you there was nothing going on.  There’s almost a whole week before the next Arsenal match so expect more of this stuff for the next 5 days.  Well, except that I’ll be in London on Saturday.  So, expect more of this except I’ll be doing it in an English accent on Saturday.  It’ll be great fun.  Maybe we’ll get some news that Robin van Persie is healthy or something.  That would be a welcome respite.

So, did you work out where the final 30 points are going to come from?

Until tomorrow.

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